Survival Sam, Part 10

Although Obama's economic team seems to have everything wrapped up, probably smart to keep a backup plan.

Sam Seder tells us how.

This is an open thread...

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AIG is changing their signs and logo

They told ther employees to stop wearing their badges in public and changed the name of part of their business to AIU (sounds vaguely educational?)

The gist of it is that they don't want people getting hurt. Some executives have vgenerously decided to give some of their bonuses back (around 50 (m?)illion of the 190 (m?)illion asked for so far? (It was late and I was sleepy)

Read yesterday that Americans who want to move to Western Australia who have skills that are in demand there are welcomed. Wages for most skilled trades are 2x higher there than here and the cost of living lower. Plus they have universal healthcare.

Sheep still outnumber people, but that is changing.

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