NY-23: Hoffman Suggests Election Fraud

A few days ago, Doug Hoffman, the Conservative candidate in NY-23 special election retracted his concession after the routine post-election recanvassing of votes across the district showed Democratic Rep. Bill Owens' margin of victory narrowing. He did so at the urging of Fox talk show host Glen Beck and live on his program. The darling of the Tea Party set and endorsed by Sarah Palin, Doug Hoffman originally conceded after trailing Bill Owens by 5,335 votes, but further counts showed him narrowing the gap and trailing by 3,176 votes. A recent count of absentee ballots in three counties showed Hoffman still trailing by 2,951. To reverse the results, Hoffman would need to win 65 percent of the remaining absentee ballots. Not impossible but certainly a tall order.

But Hoffman on his website is now openly claiming that the election was stolen.

As evidence surfaces, we find out that reported results from election night were far from accurate. ACORN and the unions did their best to try and sway the results to Obamacare supporter Bill Owens.

I was forced to concede after receiving two pieces of grim news - - down 5,335 votes with 93 percent of the vote counted on election night - and barely won my stronghold in Oswego County.

On Election Night, the information we received was far different from what we received this week!

Rest assured, they will not succeed, and I am therefore revoking my statement of concession.

That is why I am writing you today. Recent developments leave me to wonder who is scheming behind closed doors, twisting arms and stealing elections from the voters of NY-23.

I'm sure you are as dismayed as I am to learn of the mischief that took place in Oswego and neighboring counties. We know this would not be the first time for the ACORN faithful to tamper with democracy.

Now it's time to actually count every legal ballot and I need your help to ensure the people of NY-23 get the Congressman THEY ELECTED. Please donate now to help me ensure every vote is counted!

A recanvassing in the 11-county district shows Owens' lead has narrowed to 3,026. In Oswego County, I was reported to lead by only 500 votes with 93 percent of the vote counted election night, but inspectors found I actually won by 1,748 votes

Let's force them keep this recanvassing active! Let's give this election a chance to end differently!

Oswego County elections officials blame the mistakes on "chaos" in their call-in center that included a phone system foul-up, and on inspectors who read numbers incorrectly when phoning in results. This sounds like a tactic right from the ACORN playbook.

The district's second biggest voter turnout was in Jefferson County, where I had also benefited from a turnaround since election night, gaining another 700 votes. Owens led by 300 votes on the final election night tally, but after recanvassing, I'm now leading by 424 votes.

Jerry Eaton, the Republican elections commissioner for Jefferson County, said inspectors found a problem in four districts where my vote total was mistakenly entered as zero.

The new vote totals mean the race will be decided by absentee ballots, of which the state Board of Elections distributed about 10,200.

The people of NY-23 deserve to have their ballots counted properly, but we can't let ACORN or the unions keep that from happening. They have more lawyers and more experience tampering with democracy. State Board of Elections Communications Director John Conklin said the state sent a letter to the House Clerk last week explaining that no winner had been determined in the 23rd District.

Now it's time to actually count every legal ballot and I need your help to ensure the people of NY-23 get the Congressman THEY ELECTED. Please donate now to help me ensure every vote is counted!

We need to make sure that fair elections are a reality in NY-23, just like our Founding Fathers envisioned. So long as we remain the "land of the free," we MUST ensure every vote is counted. Help us today so we may be the first of many conservative victories during the Obama Regime.

When all else fails, blame ACORN and the unions. Last I checked, neither ACORN nor any unions are involved in counting ballots. It's more nonsense from the paranoid right. When conservatives can't explain events, they resort to conspriacy theories that involve "scheming behind closed doors and twisting arms."

That's not sitting well with election officials. Jerry O. Eaton, Jefferson County Republican elections commissioner, called Mr. Hoffman's assertion “absolutely false” adding that No one has touched those ballots or has access to those ballots except board of elections staff - and in a bipartisan manner."

Finally, the Watertown Daily Times reports that "Mr. Hoffman trails Rep. William L. Owens, D-Plattsburgh, by 2,832 votes after 42.6 percent of absentee ballots districtwide were reported Wednesday. Officials are expected to count the 4,262 ballots remaining by Monday."

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Re: NY-23: Hoffman Suggests Election Fraud

At least Gore's retraction was the night of the election.

My guess is that he has no leg to stand on seeing how Owens is ALREADY SWORN IN.

Everyone nows it's those ACORNers and those Canadians crossing the border to impose their healthcare on us.  What a clown.

by AZphilosopher 2009-11-18 09:30PM | 0 recs
Re: NY-23: Hoffman Suggests Election Fraud

The results can be reversed actually and Owens removed from office but it's unlikely that that will happen. While 10,000+ absentees were distributed, only about 7,000 were returned. And some have already been counted so the likelihood is next to nil.

by Charles Lemos 2009-11-18 09:35PM | 0 recs
Re: NY-23: Hoffman Suggests Election Fraud


by AZphilosopher 2009-11-19 03:44AM | 0 recs
Re: NY-23: Hoffman Suggests Election Fraud

I have not seen anything quite this sad since people at this site blamed Diebold for Hillary winning the New Hampshire primary.  But at least that was random internet commentors, as opposed to an actual candidate for office muttering this crazy shit!

by Steve M 2009-11-19 03:54AM | 0 recs
Re: NY-23: Hoffman Suggests Election Fraud

Hoffman needs to get over it -- he lost.  

by LionelEHutz 2009-11-19 05:27AM | 0 recs
Re: NY-23: Hoffman Suggests Election Fraud

I'm all for good faith challenges to election results even if this late.  It serves to keep the system honest.  However, Hoffman makes clear this is not one of them.

by orestes 2009-11-19 05:31AM | 0 recs
Re: NY-23: Hoffman Suggests Election Fraud

You nailed it!

by Charles Lemos 2009-11-19 08:08AM | 0 recs


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