PA-Sen: Pennsylvania Democrats Embracing Specter For Now

According to GOP polling firm Public Opinion Strategies, Arlen Specter, predictably, leads in a hypothetical Democratic primary with Joe Sestak.

Arlen Specter: 57
Joe Sestak: 20
Undecided: 22

Consider this a baseline poll, still largely a function of name ID. Sestak will close once he finally gets in and starts to gain a statewide profile.

The PCCC has an online straw poll asking whether there should be a Draft Sestak movement (vote HERE.) I've been a vocal supporter of Sestak's running against Specter for several reasons, one of which can be found in the general election numbers from the POS poll:

Arlen Specter: 41
Tom Ridge: 49
Undecided: 10

When deciding between two moderates, all things presumably being equal, Pennsylvania voters choose the guy who hasn't just sold out for political expediency. If Ridge does run, there needs to be a battle of ideas in this Senate race, Ridge needs to be able to be saddled with the failures of the Republican Party; how can Arlen Specter make that case when he's been right there, enabling that failure?

We simply must have a real Democrat running in the general election or at worst make Arlen Specter resemble one. The way to accomplish both of these goals is to draft Joe Sestak for Senate.

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