Non-Existent Voter Fraud


Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said he had allegations last fall of widespread voter fraud - allegations a special prosecutor reported Tuesday were wrong, noting the only voter fraud found was from a Connecticut man who told on himself.

"Ultimately," Special Prosecutor Michael O'Neill wrote in a report, "the investigators discovered `get-out-the-vote' practices, sponsored by community organizations, which took full advantage of this unique absentee-voting period, but no evidence these practices violated Ohio law."

"Told ya so," Tim Burke, chairman of the Hamilton County Democratic Party as well as chairman of the Hamilton County Board of Elections, said with glee of O'Neill's report.

"Do I think (Deters) was playing politics? Damned right."

Deters was Southwest Ohio regional chairman of Republican John McCain's presidential campaign, when he complained in October that some people were violating the so-called "golden week" that allowed anyone to register to vote and then vote at the same time.

For the record, Michael O'Neill, the Special Prosecutor who penned this report, is a Republican -- and he previously worked for Joe Deters, the prosecutor-cum-McCain supporter who screamed voter fraud in October 2008. Any attempt by the far-right zealots or hardcore Republican partisans to claim this investigation was a whitewash would clearly not be credible.

Yet again, more proof that voter fraud is simply not a genuine concern in this country. This isn't to say that Republicans won't continue to gin up unfounded worries about voter fraud in an attempt to suppress the votes of those they believe are likely to vote Democratic. It also isn't to say that the establishment media are finally going to learn the lesson that the voter fraud allegations made by Republican operatives during the heat of an election are bogus and thus stop blaring VOTER FRAUD across newspapers and televisions. But perhaps at some point, folks will finally begin to catch on that the real voting problem in this country is not voter fraud but rather the suppression of those who want to, and have every right to, vote.

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Re: Non-Existent Voter Fraud

The Ohio GOP made up all the stories about voter fraud last fall, but I wonder how many Ohio papers and television stations will carry news about the findings of special prosecutor.

The Ohio Republican Party is still operating like we were living in the 1950's.  They are primarily white, and are clueless about the needs of working families, the elderly, teachers, and students.  No matter what they are talking about they feel the need to include the words "tax cuts."  Several years ago, the state legislature was ordered by the Ohio Supreme Court to fix our school financing method.  The Republicans have refused to move on it. The Ohio GOP would rather talk about non-issues like DOMA, voter fraud, and flags.

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