Kos Poll: A Year Later What Does it Mean?

I wasn't surprised by the results of the Kos poll.  It only confirms what I've known for some time.  Joe Lieberman sold voters in CT a bill of goods, and buyer's remorse has set in.  But the race is long over.  You might be asking yourself what the value of knowing is?  The answer is political capital, namely how little of it Lieberman has left.  

Lieberman used up nearly all of his political capital in last year's Senate race.  I don't believe he could win another election here, even with being a well known, well funded incumbent.  More important is how little weight his endorsement will carry, and how Democrats can use that to our advantage.  

What does that mean for 2008?  Here in Connecticut it's good news for Jim Himes.  Lieberman will almost certainly endorse Shays and campaign for him in the 4th CD.  Who better to illustrate Shays' ever changing position on Iraq than Joe No one wants the troops home more than I do Lieberman?  I can't wait for them to hit the campaign trail together.  

Nationally, Lieberman's lack of political capital can be utilized for any race he chooses to get involved in.  We've already seen Senate Challenger Tom Allen invoke Lieberman's support of incumbent Susan Collins with great results.  Joe Lieberman could easily become one of the best weapons in the progressive Dem infrastructure's arsenal. Who will Joe help next?

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Ask Mary Landrieu

Mary Landrieu is in the fight of her life in '08, and she won't get a nickel of support from me.

Will she call her good buddy Joe--who she supported despite the fact that the Democratic Senate Candidate was Ned Lamont--to come and campaign for her?

If she does; she deserves to lose.

What about ya now, Mary?

by Tennessean 2007-09-14 09:36AM | 0 recs


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