NY-Sen: "Officials" Say The Seat Is Caroline's

Caroline Kennedy should be thanking the Rod & Ron show for hogging all the Senate appointment freakshow oxygen and making this report from The AP feel inconsequential by comparison.

Officials say the daughter of the late President John F. Kennedy will be the governor's choice to fill the New York Senate seat being vacated by Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Two people close to Gov. David Paterson tell The Associated Press they believe Caroline Kennedy will be his choice, but the governor cautions he's still looking.

That's what Patterson would say, of course, since he has vowed not to announce his pick until after Hillary Clinton is confirmed as Secretary of State but it's not insignificant that behind the scenes, some resistance to Caroline seems to be waning.

Meantime, despite early reservations, New York state's most powerful legislative leader tells the New York Post he'll support Kennedy. State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver says he'll work for her election.

All things considered, it's hard not to think Kennedy's appointment to the Senate is essentially a done deal and Patterson's decision was made much easier by Blagojevich's stunt the other day.

Update [2009-1-2 12:18:58 by Todd Beeton]:And speaking of US Senate appointments we'd almost forgotten about, Gov. Bill Ritter will reportedly announce his pick to replace outgoing CO Senator Ken Salazar tomorrow.

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Re: NY-Sen: The Seat Is Caroline's

No sooner do Democrats assume total power, than it's back to business as usual again. I certainly don't fault Obama or Congress. This has everything to do with the governors of N.Y. and Illinois, and to carry it further, Caroline Kennedy and Roland Burris, both of whom chose to take advantage of circumstances to intrude upon the political system. I'll accept what appears to be the inevitable, but will never agree with nor condone it. This is not democracy in action, not even close.

by phoenixdreamz 2009-01-02 07:35AM | 0 recs
Re: NY-Sen: The Seat Is Caroline's

There is no way for appointments to be "democracy in action." But to suggest that anyone can "intrude upon the political system" is preposterous. You don't have to agree with it or condone it but to suggest that Kennedy did not have just as much a right as anyone else to vie for the appointment is beyond absurd... and I have yet to hear one good reason why she is a bad choice.

The situation in Illinois is a bit different, Blago lost all credibility as far as filling the seat goes and Burris should have known better than to accept the appointment. But that will get sorted out by the Senate, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

by JDF 2009-01-02 08:00AM | 0 recs
Re: NY-Sen: "Officials"

I think folks from out of state may not appreciate the significance of the Sheldon Silver endorsement.  Arguably he's more powerful than any other politician in the state, including the governor.

by Steve M 2009-01-02 08:05AM | 0 recs
Re: Shelly's endorsement probably

It seems unfathomable to me that Paterson was prepared to make the appointment against Silver's wishes.

by Steve M 2009-01-02 10:12AM | 0 recs
Re: Shelly's endorsement probably

Particularly not with the budget battle Paterson has coming up...

by Quinton 2009-01-02 12:40PM | 0 recs
Re: Paterson's budget

I don't disagree, but I expect it's still going to be a huge clusterfuck.

by Quinton 2009-01-02 01:16PM | 0 recs
Re: Paterson's budget

NY budget always is so this year will be worse than normal.

by jmnyc 2009-01-02 04:27PM | 0 recs
Re: Paterson's budget

Completely agree.  I almost posted that last week on Open Left when Sirota was going nuts about Paterson's budget but decided it wasn't worth it because you have to understand the byzantine world of Albany to get what is really going on.  I figure Paterson is trying to force the legislature into a surcharge on income over $1 million which they wouldn't touch last year.  Of course with the Wall Street meltdown the amount of money there is less than last year.

by jmnyc 2009-01-02 04:05PM | 0 recs
Re: NY-Sen: "Officials" Say The Seat

Wait until you hear whom we are going to have to defend in Colorado ... a guy with zero electoral experience who is currently superintendent of the Denver Schools. He was briefly under consideration for Secretary of Education, name is Michael Bennet. A great guy, very interesting and a non-stop worker. But he's going to be eaten alive in a high profile Senate race. Horrible choice politically, made because Ritter wanted to deter any strong R's from running against him for Governor in 2010. Yuck.

by ColoradoGuy 2009-01-02 08:13AM | 0 recs
Re: NY-Sen


Despite an awful 'appointment campaign' where she has come across as incoherent, inexperienced and unprepared she still gets the nod because she's a Kennedy.  

Maybe she'll be a great Senator, but she has given us little evidence so far.

I hope these reports are wrong.

by liberalj 2009-01-02 08:17AM | 0 recs
Re: She was a lock

As a long time, strong supporter of Hillary it would make me much keener on Caroline's candidacy if i thought she was behind it.

I don't think there's much evidence to say she is, happy to hear it if you have some.

by liberalj 2009-01-02 10:19AM | 0 recs
Re: Well for one thing

Thanks, nice to get a well informed answer on here.

I thought her returning Caroline's donation during the primaries suggested bad blood.

I still think Caroline's the wrong choice.

by liberalj 2009-01-02 10:32AM | 0 recs
No One Wants It?

Lots of people want the seat - Cuomo, Maloney, Nadler, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown to name 4.

I personally want Maloney but I am not exercised by Kennedy.  People can get upset all they want but the constitution gives the Gov the right to appoint whomever he wants to succeed Hillary Clinton as long as they meet the citizenship and age requirements.

by jmnyc 2009-01-02 04:13PM | 0 recs
Re: Cuomo does not want it

Cuomo would prefer to be Gov but he is very interested in seat because he realizes he is boxed out of the Governorship for a while unless Paterson totally collapses which is not likely.  Maloney is my Congresswoman and she is making a very heavy push for the appt.

Now whether either will get the appt is a totally different story.

by jmnyc 2009-01-02 04:56PM | 0 recs
Re: NY-Sen:

Good.  It will be good to have all the pearl-clutching done and over with.

by lojasmo 2009-01-02 08:29AM | 0 recs
The Seat Is Caroline's

Orgasmic joy, or maybe it's just Schadenfreude.

by QTG 2009-01-02 08:48AM | 0 recs

I was hoping Harriet Christian's valiant campaign would go somewhere.  Crazy old racist ladies must have a voice in Washington!

by username 2009-01-02 09:16AM | 0 recs

One of the worst picks ever (not the worst). I'm sorry. I am greatly disappointed in this pick if it comes to fruition. This is simply a famous name getting appointed because it is a famous name. I'm sorry, this New Yorker demands something better. And I certainly hope she is opposed in the 2010 primary (she will likely win). But give me a damn choice.

BTW, this is not trollish, it simply a New York Democrat voicing his opinion on Caroline Kennedy as the next Senator of New York. So those of you who want to hide my comments, so be it, but I re-post it.

by RJEvans 2009-01-02 10:44AM | 0 recs
Face it

Puma's lost. as they always do.

You lost Hillary(Although a pretty good job, but I don't think working under obama is something you guys like in either case) and now you lose her seat too.

Face it you guys are losers everywhere. Hah!

by YourConcernsAreNoted 2009-01-02 11:58AM | 0 recs
Re: Face it

Well, first of all, I am not, nor have I ever been a PUMA. In fact, if you search through my comments, you will see I have been highly critical of the PUMA's. So, in that regard you look like an ass.

Second, this has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama or the election. It has every thing to do with Caroline Kennedy and whether she deserves this honor. I don't hold drudges. This is politics. But, I believe there are people, men and women, who have served New York in a far more greater capacity and have earned their place in New York politics. So, again, you look like an ass.

by RJEvans 2009-01-02 12:04PM | 0 recs
RJ, the comment is not surprising, knowing your

History here.

You might not have been a PUMA as such, but you were certainly 100% in Hillary's corner, and 100% against Obama.

I seem to remember, you were quite angry at the Kennedy's BOTH Caroline and Ted, when they endorsed Obama and not Senator Clinton.

We will give you the benefit of the doubt, but, it's easy to understand WHY that comment followed yours.

BTW, are you a New Yorker?  

It seems to me, this is primarily an issue for those folks......

And, many of the NY MyDD folks are mixed.

It seems, MOST Of the admantly opposed are NOT from NY...

And, not surprising, most of them are Clinton fans.

So, I think you need to understand WHY you are judged that way...

And, you can call me an ass if you like as well.

by WashStateBlue 2009-01-02 12:13PM | 0 recs
Re: RJ, the comment is not surprising
...and 100% against Obama.
I consider that a great insult. I supported Obama throughout the general election. I voted for him, I rallied for him and raised money for him. Have I criticized Obama? YES! I also criticized Clinton when I supported her. I'm not a blind lefty Democrat. I hold my leaders accountable, but people here often see that as speaking against, or not supporting Obama. It truly is sad. Was I angry when Senator Kennedy endorsed Obama. YES! You would be angry if Kennedy had endorsed Clinton. I certainly felt vindicated when she won the MA primary. I am a New Yorker by the way. I have lived in New York City for the last 12 years and I expect a lot from my leaders.
by RJEvans 2009-01-02 12:51PM | 0 recs
Re: Face it

Maybe I should have articulated it better, as Washington says you weren't for obama nor were the dozens that have been criticizing Caroline over the weeks here (or In doilykos/Huntington). maybe your days of being against obama are over but your days of being against his supporters are not (one of them is Caroline). since to date I cant find that many Primary obama supporters on blogs who are against her, all I see are Clinton people in NY and else where who are either cool or opposing her.

Apologies for calling you a puma. since you say you were not one of the consider the post directed to people who were.

by YourConcernsAreNoted 2009-01-02 12:25PM | 0 recs
Re: Face it
Maybe I should have articulated it better, as Washington says you weren't for obama nor were the dozens that have been criticizing Caroline over the weeks here (or In doilykos/Huntington). maybe your days of being against obama are over but your days of being against his supporters are not (one of them is Caroline). since to date I cant find that many Primary obama supporters on blogs who are against her, all I see are Clinton people in NY and else where who are either cool or opposing her.
Again, read my post above yours. I consider this a great insult as I voted for Obama, rallied for Obama and raised money for Obama. This has NOTHING to do with Obama. This has EVERYTHING to do with Caroline Kennedy. Stop trying to make this into something it is not.
by RJEvans 2009-01-02 12:54PM | 0 recs


by QTG 2009-01-02 01:10PM | 0 recs
Caroline is probably the best choice

other than Suozzi and that Upstate Mayor(Byron Brown?).  

by Kent 2009-01-02 03:03PM | 0 recs


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