Republicans Running On Failure Of The Stimulus Package

Opposing the economic stimulus package in the name of fiscal responsibility is, for Republicans who presided over the Bush era economy, absurd but it is all they have. Now watch them try to turn what was a failed policy position into a successful electoral one as they campaign against Democrats who voted for it, essentially hanging their 2010 hopes on the failure of the stimulus package.

House Republicans are hoping to salvage a big loss on the economic stimulus bill by making it a political millstone for moderate Democrats.

The party's campaign arm will start airing radio ads Friday in approximately 30 Democratic districts to argue that the bill violates the lawmakers' campaign pledge to restore fiscal responsibility to Washington. [...]

In the ads, the National Republican Congressional Committee used the words of the targeted lawmakers against them and calls the bill a "wasteful pork barrel program that will cost taxpayers nearly a trillion dollars," according to a preliminary script.

One problem: support for the package is actually rising thanks to the president's charm offensive:

President Obama's prime-time press conference and his campaign-style events this week have boosted support for the economic recovery plan working its way through Congress.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 44% of U.S. voters now support the plan while 40% are opposed. A week ago, just 37% favored the legislation, and 43% were opposed.

Clearly, the Republican strategy here is premised upon the expectation of a downturn in support for the stimulus package over the next year, year and a half (in other words, they can only win if the stimulus fails, sound familiar?) but that's a risky bet when you are up against a man who can shift public opinion several points virtually overnight.

But again, it's all they have.

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Ah, Yes....

The Republican Party of Old White Folks in Alaska, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Utah and Wyoming...

Running on the platform of

"What, you expect us to HELP?  Sorry, you're on your own, we are busy working on these tax breaks for the top 1%...."

Of course, they have super geniuses like Michael Steele explaining the difference between WORK (fake socialistic government jobs like policeman and fireman) verses GODLY Private Sector Super Jobs (would you like fries with that?)

Party of the Karl Rove permanent majority? Maybe not....

by WashStateBlue 2009-02-12 09:01AM | 0 recs

Their only hope is that the economy collapses into a gigantic mess.  Further, with the public blaming the economic collapse on Republicans it will take at least 2 years before we start seeing a slow process of Democrats starting to slowly "own" the negatives of a bad economy.  

Unfortunately, too many on the left have decided to act like Republicans and engage in Obama-bashing that similarly ties itself to long-term catastrophic economic failure.  They have already decided that this stimulus package can never work, that Obama has failed miserably, that the economy is destined to fail, that we are doomed without knowing it yet.

I hope and believe that they will be proven dead-wrong just like Limbaugh and Hannity.

by devilrays 2009-02-12 11:49AM | 0 recs


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