NY-20: Tedisco (Campaign) Death Watch

The latest numbers out of NY-20 show Democrat Scott Murphy's lead growing steadily. Tedisco was slightly up after election night, but as precincts corrected their counts and absentee ballots have come in, Murphy took the lead on April 10 and has never lost it. Now, after the latest tally of absentee ballots, Murphy is up by 401 votes, a net gain of 6 since yesterday.

Eric Kleefeld has the latest:

Some more absentee ballots were counted in the Murphy strongholds of Columbia, Essex, Warren and Washington Counties -- plus the Tedisco stronghold of Saratoga County. And while Tedisco did net 38 votes from the newest ballots in Saratoga, it was more than outstripped by the other places.

Even before this latest development two former chairs of the NRCC have publicly given up on Tedisco. First Tom Davis:

..."we've lost the New York special election.  It's gone."

And then Tom Reynolds:

"For the Democrats, bragging rights are what they are and they get momentum for winning a very tough seat for them," Reynolds said. "And the Republicans will try to minimize it, and when all is said and done, the special will have little or no impact for what will happen in 2010." [...]

"I would say to Jim Tedisco, `You came so close and 2010 is a general election and would be different. If you were up to this race, and want to run, you have earned the right to be a candidate for the party's nomination," Reynolds said.

This latest development should bring more calls for Tedisco to give it up but certainly the Republican is showing no signs of doing so. In fact, Tedisco seems prepared to pull a full Coleman:

Even so, the Tedisco campaign had been sending signals last week that they planned to take legal action to determine the legality of a number of absentee ballots challenged on residency grounds, where there were questions of whether voters were permanent residents of the district.

The judge has asked attorneys for both candidates to prepare briefs on the issue, and an official in the Tedisco campaign told The Washington Times on Friday that "it could be a significant numbers of voters."

Update [2009-4-23 18:22:36 by Todd Beeton]:Speaking of the full Coleman, check out who else got swept up in Tedisco's frivolous ballot challenges: Sam Seder.

Sam posted a message on Twitter yesterday: "NY20th race Tedisco challenged my absentee ballot. 4 days before the election I was jury foreman for a trial in NY20th. Challenge Fail." [...]

Sam was none too impressed when I told him that the Tedisco campaign alleged that he wasn't a resident of the district. "Jerks," he said. "I mean, I could tell you I've attended far more Livingston town meetings than Jim Tedisco has."

He added: "I just think it's ironic that this guy doesn't live in the 20th, and he's challenging my residency."


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Net gain of 36

Murphy led by 365 yesterday.

by DTOzone 2009-04-23 02:22PM | 0 recs
The party of the permanent minority...

Quite a change from the heyday of Karl Rove's 100 years of Republican rule, eh?

I think, as an earlier diary suggests, this is field research for the RNC, who probably figures they are going to have to fight tooth and nail just to hang on to red and red/purple districts in upcoming elections.

It's a fall back strategy, nothing aggressive about it.

Falls in line with voting challenges, voting registration laws, ANYTHING they can do to freeze time, and pretend it's still 2004 or earlier-before the demographics started to turn horribly against them.

Say, I wonder if they can figure out a reason why anyone under 30 should not be able to vote....EVER!

That is their long term nightmare, as the party is constructed, they have nothing for the millenials to sign up for.

by WashStateBlue 2009-04-23 02:29PM | 0 recs


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