DNCC Media Open Thread

Too many of the Serious People bloviating about the convention in our media are deranged, incompetent, out of ideas, wrong about everything, and they don't care about the little people. Unfortunately, that's not really news, so I guess they get a pass for not covering it, hmmm?

I thought the funniest moment of last night was PBS' Jim Lehrer clarifying that "not all veterans are Democrats." That's obviously true, but General McKinney, Beau Biden and the rest of the Veterans for Obama made such an impressive case, I can't hold it against someone for thinking it needed to be said. But how's the convention watching been treating you, any highlights or press lowlights on your mind?

Update [2008-8-28 6:33:22 by Natasha Chart]: And if the network you were watching didn't show Beau Biden's introduction of Sen. Biden, I recommend it. While he only alluded to the fact that he'll be deploying to Iraq this fall with his Army National Guard unit, he made a point of saying that his father had written the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).

VAWA told thousands of victims of domestic violence that the federal government had their backs, that they didn't have to stay in abusive partnerships. It's legislation that not only bettered lives, but doubtless saved lives. And it's important that it be brought up not only for its own sake, but in illustration of the fact that feminist and women's issues also include safety in public and private, basic human dignity, access to education, fair pay and health care.

Conservatives would like to equate even women's right to vote with abortion, as if there was only that one issue. An issue that they use to show their contempt for women by saying that our lives are worth less than a single cell and that our moral agency is so poor that we need others to make our medical decisions. An issue spawned of their own racist condescension and lack of concern for everyone who's already been born. An issue that's been easy for them to demonize. 'Oh, those feminist harpies, they just hate babies.'

Why listen to a monster like that, even if she talks about equal pay, children's health care, or getting nutritious food to impoverished new moms? She's a monster, after all. It must be a trick.

When alleged liberals join the fun by reducing women's issues to one thing, albeit a very important one, abortion, they indicate to me that they haven't been paying attention. (Even the reproductive justice debate is broader than that, as we've seen with the Bush administration's opposition to contraception.) When they bring it down to one issue, they show that they have just as one-dimensional a view of feminism, and of women's needs, as conservatives. But the speakers at this year's DNC know better, the Obama campaign clearly knows better, and Joe Biden seems to have known better for a long time.

I have problems with stances that both Obama and Biden have taken on related topics, but their showcasing of several important gender equity issues leads me to believe that in these, they will try to act out of respect and good faith. It's a laudable improvement over the travesties supported by John McCain and the rest of the George Bush Republicans.

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How is it that you consistently roduce one great post after another great post?

I wonder if Obama will try to jump on HRC's efforts against the contraception controversy and use it as a wedge issue against McCain.  Of course, McCain could simply agree with HRC and take the issue away though I suspect if Obama went ahead with it, he could really put McCain in a box.  I am starting to believe we'll need more than Al Gore's 11-point victory among women to get a decent-sized victory against McCain.

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produce, not "roduce"

it's still early this morning.  A good mix of "bio" and "policy" throughout the convention, though I would like to see the balance weighted more towards policy.  You know all we'll hear next week is bio.

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McCain's leash isn't long enough for that

He isn't popular enough among Republicans, many of whom don't trust him, to be able to get away with a mavericky stance like supporting contraception.

And while there are probably figures I could cite to indicate that contraception is pretty popular in the US, so as to be virtually uncontroversial among the sane, I'll merely point to the fact that 6+ child households are now quite rare even when couples have been together for several decades.

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Re: DNCC Media Open Thread
Jim Lehrer is usually better than that.
wonder where that came from?
by joe in oklahoma 2008-08-28 05:16AM | 0 recs
Re: DNCC Media Open Thread

It actually came off as hilarious. Ifill had just talked about the Spielberg video with three very sharp veterans who supported Obama, there was the video itself, and iirc, General McKinney (and she was impressive) had already spoken.

It seemed like he was saying 'some veterans are Republicans, too' as if responding to a generally held impression that being a veteran seemed synonymous with being a Democrat. Considering that the press often talks about Democratic veterans as though they were some rare, rainforest bird species, the grounding assumptions he seemed to be reacting to were quite refreshing.

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Re: DNCC Media Open Thread

I figured out pretty quickly that CSPAN was the way to go this time around.  At the same time - literally - that the cable pundits were saying that the Dems weren't attacking McCain at all during Monday's and Tuesday's coverage, folks like Kucinich, Sharpton, McCaskill, Patrick, and Schweitzer were attacking McCain, but their speeches weren't being aired.

From what I understand PBS was high on speeches and low on punditry, as well.  However, my local PBS station wasn't showing much of the convention, so I can't speak to that first hand.

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PBS' coverage starts at 8ET for us

They show the prime time speeches, the big ones, but before that it's all "Are You Being Served."

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Re: PBS' coverage starts at 8ET for us

And thank you for making the point about using peoples' stances on abortion as a way to discredit them on the whole range of women's issues.  That isn't something I had thought about before, and it makes perfect sense.

You gave me my "Ah hah!" moment of the day.

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Re: DNCC Media Open Thread

One day our office manager, who has been with the company since day one, didn't show up to work.

Turned out she was having problems with her marriage, and she finally got up the courage to tell her husband she was leaving him.  At which point he strangled her to death.

Domestic violence is no joke.  The legislators who have tried to do something about it, the activists who have worked to ensure the police understand it is a serious crime and not a private matter to be ignored, they all do God's work.  I will never forget that funeral as long as I live.

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Disturbing CNN Pundits Bloviate

Disturbing commentary from the Wes night CNN pundits after the convention included some disgraceful comments:

--The Dems did not even mention 9/11
--Dems missed their chance to say negative things about McCain and wasted all their time talking about OBAMA ... Watch the Republicans spend THEIR time talking about OBAMA (obviously a better choice)
--Why did they have Bill Clinton speak? He's old news! And he talked about his inexperience before he was elected: WELL, we (Republicans?) were right: Clinton lost the Congress after just 2 years (hah!)
--The cheering Convention crowd are irrelevant. We haven't drunk the Koolade yet (a veiled reference to the mass suicide at Jonestown, Guyana)

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Re: DNCC Media Open Thread

Meanwhile...back at the ranch

The success of our  effort to expose another generation to the power
of non-violence
took place yesterday..
A little warm during the almost 4 mile walk.
Point made..no arrests..
all done without a permit.

Yes we Can!
http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/ nation/la-na-protest28-2008aug28,0,67205 03.story

some pics..


Peace requires non-violence..
jist sayin'

sorry for the interuption..
back to the thread..

by nogo postal 2008-08-28 09:21AM | 0 recs
Re: DNCC Media Open Thread

Beau was phenomenal, even better than his pa. A farmer friend of mine from rural Iowa, who caucused and worked for John Edwards, texted me after his speech: "That speech was amazing. Not gonna lie, my eyes werent dry."

by Nathan Empsall 2008-08-28 11:19AM | 0 recs


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