Heading To The Big Show

I'm about to head down to the swearing in. A friend got me a ticket in the silver section, which appears to be a standing section at the front part of the mall. We're probably going to opt for a 45 minute walk rather than even try to get a cab (if one comes along, we'll certainly take it, but good luck with that) or take the Metro. The Metro has been crazy this week with long lines to even get into the stations let alone to get tickets or make your way through the turnstiles. People who have lived here for years tell me it's like nothing they've ever seen.

I may blog from my friend's iPhone, otherwise you can follow my inaugural adventures on Twitter HERE.

Follow along in the comments. Most of you will have a much better view...

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I'll be watching at a party

organized by some people who worked on the Biden campaign in Iowa last year. The Bidenistas are so excited!

There's going to be a huge party in downtown Des Moines tonight, but Mr. desmoinesdem and I are not crazy about crowds, so I think we will stay in and let our kids watch some of the coverage on tv. My five-year-old has been asking the last few days when "Brock Obama" is going to start being the president.

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Re: Heading To The Big Show

Have a great time, Todd!  Talk about being a part of history!

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Re: Heading To The Big Show

About sums it up:

The Colonel and Company comic strip

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Re: Heading To The Big Show
I found this video about President Barack Obama preparing lunch for his family. http://www.mydd.com/story/2009/1/20/6515 0/2364#comment_form enjoy.
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Re: Heading To The Big Show

sorry, I posted the wrong link. Here is the video http://www.garlicoon.com/video/barack-ob ama-the-chef

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