The Shoes I Hope To Fill

In __ I first teamed up with then

the whole family has come out in support of me

it's a huge honor to carry on the great tradition of Hilda Solis and I am ever ever so honored.

my 20 year friendship with Hilda Solis. great legacy of Hilda Solis.

school board
english only initiative in Monterey park - passed English only res
fought it and defeated it
elected to city council -- next 13 years bringing city together

in 2001 the Assembly seat opened up. it was a difficult seat to run for because of the old boys network. one person stepped up to endorse me and it was Hilda Solis. she stepped forward, I pulled an upset.
in assembly -- fought for consumer rights, immigrants' rights
workers rights -- workers protections

I want to address the economic pain.

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