Cheney versus Palin in Texas

The Dallas Morning News reports that former Vice President Dick Cheney will appear at a campaign event for Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison in Houston on November 17th. Senator Hutchison is challenging incumbent Governor Rick Perry in the GOP primary scheduled for March.

"She is pleased to have Vice President Cheney's support," Baker said. "He knows that she is a true conservative who walks the walk and not just talks the talk, and she will continue to deliver conservative results for Texas as governor."

Cheney's support is the highest profile endorsement Hutchison has gotten so far in her bid to unseat Gov. Rick Perry in the March Republican primary. Support from Cheney, who is popular with many conservative activists, could help Hutchison shore up her right flank.

Jim Henson, director of the Texas Politics Project at the University of Texas, said Republicans still have mixed views of the Bush administration. But he predicted the former vice president, who hasn't been shy in his attacks on the Obama administration, would help her score points with conservatives.

"You can't think of it as anything but a plus for her in a Republican primary," Henson said. "I would think it's going to be a great media hit for her ... She'll get some free media out of it, which is really what you want out of endorsements."

The Perry campaign, which has sought to portray Hutchison as a consummate Washington insider, dismissed Cheney's move.

"It's not surprising, considering they worked in Washington together for so many years," said Perry spokesman Mark Miner. "The Washington establishment usually sticks together."

With Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor who is clearly not part of any Washington establishment, having endorsed Governor Perry, Cheney's endorsement of Hutchinson sets up a proxy battle for control of the Texas GOP. It's an interesting test of strengths.

Update [2009-10-28 18:42:40 by Charles Lemos]: Moreover, it is assuming to see Freepers' heads spin in disbelief. Clearly, the Tea Party set is backing Perry/Palin over Hutchinson/Cheney. Let's hope it becomes a circular firing squad!

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