Dominating the News

In the weeks since election day, there has been a great deal of discussion within the establishment media about the growing number of leaks out of the Obama transition. The press, it seems, can't seem to fathom why those surrounding the President-elect, who had been so reticent for nearly two years, have begun to talk in a seemingly uncoordinated or unapproved manner.

Yet one thing that is too often overlooked by many fascinated by the leaks from the Obama world is the extent to which Obama now dominates the news -- even more than one might expect from a President-elect. Every single day -- every day -- there's a new story out of the transition that owns the day's political news coverage. Today, it's the creation of a new board of economic advisors including Paul Volcker and Austan Gooslbee. Yesterday it was Obama's news conference. The day before it was the announcement of Obama's Treasury Secretary. It goes on.

It's certainly true that any incoming President will garner a significant amount of news coverage. Yet this transition feels different. Not only is Obama dominating the news, he is doing it on his own terms. Some news comes through official channels on the record, some news comes on background, and some leaks out, but by and large, with the exception of the emphasis on the mode of dissemination in the case of leaks, the coverage is positive and, importantly, portrays Obama as strong and decisive. Even before he is sworn in, Obama looks on the ball. And in that regard there's little reason to complain.

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Re: Dominating the News

I just like how the media has been PWN3D by Team Obama.

by dannybauder 2008-11-26 06:17AM | 0 recs
Re: Dominating the News

It's not Team Obama that's doing the leaks. when the FBI calls doing a background check on some possible nominee and talks to 100 colleagues, etc. , it's those people who run to their buddies in the media with news about vetting.

by Skipster 2008-11-26 06:58AM | 0 recs
Re: Dominating the News

related fake news


In a joint action, the nation's television networks sent a letter of complaint to the Obama transition team regarding the incessant barrage of news conferences now taking place. The letter conceded that President-elect Obama needed to speak out about the current economic crisis and to announce major appointments. However, they saw no need to have a news conference every time a new White House adviser is appointed.

The letter expressed the hope that there would not be a news conference to announce that Defense Secretary Gates will stay on for another year. Also, the letter noted, since the appointment of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State has been going on for over two weeks, therewould really be no need to hold a news conference to introduce her to the American public.

Of particular concern is the practice of holding these daily conferences in Chicago rather than in the news capitols of Washington or New York. In a separate statement, NBC news director Roger Isles said that, in these times of belt tightening, the burden of travel to Chicago was overwhelming. Already, he noted, Andrea Mitchell was complaining bitterly about having to fly in coach and stay in cheap hotels.


by altara 2008-11-26 09:53AM | 0 recs


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