Trivia Open Thread

Seven states' Congressional delegations (both House & Senate) lack any Republicans.  Only one state's delegation is devoid of Democrats.

Can you name them?

Answers after the jump.  Otherwise, treat this as an open thread.

No Democrats:
-Wyoming (Enzi, Barrasso, Lummis)

No Republicans:
-Connecticut (Dodd, Lieberman*, Courtney, DeLauro, Larson, Murphy, Himes)
-Hawaii (Inouye, Akaka, Abercrombie, Hirono)
-Massachusetts (Kennedy, Kerry, Capuano, Delahunt, Frank, Lynch, McGovern, Markey, Neal, Olver, Tierney, Tsongas)
-New Mexico (Bingaman, Udall, Heinrich, Lujan, Teague)
-North Dakota (Conrad, Dorgan, Pomeroy)
-Rhode Island (Reed, Whitehouse, Kennedy, Langevin)
-Vermont (Leahy, Sanders*, Welch)
*Lieberman and Sanders, while not Republicans, are not Democrats either, though they caucus with the Democrats.

Interesting follow-up trivia:
-Though Wyoming's Congressional delegation is all-Republican, Wyoming has a Democratic Governor.
-Though the Congressional delegations of Connecticut, Hawaii, North Dakota, Rhode Island, and Vermont all lack any Republicans, all five of those states have Republican Governors.
-Despite having an entirely Democratic Congressional delegation since January 1997, Massachusetts had a consistent string of Republican Governors between January 1991 and January 2007.
-Despite currently having an entirely Democratic Congressional delegation, New Mexico's Congressional delegation was majority-Republican as recently as five months ago.  Republican Senator Pete Domenici retired as was replaced by Democratic then-Congressman Tom Udall.  New Mexico's two other Congresspeople, Heather Wilson and Steve Pearce, both Republican, both also ran for Domenici's seat, lost, and were replaced by Democrats.

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I got 6 out of 8

New Mexico and North Dakota I got wrong, I said Oregon and Arkansas, but I almost picked NM instead of AR.

ND is the biggest surprise.

by Davidsfr 2009-05-30 07:02PM | 0 recs
I also got 6 of 8

I knew ND but not NM (I also thought OR and AR).

by desmoinesdem 2009-05-30 08:39PM | 0 recs
Re: Trivia Open Thread

Anyone else but me want:

1.  A different Senate Majority Leader?
2.  A Legislature in California with a spine?

Harry Reid has allow too much obstructionism.  I really think part of his negatives back home are because he's seen as weak.

Also, time for a complete overhaul of California's legislature.  Part of why the state is broken is term limits, but that's apparently another "third rail."

by esconded 2009-05-30 07:03PM | 0 recs
POTUS helicopters flew by tonight

heading back to JFK after date night. It was quite a thrilling thing for everyone I was with.

by DTOzone 2009-05-30 08:09PM | 0 recs
...and in New Mexico

both the Senate and House are Democratic majorities. And every statewide seat except for State Land Commissioner is held by Democrats (Auditor, Attorney General, Treasurer, Secretary of State)

by fbihop 2009-05-31 12:46AM | 0 recs
Re: Trivia Open Thread

Got them, although I couldn't think of the names of all the MA, NM, or WY reps.

Here are the "all but one" states (exceptions in parentheses):
Dems: MD (Bartlett), DE (Castle), WV (Capito), SD (Thune), AR (?), MT (Rehberg), OR (?)
Gops: OK (Boren), NE (Nelson), KS (Moore), AK (Begich), ID (the guy who beat Sali)

In addition, NY is what, 28-3 Democratic? That feels a lot more impressive than VT being 3-0.

by bschak 2009-05-31 04:59AM | 0 recs
New York is 26-3

also the missing names AR(Boozman) and Oregon (Walden) and Idaho (Minnick)

by DTOzone 2009-05-31 06:00AM | 0 recs
Non Trivia in the Open Thread

What is so hard about countering old talking points.
Just the other day I watched a snippet of the endless torture debate and the west coast (library tower) plot came up again. See torture works was implied.

The abandoned plot was broken up in 2002, KSM was captured in 2003.

Instead of that I heard about FBI memos and effective interrogation methods. Come on, when you get a pitch down the middle hit it, don't bunt.

by Judeling 2009-05-31 05:14AM | 0 recs


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