NY-20: As Absentee Ballot Count Continues, Murphy Up By 46

Eric Kleefeld has been following the NY-20 results closely and reports that the latest count, a few days into counting domestic absentee ballots, shows Scott Murphy up by 46 votes. Foreign and military absentees have until Monday to arrive and so there will be plenty more counting next week. In the meantime though, it's good to see Team Tedisco living up to the tradition of Republicans behind in close races: just challenge votes you don't like (via TAP).

Washington attorney and former President Reagan White House counsel David Nolan has been acting as a volunteer attorney for the Tedisco campaign, and says though the numbers are currently going in Murphy's favor, the Democrat has not widened the gap enough in the county to pull out a victory in the entire 20th District.

"How I see it, is that Columbia County is make or break," Nolan said Thursday night. "I think we are over the top and have weathered the storm."

Nolan says the republicans have been making most of the challenges over the past two days and the majority have been related to ballots from people who are registered to vote in Columbia County but whose driver's licenses state that they live in New York City.

Challenging perfectly legal votes of folks who live in New York City but vote absentee in NY-20...hmm, why ever would they do that?

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