As you might imagine, movement and the ability to tote a computer bag are greatly limited here in Washington, DC at present, so blogging has been, and likely will continue to be for the next day and a half, a bit sporadic from those of us in the MyDD community in for the inauguration.

That said, there continue to be things happening in the world, and one that I'd like to mention now is the launch of TPM DC, which will be a must-read site moving forward. With Matt Cooper, formerly of Time and Newsweek (as well as Washington Monthly and The New Republic) signed on as Editor-at-Large, as well as Elana Schor, whom I knew from my brief stint as an intern at The Hill newspaper -- not to mention a whole host of others who have been doing great work for the site for a longer period of time -- TPM DC will be an important site to add to your bookmark list (as I have just done). Yet another sign that Josh Marshall is coming to dominate our world...

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