I Am Running for the Iowa House

This is Nate Willems.  I was a regional director for Howard Dean's Iowa campaign, am an attorney in Cedar Rapids, and reside in Lisbon, Iowa.

On Thursday, I submitted my filing papers and signatures to the Iowa Secretary of State and am now a Democratic candidate for the Iowa House of Representatives, District 29.  I spent yesterday attending both the Linn and Johnson County Democratic Conventions distributing literature, meeting with activists, and giving a couple of very short speeches.  It looks like there will be a competitive Democratic Primary on June 3rd.  I am copying in the extended entry a press release that I sent to area newspapers announcing my candidacy.

I am running for a legislative seat being vacated by Ro Foege.  I have known Ro since I was in elementary school; he has been, and will continue to be, a mentor of mine in politics.  Numerous people I met last week in Des Moines told me, "You have big shoes to fill." I know that and fully appreciate it.

District 29 encompasses much of the rural corridor between Cedar Rapids and Iowa City.  It includes Lisbon, Mount Vernon, Solon, Swisher, Shueyville, Springville, Ely, Oxford and a number of other small towns.  I am looking forward to knocking on doors and getting to know more and more people across the District.

What I am not looking forward to, though, is having to raise the money it takes to run a successful campaign.  Raising money is, I guess, a necessary evil.  If you are willing to contribute to my campaign, I will be very grateful.  I have set up an Act Blue account and am accepting donations here.  Alternatively, I do have a traditional mailbox at: Citizens for Willems, P.O. Box 213, Lisbon, IA 52253.

I would like to thank you in advance for any type of support that you can lend to my campaign, and once I can put together a decent website I will look forward to seeing you on the internet.

Willems Announces Candidacy for State Representative

Lisbon lawyer says education, economy will be his focus at the Statehouse

LISBON - Nate Willems, a labor lawyer at Sole, McManus, Pearson & Willems PC, has today announced his candidacy for the Iowa House of Representatives, District 29.  Willems, an Eastern Iowa native and graduate of the University of Iowa College of Law, will run for the seat being vacated by retiring State Representative Ro Foege.

"I look forward to continuing Representative Foege's work on behalf of all Iowans, particularly his focus on our schools and our health care system," Willems said. "On that solid foundation, I pledge to work to create even better opportunities for all Iowans."

"Nate Willems is an excellent choice to represent us," said Rep. Foege.  "He knows firsthand the importance of good schools and a strong, fair economy."

Willems said he will work to strengthen middle class families by finding innovative ways to improve schools and creating good paying jobs for Iowans.

"Iowa needs to focus on doing what we already do well, even better," said Willems.  "In a global economy, it is not enough to be first in the nation in education, Iowa must strive to be first in the world.  We must continue to build on the tradition of our family farms to become the world leader in alternative fuels.

"With the great advances in telecommunications, we need to attract individuals who do not need to live near a traditional office, but have the freedom to live and work wherever they choose."

Willems has formally created Citizens for Willems, and announced co-Campaign Chairs Dr. Julie Thomas and David Steen.  Thomas is a Cedar Rapids pediatrician and business-owner.  Steen is a banker in Mount Vernon who resides in rural Johnson County.

"Nate will do a great job, representing me and other citizens in the 29th District," said Dr. Thomas.  "He works hard and shares our common sense values.  He will be an effective leader for all Iowans."

Nate Willems and his wife, Maggie, live in Lisbon and are expecting their first child in May.  Nate is active in the Linn County Democratic Central Committee, the Lisbon Lincoln Highway Lions Club, the Mount Vernon Athletic Boosters, and is First Vice President of the Iowa Federation of Teachers.  Maggie teaches Social Studies and Mount Vernon High School and is an assistant high school volleyball and track coach.  Nate and Maggie are members of First Presbyterian Church in Mount Vernon.

Nate Willems is a 1997 graduate of Anamosa High School and a 2001 graduate of the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service.  

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so glad you posted here

I put up a diary on your campaign late last night, but it scrolled down the bar too quickly!

FYI for you political junkies, one of Nate's campaign co-chairs, Dr. Julie Thomas, was the Democratic nominee for the 2nd Congressional district in 2002. She ran a great race and almost defeated Jim Leach (lost 51-48). It was a tough year for the Dems in Congressional races, and Leach had particular crossover appeal for Democratic voters.

by desmoinesdem 2008-03-16 01:45PM | 0 recs
Re: I Am Running for the Iowa House

Nate, is there a way to contact you besides on the blogs?  I have a question for you.

by ejintx 2008-03-16 01:53PM | 0 recs
Re: I Am Running for the Iowa House


I'd be happy to answer your question.

by Nate Willems 2008-03-16 02:01PM | 0 recs
Re: I Am Running for the Iowa House

Good luck Nate!

by swessdog 2008-03-16 05:42PM | 0 recs


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