Nearly 2/3 of Minnesotans Say Coleman Should Quit

These numbers are what you'd call overwhelming.

A strong majority of Minnesota voters think that Norm Coleman should concede the race for US Senate, that Tim Pawlenty should certify Al Franken as the winner, and that Franken should be seated immediately, the newest survey from Public Policy Polling finds.

63% of voters in the state think that Coleman should just concede the race himself. That includes almost all of Franken and Dean Barkley's supporters, as well as a third of respondents who voted for Coleman last fall.

59% express support both for Pawlenty certifying Franken as the winner and for Franken being seated immediately.

It's hard to see how these numbers could be worse for Norm Coleman. Not only do voters think he should stop his quixotic bid to hold up Al Franken from being seated in the Senate by nearly a 2-to-1 margin (63 percent to 37 percent, to be exact), but even a significant portion of Coleman's own supporters think it's time for him to throw in the towel. Add on top of that the finding that a strong majority of Minnesotans want Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty to side with their state instead of toeing the line for his party, and you have a situation in which the GOP's serial obstructionism is losing its base of support. Republicans may want this dragged out indefinitely, but with the state turning as well as the establishment media, there may be an end in sight.

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Well, I talked to Evan Bayh about this...

And, you need to think it terms of the new Demo-Moderate definition of Bi-partinship.

You see, it doesn't matter that a clear majority, (hell, 2/3 is more then a majority, it's a fricking mandate) support this side of the argument.

We must HONOR the right wing, and keep hanging this up, because that is the EXACT opposite of what they demand when they are in power.

Bush V. Gore?

Up or Down Vote?

See, because they did it, we must do the inverse.

Or something like that; I think it's easier to understand if your wife makes about 1.3 million sitting on corporate boards for Big Pharma, like Evan's does.

by WashStateBlue 2009-04-15 12:36PM | 0 recs


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