OK-Sen: Is Tom Coburn Retiring?

Y'know how there have been, like, a million stories asking whether or not Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning will retire, in part because of his weak fundraising, fundraising not indicative of a Senator gearing up for re-election?  Well, consider this:

SenatorRaised in Q4Cash on Hand at End of 2008
Jim Bunning   $27,591 $149,991
Tom Coburn $19,210 $54,984

Oklahoma's Tom Coburn raised less in Q4 and has less cash on hand than old man Bunning, who everyone expects will retire.

Maybe Coburn isn't so keen on a re-election bid, as his previous comments have suggested.  He certainly isn't fundraising like his heart is in it.  Will Coburn be the next Senate Republican to announce his retirement?

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Re: OK-Sen: Is Tom Coburn Retiring?

The freepers would be sad.  He's the only Republican senator they like consistently.  They even consider the Utah senators to be RINOs.

As nutty as Coburn is, he probably scared away the competition with his easier than expected win in 2004 over the entirely sane, competent, and moderate Democrat.  An open seat might actually attract a top-tier challenger, there's a couple strong Dems vying for governor at the moment.

In any case, I will always remember Coburn for The Senator's Guide to Safe Sex...

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Re: OK-Sen: Is Tom Coburn Retiring?

What's the story with Brad Henry?

It is fun to think of a cycle where the seats have the following odds of flipping:

Illinois/Burris (other?)--15-45%
New York/Gillibrand--5-20%
unanticipated other--0-20%

New Hampshire/open--at least 50%
Missouri/open--at least 50%
Ohio/open--at least 45%
North Carolina/Burr--40-60%
unanticipated first other--30-45%
unanticipated second other--5-25%

In a typical cycle the Dems would lose one seat, although holding everything seems distinctly possible.

But the GOP could lose six to eight seats, maybe more.

One of the observations I've heard is the U.S. House sucks if you're in the minority because you're just not that relevant.

Being in the minority in the U.S. Senate is better b/c of the filibuster. But if you're facing being in a minority that's unable to sustain a filibuster, it's got to be tempting to either go make the big bucks or "spend time with family".

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Re: OK-Sen: Is Tom Coburn Retiring?

Oh, man, that would be awesome. But after only one term?

I guess maybe it makes a little sense, maybe he's tired of being hassled over continuing practicing medicine and that's more important to him? Or Reid's mettle just lasts longer and Coburn is about to blink first?

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he's crazy enough to do it

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Re: OK-Sen: Is Tom Coburn Retiring?

Given that it's Oklahoma, doesn't he just need to put his name on the ballot with an "R" next to it, unless he gets into a scandal?

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Re: OK-Sen: Is Tom Coburn Retiring?
I agree.  All he needs to do is show up and he will win re-election.  He might not be getting money figuring that other GOP Senators might need it more than him.
The only thing that could hurt him would be getting caught in bed with a dead hooker or a live boy, and I am not so sure a dead hooker would really be a game-ender.
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Does it matter?

It just seems to me that Oklahoma's moved to the leading edge of wingnut conservatism over the past 15 years or so.  

Don't know what it is about the state, but it just seems that in OK, the GOP could field a sack of s** and win against a quality Dem, as long as the sack of s** had a history of voting as far right as opportunity permitted, and saying insanely wingnutty things.

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Re: Does it matter?

Apparently a sequence of asterisks is HTML for bold (and /bold).  Been commenting on blogs for five years, and on message boards for ten, and never run into this before.  Interesting.

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Re: OK-Sen: Is Tom Coburn Retiring?

Here in Indiana, John Hostettler never raised much money in advance of always-tough races in his district.  Hostettler and Coburn are similar ideologically and stylistically.  Of course Hostettler was finally defeated, but I doubt Coburn retires.

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Re: OK-Sen: Is Tom Coburn Retiring?


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