Republicans Continue Effort to Sue Their Way to the White House

We have already seen the Republicans sue their way to the White House once in recent years. Now, even though they were rebuffed by the United States Supreme Court, the Republicans are at it again, filing yet another lawsuit in the hopes of opening a path to victory for John McCain.

Having lost before the U.S. Supreme Court in a lawsuit involving the verification of new voter registrations, Republicans now are turning to the Ohio Supreme Court.

David Myhal, a Republican from New Albany, filed a lawsuit this afternoon asking the state's highest court to issue an order related to instances when new voter information doesn't match records in state or federal databases.

Specifically, the lawsuit asks the Ohio Supreme Court to require Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner to order county elections boards not to count any absentee ballot from voters registered after Jan. 1 without first checking the statewide voter registration database to ensure there is no mismatch.

The lengths to which the Republicans will go in the hopes of delegitimizing the electoral process to suit their needs is remarkable, and would be surprising were it not a biennial ritual for them. Now the Obama campaign is not taking this sitting down, and has shown a determination to fight any GOP shenanigans, so although the Republican tactics are no doubt disappointing in the way that they reflect on the state of democracy in the United States, we need not excessively worry about the integrity of our elections. Nevertheless, what does it say about the Republican Party that every two years they try to cook up some cockamamie scheme to eke out a narrow electoral victory, whether it's through the creative use of Secretaries of State to make it more difficult for certain voters to make it to the polls, or through various lawsuits in multiple jurisdictions to achieve similar ends?

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GOP owns the Ohio Supremes

lock, stock and barrel. Its 100% GOP, most of the justices are underqualified partisans who were put in their seats by corporate groups like the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, etc. to privatize public education and enact tort refrom. They're a rubber stamp, nothing more, sort of the way the SCOTUS will look in a few more years if the GOP wins the WH again.  The bench was so blatantly partisan during the Taft years, they used to let the GOP hold fundraisers right in the Supreme Court chambers.  They get complete protection from the Ohio news media.

Big money GOP'ers who own the Ohio Supremes have more than enough money to waste on these useless lawsuits.   As long as Brunner can keep appealing these lawsuits up to the SCOTUS, it should be safe and we won't have to rely on the a$$clowns in the Ohio Supreme Court to do their job.

I'm supporting Judge Peter Sikora, the Dem candidate for Ohio Supreme Court.  Its hard to get many Dem judges to run for this seat, for some reason, Ohio Dem Party doesn't support these candidates.  

by Betsy McCall 2008-10-18 10:13AM | 0 recs
Re: GOP owns the Ohio Supremes

They did rule for us in the early voting case... unknown what they will do here.... The important thing is for Brunner to delay and stall as much as possible... which is what she is doing...

The absentee ballots get opened on the 25th... it's important that they get opened right away!

The GOP is supposedly only challenging absentees and early voting ballots... which is particularly nefarious, since people can't challenge back!

by LordMike 2008-10-18 05:39PM | 0 recs
what to do

So if the repubs win the case, what should I, someone who has registered in Ohio after Jan 1st, do to insure my information matches and my vote counts?

by goodleh 2008-10-18 05:36PM | 0 recs


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