Americans View Fox News as Biased

This won't come as much of a surprise to those who live in reality instead of a sort of Beltway-induced haze, but by a fairly significant margin Americans view Fox News -- more than any other television news outlet -- as being biased today. The Pew Research Center has the numbers (h/t TV Newser).

According to the survey, 29 percent of respondents indicated that they believed Fox News was too critical of Barack Obama. Even one in five Republicans (18 percent) agreed with this sentiment, as did a quarter of Independents (25 percent) and an even larger share of Democrats (44 percent). In contrast, just 5 percent of respondents believed the network to be too easy on the President.

To compare Fox with its competitors, a little under a sixth of respondents believed that the other news networks -- CNN (16 percent) and MSNBC (16 percent), but also ABC (14 percent), CBS (13 percent) and NBC's broadcast channel (15 percent) -- were too easy on President Obama. In the case of CNN, another one in ten respondents (11 percent) said they thought the network was too hard on Barack Obama, so at least one news organization was viewed as striking a decent balance (or perhaps more precisely an equal lack of balance).

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Re: Americans View Fox News as Biased

CNN is becoming a minor league franchise of Fox News. They ought to change their name to "Fox News Lite"

Beck was called up to the bigs (FoxNews). Dobbs is just about ready, political commentator Rollins looks like he's trying his best to be noticed.

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