MN-Sen: Coleman Takes Another Gig

The Minnesota Senate election is certified. Al Franken won.  

And while Norm Coleman disputes the results in endless lawsuits, his other actions tell us he doesn't expect to be back in the Senate:

Last session's senior senator from Minnesota Norm Coleman, still battling Al Franken to be seated in the Senate, has taken a paid job as a consultant to the Republican Jewish Coalition, which harshly attacked Obama last fall, its executive director, Matt Brooks, said.

Coleman will join the group as a "consultant and strategic advisor," and will also travel the country fundraising on the group's behalf, Brooks said.

Two things stink here.

First, Coleman knows he's lost; but he's bitter, he hates Franken, and he wants to make Al's transition to the Senate painful. In the process, Coleman's punishing the people of Minnesota - but maybe that's just collateral damage to Norm.

Second, a little speculation. Norm's facing a rather nagging lawsuit related to shady campaign funding. He'll likely need a rather expensive defense. So by holding out his lawsuit against Franken, could Coleman try to fundraise for a legal fund?

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Re: MN-Sen: Coleman Takes Another Gig

We used to call Wellstone Wisconsin's third senator.

We want a new third senator: Al Frankin!

by MAL Contends 2009-01-22 04:33PM | 0 recs


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