Ron Sparks Open to Challenging Parker Griffith

Alabama's Agriculture Commissioner Ron Sparks, a current candidate for Governor and would-be Netroots Senate draftee in 2008, isn't ruling out a run next year against Parker Griffith (assuming, of course, Griffith can manage to get through a GOP primary -- which is no sure thing).

Alabama Agriculture Commissioner Ron Sparks says he's still running for governor, but he's not ruling out making a Democratic bid for Congress in the 5th District.

Speaking in an interview with The Associated Press on Wednesday, Sparks said he's worried about the future of the north Alabama district now that Rep. Parker Griffith has left the majority Democratic Party to become a Republican.

Sparks said he's gotten some calls from members of Congress discussing a possible House campaign in the district. But for now, he's still running for governor.

Griffith is already facing a strong GOP primary challenge, and his cause isn't particularly helped by the news that he contributed to Howard Dean's presidential campaign. Alabama's state Treasurer, Republican Kay Ivey, certainly isn't buying the sincerity of Griffith's intentions, saying, "Political self-preservation isn't a virtue."

But if Griffith is able to make it out of a Republican primary, he just may have his hands full in a general were Sparks willing to switch from the gubernatorial race to the congressional race in the fifth district. So I'm not quite ready to join some like the Cook Political Report in calling this one "likely Republican" -- at least not just yet.

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The gift that keeps on giving. Thanks for the updates as always, and let's hope for a NY-23 style repeat.

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