McCain: "This bill is putting us on the brink of economic disaster"

Singer pointed out a couple odd McCain moments from the last couple days, and I'd like to add one more from today's Morning Joe (via Joe at AMERICAblog):

"This bill is putting us on the brink of economic disaster." 

McCain voted for it...less than 24 hours ago.

At the beginning of last week, I started to suspect that McCain wanted to oppose this bill, throw Bush over the bow, and demagogue faux-populism. He kept toeing the line, but never pulled the trigger. Perhaps because Republican Congressional leaders didn't want to get squeezed between McCain and Bush. Or maybe McCain's advisers were split. Who knows?

Maybe this wasn't always the case, but opposing a bill 12 hours after voting for it seems a ritual McCain move these days.

Update [2008-10-2 11:18:33 by Josh Orton]: Just to be clear, I'm not saying he's necessarily flip-flopping here - but given his campaign so far, it's a bit hard to tell.

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How We Got Into This Mess - The Subprime Primer werpoint-SubPrime-Primer

Funny, sad, and real.

by slice 2008-10-02 06:24AM | 0 recs
Re: The Subprime Primer

That is great - and, yes, sad.  Everybody should view it - a great, short, layman's explanation of how we got into this mess.

by OGLiberal 2008-10-02 06:44AM | 0 recs
John Mcphelps

quickest flip flop in history?

do we have a record?

by wellinformed 2008-10-02 06:30AM | 0 recs
Re: John Mcphelps

No, the record is the day he said "the fundamentals of our economy our strong" and had to correct himself a couple hours later.

by Lolis 2008-10-02 06:45AM | 0 recs
Re: John Mcphelps

I've noticed something.  The fundamentals were strong UNTIL the stock market crashed.  I don't think that's a coincidence.

by TheUnknown285 2008-10-02 10:06AM | 0 recs
McCain: Unhinged nutbag, or simple opportunist?

I feel like I'm watching a rerun of Chinatown and McCain is Faye Dunaway taking repeated slaps from Jack Nicholson shouting, "My daughter! My sister! My daughter!"

Has he lost his marbles or does he smells an opportunity to demagogue this issue as the OP suggested might be the case? Either way, it only serves to make him look foolish, even pitiful. That he believes it might help him concerns me deeply; this man could actually become the next POTUS.

by Spiffarino 2008-10-02 06:34AM | 0 recs
Re: McCain

The clip is sort of truncated, but I got the impression he was trying to say that he voted for the bill because we were on the brink of economic disaster.  I think it was a verbal gaffe, I don't think he actually opposes the bill.

But of course in general he and Palin are trying to have it both ways, making sure everyone knows how gut-wrenching it is for them to support the bill.  Yeah, yeah.

by Steve M 2008-10-02 06:37AM | 0 recs
Re: McCain

I agree.  It was a gaffe, a case of misspeaking.  There's no way he can turn on this thing after a) claiming that he'd do everything in his power to get a compromise and get it passed (even though his role in this was nil), and b) voting for it just yesterday.

by OGLiberal 2008-10-02 06:42AM | 0 recs
Re: McCain

Add me to the "it was a verbal gaffe" believers.

The question is, will he try to pull a Zapatero and claim he meant it?

by Neef 2008-10-02 08:24AM | 0 recs
Re: McCain: "

It wouldn't surprise me to see Palin come out against it.

by Jerome Armstrong 2008-10-02 06:41AM | 0 recs
Re: McCain: "

Me neither. Then try and make an issue of Biden/Delaware/Banks.

Ridiculous though, since she was the only candidate of the four who refused to take a position on it beforehand.

by Josh Orton 2008-10-02 10:37AM | 0 recs
Obama needs to hit McCain on that in the debate

I mean, come on.

Why did you vote for it then, John?

by Hesiod Theogeny 2008-10-02 06:49AM | 0 recs
Obama will get major props for holding his nose...

...and voting for it.

Obama can say, I know this package is not popular out there. So, believe me, the easies and most politically benefivcial thing to do would have been to vote against it.

But, I PUT MY COUNTRY FIRST, and voted for the package because, while far from perfect, it at least addresses the imm3ediate crisis. If I were the Preisdent right now, this is NOT the Bill I would have proposed and sent to Congress. But, you go into an economic crisis with the President you have. not the President you wish you had.

And we have to work with this President. Under teh cirsumstances, this is the best we could do.

by Hesiod Theogeny 2008-10-02 06:53AM | 0 recs
Re: McCain: "This bill is putting us on the

I can't believe that he's still trying to salvage his HEROIC ACTIONS (TM) last week by claiming that Obama "phoned it in."  He honestly does think that voters are stupid.

by rfahey22 2008-10-02 06:55AM | 0 recs
He misspoke. He fully supports the bill.

He was trying to say he voted for the bill because he thought the country was on the brink of economic disaster. Criticize the gaffe if you want, but there's no flip-flop.

by Travis Stark 2008-10-02 07:10AM | 0 recs
Re: He misspoke. He fully supports the bill.

I agree.  But his gaffes are getting worse.   And it does make him look petty, expecially with that horrible grin he keeps putting on as he speaks.  

by gavoter 2008-10-02 07:16AM | 0 recs
Re: He misspoke. He fully supports the bill.

I agree totally with that. He is getting worse. Add this to his temper tantrum yesterday and some other appearances lately and I personally think he's burning out. I think somebody's slipping him uppers to keep him standing. If you look at his daily schedule he's doing half the appearances Obama is, but still I think it's taking its toll. Really not surprising given his age. It's actually a tribute to him that he's kept it up this long.

by Travis Stark 2008-10-02 07:22AM | 0 recs
I don't think so.

He started to talk about other proposals that he voted against because they were not paid for.  

He was trying to pump up his cost cutting credentials, because he recognizes that he is contradicting the whole,  "I will make them famous" line of BS from the debate.

He is literally trying to take both sides of an issue at the same time.

by Bri 2008-10-02 07:33AM | 0 recs
Agreed, just a gaffe

He lost his train of thought.

He is borderline incoherent as it is.

Sad, I grudgingly admired him in 2000.

He's a pale shadow of that guy now.

by WashStateBlue 2008-10-02 07:18AM | 0 recs
Truly Bizarre - Almost Palinesque

"This bill puts us on the brink of financial disaster", but he didnt just phone it in like Obama did.

This guy truly wants to take both sides of an issue simultaneously.  He wants to take credit and assign blame for the exact same thing.

If you like this bill you can thank me.  If you don't like this bill well I promise you this kind of thing will not happen in a McCain administration, although I just voted for it.

by Bri 2008-10-02 07:27AM | 0 recs
Re: McCain: "This bill is putting

Well, the bailout seems to be doing nothing for the market... McCain's Intrade market, that is... he's still plummeting  He's now at 33% and still dropping, while Obama's at his highest ever percentage of winning, 67%!

Amazing stuff!

by LordMike 2008-10-02 07:48AM | 0 recs
bill is putting us on the brink

Maybe he's saying we were over the brink, and his bill hauled us back to the brink. Yeah, that must be it. Otherwise it makes no sense at all, much like the rest of his rambling answer.

by itsthemedia 2008-10-02 08:10AM | 0 recs
Re: McCain:

Pssst, Senator. You voted for it.

by RandyMI 2008-10-02 08:27AM | 0 recs
This bill is terrible

It's too bad that both candidates voted for the bill.

by soyousay 2008-10-02 09:10AM | 0 recs
Re: McCain: "This bill .....

Must be some high quality peyote that man is smoking.

by Beomoose 2008-10-02 09:43AM | 0 recs


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