GOPers' Delusion: ACORN Stole Election for Obama

And Republicans continue to live in a world of unreality:

The Republican base is with him though. PPP's newest national survey finds that a 52% majority of GOP voters nationally think that ACORN stole the Presidential election for Barack Obama last year, with only 27% granting that he won it legitimately. Clearly the ACORN card really is an effective one to play with the voters who will decide whether Hoffman gets to be the Republican nominee in a possible repeat bid in 2010.

Belief in the ACORN conspiracy theory is even higher among GOP partisans than the birther one, which only 42% of Republicans expressed agreement with on our national survey in September.

Overall, the American people roundly reject the notion that ACORN somehow stuffed enough ballots -- at least 9,500,000 of them -- to somehow steal the election from John McCain and give it to Barack Obama. (This theory also compels the conclusion that ACORN somehow forged every single pre-election poll, including even those from Fox News (.pdf), the trend of which tracked almost exactly with the ultimate election results.) Indeed, Americans say no to this theory by a 62 percent to 26 percent margin -- including a 72 percent to 18 percent margin among Independents.

If the Republicans want to continue to live in their own world with their own "facts", they can certainly go ahead and do that. But it's not so easy to woo new voters to one's cause when those being wooed think those doing the wooing have only an attenuated relationship with reality.

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The crazy and the curious

The GOP's in a tough spot.  There is growing evidence that indy's are moving away from Obama somewhat.  I'm guessing it's mostly due the job numbers and uncertainty surrounding the health care debate as well as Afghanistan.  

The GOP stands to gain from these divisions in Obama's coalition.  But it's hard for me to see how a 2008 Obama supporter would throw their lot in with a crowd that thinks ACORN stole the 2008 election.  If the GOP can thread the needle in 2010 - engaging a moderate electorate swinging slightly away from the Dems while keeping the enthusiasm of the Palin wing - then look out.  But it seems to me to be a tough act.  Plus, I'm guessing that if health care reform passes, some of the softness in Dems' numbers disappears.

by the mollusk 2009-11-19 10:05AM | 0 recs
Substitute ACORN for "brown people"

People who believe ACORN stole the election are those same people who voted for McCain, even though Barack Obama "better represented their beliefs".

by NoFortunateSon 2009-11-19 11:33AM | 0 recs
They are al delusional

Well lets be honest there are still people running around thinking that GW stole the election in 2000, despite the fact that Gore couldnt even win his own home state....

by BuckeyeBlogger 2009-11-19 02:03PM | 0 recs
Re: They are al delusional

I read somewhere today that the Dem percentage was in the teens. So yes, everyone has their crazies, but their crazies run the asylum.

by bay of arizona 2009-11-19 06:18PM | 0 recs


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