MS-Sen: Musgrove Matches Wicker's Fundraising

We may have played a small part in helping Ronnie Musgrove's fundraising efforts this quarter, but we no doubt played a part. And with the filings now in, it looks like Musgrove was able to match the fundraising effort of appointed Republican Senator Roger Wicker down in Mississippi.

Interim Republican U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker of Tupelo has amassed a campaign war chest of nearly $3 million as he seeks to keep the seat he was appointed to in late 2007.

His Democratic opponent, former Gov. Ronnie Musgrove, whose fundraising lagged earlier this year, came close to matching Wicker's quarterly total - Musgrove raised $813,708 compared to Wicker's $822,476.

Musgrove actually outraised Wicker with $607,803 from individuals compared with $475,444.88 for his opponent.

That brings Musgrove's total contributions to $1.26 million, with $716,180 on hand, but it's still less than a quarter of what Wicker has banked.

These numbers come a day after reports from Roll Call (subscription required) that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is going up on the air on Musgrove's behalf.

As Sen. Roger Wicker (R) continues to air a series of campaign ads in central and Gulf Coast Mississippi this month, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is going up on television in the Magnolia state beginning today.

The DSCC television purchases in Mississippi means the party will be on the air in the Magnolia State ahead of the Democratic Senate nominee, former Gov. Ronnie Musgrove, who has yet to buy television ads in the special Senate election.

This news gives me an opportunity to highlight something I omitted in my post announcing Musgrove's slot in the MyDD Road to 60 Act Blue page: Musgrove's strong economic populism. While there are certainly areas upon which Musgrove will not be the most progressive Senator -- in fact, he might end up being one of the most conservative Democrats in the caucus (though still a better and significantly more reliable vote than Wicker) -- there are other areas where he is decidedly populist and even progressive.

Take workers' rights, for instance. On the important issue of the Employee Free Choice Act, which enables workers to bypass some of the decidedly anti-union tactics used by some employers, Wicker has been a reliable vote against hard working Americans. Musgrove, however, is a strong supporter of workers' rights, proudly supporting the Employee Free Choice Act.

This, of course, is not the only difference between Wicker and Musgrove, but it is an illustrative one. When it comes to standing with working Americans, Musgrove and the Democrats think it's important to support workers while Wicker and the Republicans think it's more important to kowtow to corporate special interests and side against workers. It is because of this, as well as a host of other reasons, that Musgrove is a member of the Road to 60 page and deserving of our support.

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