KS-Sen: Second Poll Shows Slattery is Competitive

Last week Rasmussen Reports released polling out of the Kansas Senate race showing former Democratic Congressman Jim Slattery, who has only been running for fewer than three months, well within striking distance of incumbent Republican Senator Pat Roberts, who led 52 percent to 40 percent. Today Daily Kos released its own polling on the race commissioned from nonpartisan pollster Research 2000 and, lo and behold, the numbers show Slattery down by that same 12-point margin.

Pat Roberts (R): 50 percent
Jim Slattery (D): 38 percent

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this poll is how high Slattery's name recognition remains in Kansas -- 85 percent of likely voters know enough about him to rate him favorably or unfavorably without so much as a title or even party affiliation from the pollster to go on -- and that his favorable ratings are pretty darn good (48 percent positive, 37 percent negative) considering that he has been out of office for 14 years and the state hasn't elected a Democrat to the Senate since 1932. Roberts' numbers aren't bad either (56 percent favorable, 40 percent unfavorable). But hits like this timely one from the Slattery campaign could help bring those numbers down.

After a nearly four-year investigation, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence today released their final phase II report on prewar Iraq intelligence.


[Said Slattery:] "Why didn't Roberts' [who was the top Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee in 2002-2003, during the lead-up to the war in Iraq] tell the American people there were serious doubts about the reliability of the intelligence and that Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9-11? Why didn't he raise objections when Administration officials portrayed an open-and-shut case that Iraq was developing nuclear weapons and working with al Qaeda?

"As the top Republican on the committee he certainly should have known the intelligence didn't support these claims."

For three years Roberts repeatedly delayed the publication of the report in an attempt to protect the Bush Administration.

"As a citizen and political outsider, I find it completely unacceptable that our government failed us on so many counts during the lead up to the war in Iraq," Slattery said. "Ultimately, Chairman Roberts and the Senate Intelligence Committee failed in their oversight responsibility, both going into the war and in getting to the bottom of what happened in a timely manner."

This could be a fun one, particularly with a Kansan (Barack Obama) topping the Democratic ticket and another Kansan (Governor Kathleen Sebelius) potentially being the number two on the ticket, as well. If you want to help Slattery make the most of this opportunity to go after Roberts, head over to Act Blue today.

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Robert's Intel Report

Roberts totally temporized on issuing the findings.  From a CNN report in February 2006:

"Roberts said his committee has been working on the Phase 2 investigation since May and "we have what we think is a pretty good report." He said the committee will take up the matter next week.
"However long it takes, working in good faith, we will look into Phase 2 and see what we can do and finish that product," Roberts said.

Well apparently it took a long time to finish, like 28 months long. Good to see Roberts take some heat on this issue.

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Re: KS-Sen: Second Poll Shows Slattery is Competit
Let's not forget that the LA Times called the Senate Intelligence Committee under Roberts' chairmanship the Senate Cover-Up Committee. He's a corrupt turd and a Bush Administration lackey par excellence. What I find interesting about that poll is twofold: one, Bush's approval rating stands, even in Kansas, at an anemic 37%. This is a state that went 62% for Bush over Kerry, and an almost identical number over Gore. That 37%, as well as McCain's current standing at 51%, makes Kansas very much in play. If McCain and Robert' fall to under 47%, I'd say an upset is likely.
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Re: KS-Sen: Second Poll Shows Slattery is Competit

50% is the baseline for an incumbent .. right? .. that number doesn't look good for Roberts .. especially if Slattery can make some hay in the next few weeks ..  this is a race to keep an eye on .. how much is Sebelius willing to put on the line for Slattery?

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Re: Former Dole, Graves officials endorse Slattery

Interesting development in Lawrence paper today--  Maybe he actually has a shot. Probably only If Obama puts Sebelius on the ticket (and the odds of that seem pretty darn good right now)

Former Dole, Graves officials endorse Slattery
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By Scott Rothschild
June 6, 2008

Former key officials for prominent Kansas Republicans will help Democrat Jim Slattery try to defeat U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan.

Nelson and Judy Krueger of Lawrence will serve as co-chairs for the Slattery for Senate Steering Committee.

"I'm pleased Nelson and Judy are joining my campaign," Slattery, a former U.S. representative, said. "I'm determined to be a senator who will help unify our country by working across party lines to promote the best ideas to solve America's urgent problems."

Judy Krueger was campaign manager during the primary for the Bill Graves for Governor campaign, and served as Secretary of Appointments and deputy chief of staff during Graves' two terms as governor.

"I believe we need a change of direction in Washington," she said. "Jim Slattery represents the best opportunity for Kansans to get beyond partisanship and to participate in effecting change."

Nelson Krueger served as Dole's Kansas Administrative Assistant. He said: "Having worked with Jim Slattery since the 1980s, I have found Jim to be open-minded and a man of his word. Jim's commitment to making change and his enthusiasm are refreshing. I'm excited to be supporting a man who doesn't burn out, wear out or sell out."

Slattery faces Lee Jones in the Democratic Party primary.

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