The Slippery Senator Burris

Roland Burris held another cringe-inducing press conference today, this one to address the charges that he misled the Illinois House Impeachment Committee in January when asked about any contacts he may have had with Gov. Blagojevich or people close to him prior to receiving the appointment to the Senate. During the press conference Burris was combative with reporters and embarked on some revisionist history regarding his candor when asked whether he spoke with Gov. Blagojevich's brother, Rob. Burris's new and improved affidavit admits that yes, he did speak with Rob Blagojevich; as you can see from his testimony back in January, however, when asked specifically about contact with Rob Blagojevich, he, at best, ignored the question (h/t Progress Illinois.)

Here's how he explained it at the press conference today:

Some context from Progress Illinois:

As you can see, Burris is trying to focus all the attention on State Rep. Jim Durkin's line of questioning during the January 8 hearing -- claiming that Durkin didn't give him a chance to fully illustrate the extent of his contacts with Blagojevich aides prior to the governor's arrest. And indeed, as the video we posted yesterday shows, Durkin passed up an opportunity to press Burris on this matter (as did all the committee members who subsequently questioned him).

But that's really beside the point.

Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Tribune said on CNN today that she suspects this is more a political problem for Burris than a legal one, since Burris may have a technical out to explain his answer back in January. Of course, that's not stopping the Illinois GOP from pursuing perjury charges and calling on Burris to resign. As for any action that might be taken by the US Senate, Sen. Reid, understandably, is punting.

He said Reid "is reviewing the affidavit and will await any action by Illinois legislative leaders after they review the matter."

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its like Blago was intent

on trying to bring the party down with him. Did he for a moment realize that anyone he would bring in would automatically carry some sort of taint with them? When the GOP is this desperate, they'll do anything. I mean if Burris didn't give any money, OK. But still, Blago should have left it to his successor and resigned in dignity.

by Lakrosse 2009-02-15 06:24PM | 0 recs
Re: The Slippery Senator Burris

See, y'all... Reid was right for trying to not seat him.  I'm glad he made the attempt.  That should insulate us from further damage...

by LordMike 2009-02-15 07:00PM | 0 recs
Re: The Slippery Senator Burris

There's no way this insulates Democrats from 2010 fallout.  If the Reprobates gain seats in 2010, Burris will be a significant, though not the foremost component of that change in political tide.

by reggie44pride 2009-02-16 09:54AM | 0 recs
What you forget is that

Republicans WANTED Burris seated.  They need to take the heat for this.  

by Kent 2009-02-16 12:54PM | 0 recs
no stimulus

without Burris, so he was useful.  Burris can't run for a full term after this, can he?

But the Democrats in Illinois could be tainted in 2010.  Way to go out, Blago!

by esconded 2009-02-15 07:03PM | 0 recs
He can try

but can be beated in a primary.

by DTOzone 2009-02-15 07:42PM | 0 recs
Re: no stimulus

Republicans wanted Burris seated.  This should be the Democrats line of defense regarding this issue.  

by Kent 2009-02-15 09:04PM | 0 recs
I hope when Burris engraves his short senate

career on this mauselium, he uses the one word that should be used to describe his tenure.


by WashStateBlue 2009-02-15 09:38PM | 0 recs


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