Reid Throws Burris Overboard

Actions speaking louder than words:

Acting Chief of Staff to Senator Roland Burris, Darrel Thompson, has resigned his position, according to senior staffers in the US Senate.

Darrel Thompson, a former Senior Adviser to Senator Harry Reid, had been dispatched by Senator Reid to assist incoming Senator Burris in helping to fill senior staff positions in the office, develop a legislative strategy for the Senator's policy priorities, and build out constituent services.

Darrel is very close to Reid, and will now return as his Senior Advisor. He's a great guy to work with and knows the Hill inside and out - Reid loaning him out to Burris was both significant and symbolic.

And so is taking him back. Burris is toast.

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Not sure that this does lead to resignation

They are clearly indicating to Burris he is persona non grata.

But this all might mean is, Roland gets to finish his walking tour, show up to vote, but otherwise, don't call us, we won't call you.

Any pressure to get him to resign is liable to trigger a backlash.  

Forcing out the only black Senator is like wanting to play catch with a grenade. It might blow up on you at any point...

by WashStateBlue 2009-02-20 12:19PM | 0 recs
Re: Not sure that this does lead to resignation

Well, as Todd posted yesterday, a group of black ministers who were previously supportive of Burris now think he should resign. I'm not sure Burris has much constituency left...

by Josh Orton 2009-02-20 12:30PM | 0 recs
Re: Not sure that this does lead to resignation

Yup I read that.

When the Congressional Black Caucus throws him overboard, THEN I will think he has lost his constituency.

Even then, remember, this is man who said "God decided" to appt him, not Blago...

When he stepped up to accept, I thought, he has nothing to lose...His career was basically over, this is his Swan Song, the big ticket item to engrave on his tomb.

NOW, he has EVERYTHING to lose. If he resigns, he is admitting guilt and that essentially is the thing everyone will remember as the tag-line in his story.

Everything I have read says, this is a prideful man, and very much like Blago, resigning is the last thing he would ever think of.

by WashStateBlue 2009-02-20 12:37PM | 0 recs
Obama vs. the CBC?

Those ministers who flipped got a call from someone speaking for Obama.

JJJ will talk to the CBC. He will explain that Obama wants Burris gone.

by Carl Nyberg 2009-02-20 03:54PM | 0 recs
Re: Obama vs. the CBC?

Agree the wagons will circle-up...but will that be enough? I mean, what does Burris lose by staying? Nothing, really.

So if he refuses to scoot, the question becomes whether the Senate will expel him.

by Josh Orton 2009-02-20 04:53PM | 0 recs
Re: Not sure that this does lead to resignation

A groups of Black ministers who were NOT named. I can't tell you how suspicious that is.

by rikyrah 2009-02-21 02:40PM | 0 recs
It should say something

about some Democrats when Pat Quinn is willing to risk the he stupid or is he just doing the right thing consequences be damned.

There is some political sense to this...what Republican is going to win a Senate seat in Illinois now against someone like Lisa Madigan or Jan Schakowsky. For those two, Blago isn't an issue and will Mark Kirk survive the scrunity of voting against the stimulus?

Also, if by chance we do lose the seat in a special, what is the odds the people of Illinois are going to put up with another obstructionist when said Republican would have to face voters again in about 20 months.

by DTOzone 2009-02-20 12:24PM | 0 recs
Re: It should say something

Consider a free for all special election with at least one white Democrat, one black Democrat and one Republican. Can a Republican win 34%? I think so, maybe even Oberweis could win if there were five democrats in the race. Casting this as the "black seat" splits the Democratic Party.  Illinois isn't Alabama, but it isn't Denmark either, racism simmers beneath the surface, on both sides.

by antiHyde 2009-02-20 01:46PM | 0 recs
Will it be like that?

or will there be a primary...I thought there would be a primary.

Anyway if Oberweis or someone like him were to win a special election like that, no way they can survive 2010.

by DTOzone 2009-02-20 01:52PM | 0 recs
Re: Will it be like that?

The Republicans were pushing for a free for all. A primary would be much better, but after allowing time for a primary campaign and a special election campaign, how much actual seat time will the winner get? Perhaps former Senator Alan Dixon could be persuaded to take the seat as an announced placeholder. At the age of 81 he could hardly be otherwise and having been out of politics for over a decade he could not be identified as a factionalist for any of the 2010 candidates. Paul Simon would be better, but unfortunately he is no longer among the living.

by antiHyde 2009-02-20 03:26PM | 0 recs
Re: It should say something

Pat Quinn must have found a television camera...whatever makes him look good is what matters, President Obama's agenda be damned.

by alamedadem 2009-02-21 12:18AM | 0 recs
Is Reid still here?

Cripes, I was hoping that Reid would've been forced into irrelevancy.

All of the news shows I've seen that talk about the Senate, up to and including Rachel Maddow (who at least danced around it carefully), have been talking about the 60 vote cloture as if the Republicans were responsible for torpedoing everything under 60 votes... when plenty of blame can also be applied to Reid, who is the one that changed the rules in the first place so they don't get stuck at work doing the tedious job of doing their jobs when the Republicans inevitably filibuster everything.

Jesus, Harry.  Just let them filibuster for real.  That's electoral gold, right there.


Rant aside, if Reid is petty enough to yank Burris's assistants, then Burris has better things to do than deal with Reid.

by Dracomicron 2009-02-20 12:34PM | 0 recs
A filibuster

would essentially be like the amendment process we saw in the week before the stimulus bill passed. How'd that work for us?

I'm not against making them filibuster...I don't think it'll help. It'll give Republicans the their friends at the mainstream media time to rally support for their cause.

by DTOzone 2009-02-20 12:38PM | 0 recs
That's the weak version

Alternatively the Democrats could just out-manuver the Republicans at every step, as Obama has been doing.  It can be done.

by Dracomicron 2009-02-21 05:05AM | 0 recs
Re: Is Reid still here?

It's not 'petty' at all. I'm glad Dems are moving away from Burris.

by Josh Orton 2009-02-20 12:43PM | 0 recs
Yes, it is petty

I have to work with people I don't like and suspect got their jobs by not-quite-pure methods every day.  I do my freaking job and get it done; I don't complain about them or risk a productive workplace over it.

by Dracomicron 2009-02-21 05:03AM | 0 recs
Let them fillibuster?

MAKE THEM fillibuster.

Prime time. Under the lights.

Friday night, going into a long weekend.

They have already declared war, they will vote against ANYTHING Obama sends down, except if he sends down a bill to change the name of the moon to "Orb de Ronnie of the Rayguns!"

I want to see Vitter up there, reading spanking porno 14 hours in a row..

Or John Coryn reading..Wait, can he read?

Call their damn bluff, Harry!

by WashStateBlue 2009-02-20 12:43PM | 0 recs
Hey now!

Why do you have to do spanking porn like that? It deserves a far better reader than the esteemed Sen. Vitter, what did spanking porn ever do to you?

by JDF 2009-02-20 02:49PM | 0 recs
you got me there....

True, we need a better spokesperson for spanking porn?

Too bad Michelle Bachmann is not a Senator....

I'm sure she would wax prolific about her secret Amore George Bush giving her a good paddling!

by WashStateBlue 2009-02-20 02:52PM | 0 recs
Re: Reid Throws Burris Overboard

Who will be appointed to replace Burris?

by Lolis 2009-02-20 01:08PM | 0 recs
Re: Reid Throws Burris Overboard

Hopefully no one gets appointed...IL Gov talking about special election: 2009/02/quinn_to_burris_resign_special.h tml

by Josh Orton 2009-02-20 01:16PM | 0 recs
honestly, Blago

really wanted to throw our party under the bus. Finally, I can't wait till those wheels leave nice marks on Burris' political carcas.

by Lakrosse 2009-02-20 02:12PM | 0 recs
Re: honestly, Blago

now Quinn wants to throw our party under the bus

by alamedadem 2009-02-21 12:19AM | 0 recs
Re: Reid Throws Burris Overboard

He lied under oath. More than once. Who does anyone think there will be blowback from? Maybe Rupert Murdoch will conveniently pick up Burris' "cause" to dispel the stank of racism that slipped out of the stankhole of all racism. Stupid people still buy the blatantly racist NYPost, maybe they'll support Burris for the same reason. Stupidity.  

by Jeter 2009-02-20 08:43PM | 0 recs
Re: Reid Throws Burris Overboard


You mean the fellow Obama endorsed and said should be GOVERNOR of Illinois!?


by Zapata 2009-02-21 12:28PM | 0 recs
Re: Reid Throws Burris Overboard

If they worked this hard to get Al Franken into the Senate, I'd have sympathy.

Burris was a fool to allow Reid to put anyone in his office.

by rikyrah 2009-02-21 02:42PM | 0 recs


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