MS-Sen: Wicker Won't Stand By His Own Ad

Via Markos comes some more interesting news out of the Mississippi special Senate election: Appointed Republican Senator Roger Wicker isn't standing by his own advertisement. Take a look:

The trend estimate out of the race shows it to be about as tight as possible, with former Democratic Governor and MyDD Road to 60 candidate Ronnie Musgrove within about a point and a half of Wicker. Do note, however, that this aggregate includes a recent Rasmussen Reports poll that quizzically added the candidates' party affiliation along with their names in the head-to-head match-up despite the fact that parties will not be listed on the ballot. (An inquiry to Rasmussen on the subject last week yielded no response.) So with a race as close as this one, slip ups like failing to endorse your own ad -- and the resulting negative press from the local media -- can make a real difference.

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