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Along my Facebook feed this afternoon came some exciting news: Judd Legum is running for State Delegate in Maryland.

Those who have been reading blogs and have been active in the Netroots for a long time will likely know of Legum, who as research director for the Center for American Progress started up the Think Progress blog back in 2003. A Pomona College and Georgetown Law grad, he also served as research director for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. In the time since he has been blogging about Maryland politics, focusing in particular in bringing transparency and accountability to the state (see, for instance, his reporting on the General Assembly banning, then lifting the ban, on Facebook) -- a focus that he would continue if elected next fall.

From his Act Blue page, where he's beginning to raise funds for his campaign, here is part of his explanation on why he jumped in this race:

I'm running because we have big challenges in Maryland - a failing effort to restore the Chesapeake Bay, a looming energy shortage and a struggling economy. I know we need new energy and a new perspective in Annapolis if we want to stop treading water and start making progress. I'm confident that, together, we can make this state a better place.

Maryland has multi-member districts, with most districts sending three members to the House of Delegates. The 30th, where Legum will run this cycle, is somewhat competitive, electing two Democrats and one Republican -- though the one Republican only very narrowly -- in 2006. Legum knows the area well, was born and raised in the district, and would serve Maryland's voters well if elected. I have already contributed to his campaign, and I'd recommend you head over to Act Blue and throw him a few dollars to help get him started on a strong note as well.

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this is exactly what we need. It's a district we can win, the Speaker of the House is from the same district, and the kind of candidate th at we need to support.

Judd Legum for Delegate: Beacuse who doesn't like Think Progress?

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