DCCC Swamping the NRCC in Independent Expenditures

The Club for Growth (and believe you me, I don't love linking to them) makes an astonishing find (get the pure numbers here from Swing State Project):

I added up the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) spending for Monday. They spent $14.9 million. $14,498,252.55 to be exact.

To put this number into further perspective, that is more in ONE DAY than the National Republican Campaign Committee has spent the WHOLE election cycle on IEs. $14,463,380 to be exact.

First Read wrote about this earlier this week, and I think it bears repeating in light of the massive spending discrepancies between the Democrats' and the Republicans' House campaign arms: We could potentially see significantly more surprise winners on election night than we did even two years ago, when the Democrats swept into power in the House.

Think about it. In 2006, there were perhaps three surprise winners for the Democrats -- Dave Loebsack in Iowa, Nancy Boyda in Kansas, and Carol Shea-Porter in New Hampshire. Sure, there were some other almost surprise winners that hadn't gotten the full attention of the race watchers, both in the media and on Capitol Hill, candidates like Larry Kissell in North Carolina and Gary Trauner in Wyoming. But for the most part, the Democrats who won in 2006 were candidates on the radar.

Now, however, the race is so wide open, there were so many GOP retirements, and the Democrats have so much more money than the Republicans that we really could see a sea of Carol Shea-Porters. All the more reason, then, to pay heed to the calls from Markos and others not to leave anything anything in reserve but rather to make it a real sprint to the finish line.

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After almost 4 decades of voting democratic

It's hard to get used to the fact we are the folks with the money advantage!

by WashStateBlue 2008-10-29 12:59PM | 0 recs
too much of the DCCC spending

is on our own incumbents who are not threatened (at least not anymore), such as another half-million on Baron Hill in Indiana and more than $100K on Ciro Rodriguez in Texas.

I fear Becky Greenwald is going to fall just short, when a $100 ad buy in Des Moines and Mason City could have carried the day in IA-04.

by desmoinesdem 2008-10-29 01:21PM | 0 recs
DCCC Swamping the NRCC in Expenditures
Now the NRCC is crying all over the cable networks because the DCCC is "outspending the GOP". What hypocrites!! For years the RNC has pushed the government into Capitalist Nazism and now they complain and ask for the Dems to be nice. Crap.
And the cable news networks are running continuous stories supporting this stuff.
Today Chris Matthews had of all people convicted Felon Tom Delay on his show. He used the usual terms to describe Obama--Socialist, Terrorist, etc.
What a shame...no more Matthews for me.
by hddun2008 2008-10-29 01:25PM | 0 recs
Re: DCCC Gives a Pass?

Apparently Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is protecting her bosom buddy, Repub sorority sister, Ileana Ros-Letinen again. The DCCC is pouring money into the races against the two other Cuban Mafia incumbents, but not a dollar for Annette Taddeo.

This is a disgraceful stab in the back to a hard working better Dem candidate and Debbie ought to be ashamed. She won't be forgiven by me, I remember stuff like this.

by Woody 2008-10-29 07:51PM | 0 recs


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