Lamont-Lieberman: One Year Out

Today marks the first anniversary of the Connecticut Democratic Senate primary in which Ned Lamont crashed the gates, defeateing three-term incumbent and establishment favorite Joe Lieberman. Though Lieberman managed to secure another term by running a third party candidacy fueled in no small part by Republican donors and voters (70 percent of GOP voters in the state backed Lieberman over their own party's nominee in the general election), it would be worth looking back towards the 8/8/2006 primary and the general election -- particularly among Democrats -- to see if Connecticut voters have any second thoughts about sending Lieberman back to Washington.

So what we'd like to see at this point is fairly simple. In the next poll from Quinnipiac of the Hartford Courant or whoever else does polling in the state of Connecticut, we'd like to see voters asked whether they still stand by their decision to vote elect Joe Lieberman. This question could follow a statement about Lieberman's strong support for George W. Bush's Iraq escalation or his calls for military action against Iran, but maybe not also. Perhaps a balanced question that pits Lieberman's long service or committee chairmanship or perceived centrism against his overt hawkishness would be more to their liking. Who knows.

Now I do know that I, for one, would be someone who would admit to having different feelings today than a year ago. Mind you, I was no vocal supporter of Senator Lieberman, either in the primary or the general election. That said, I thought that the specter of a primary challenge would force him to come home to the base and moderate some of his hard right positions, particularly in the area of foreign policy. Clearly, I was wrong in this belief.

So will The Courant or Quinnipiac go ahead and do what they should do? If you'd like to do your part to cajole them, send a polite and courteous email to either or (Upate: email address fixed) letting them know exactly what type of question you'd like to see them ask on this subject. Perhaps one email, or one blog post won't sway their opinion. But, then again, if enough voices call out, perhaps they will listen.

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Thank you

to everyone here who helped us tremendously on that race!

by epv72 2007-08-08 09:15AM | 0 recs
My mother, an old Jewish

Hadassah lady who lives in CT, almost lost some friends that race, when she told them she simply couldn't stand Lieberman. I keep asking her to find out how they feel about Lieberman now, and to soundly abuse them for their votes, but (sadly) she's not as vindictive as I.

I'd love to see this poll. Will email.

by BingoL 2007-08-08 09:32AM | 0 recs
Re: Lamont-Lieberman: One Year Out

I still lay the blame of what happened last year not so much on Joe, but on Schumer, Reid, Boxer, Clinton and Obama, as well as other Dems.

We all knew Joe was willing to sell himself to the highest bidders.  But none of us ever thought the Dems would waste contributions intended to elect more Dems on a crony who jumped ship. But sadly,  the ship was controlled not by voters but by one of the most powerful special interest groups in Washington.

And it was Reid and Schumer and Boxer most notably who re-inforced Joe's chant of "Dem leaders have promised me my chairmanships if I win as an Independent". Harry Reid told us all "I made no such decisions."
Everyone let that statement stand implying it was true.
We all were sure Joe was lying.  It wasn't Joe.   Harry, our new Majority Leader, did give him everything back, making Joe a new superstar..

Obama? At the last minute, cancelled a major event with Ned.
Clinton?  Threw him a few bucks but kept her distance.

Everyone knows why.

Lamont's name never even appeared anywhere during the campaign on the DSCC website.  Nor was any money or support sent to Lamont.  It was deliberately re-routed to Joe.  Just as they, the DSCC and other Dems, re-routed the money away from Hackett.

I'm sick of all the Dems lies.

But anyway my question for the pollsters to ask is this:

If Joe had lost all of his chairmanships and seniority, would you still have voted for him??

by hazmaq 2007-08-08 09:56AM | 0 recs
My letter

Here's what I sent to both:

As someone who has followed politics for years and is particular interested in Democratic politics and recent events, I'd be very interested in seeing some polling done on people's opinions regarding Joe Lieberman now that we are a year out from his defeat in the Democratic primary.  He has continued moving rightward in his positions and I am most interested in seeing if that has had any impact on popular sentiment towards him, and especially if voters would choose to vote differently in the general if they had it to do again.

I think that election was a watershed moment in Democratic and grassroots politics, setting the stage for many of the victories in the last election.  The general election in Connecticut did seem to stand out as an aberration at the time, and I'd like very much to learn more about why as well as what the fallout has been since.

As you know, Lieberman has continued his staunch support for the war in Iraq.  He has all but outright advocated military action against Iran.  He has also supported the administration on a number of other hot-button issues.  I wonder if the voters still see this is trying to foster some level of bipartisanship in the Senate and still value his long service and his committee chairmanship, or if the perception has changed to the point that they feel he no longer represents their values.

I'd very much like to hear your thoughts on this as well as see a poll on the matter.  Thank you for your time.

by Sean Robertson 2007-08-08 11:01AM | 0 recs
Re: Lamont-Lieberman: One Year Out

Lamont is back!

He asks for your opinion on what that upset meant to you, today.

by hazmaq 2007-08-08 11:02AM | 0 recs
Re: Lamont-Lieberman: One Year Out

I am glad that Lamont won the primary. Sure Lamont could have campaigned better in the General Election, but let us not underestimate the amount of fatigue that could have slowed his campaign's resistance down a just a bit when offered hope by senior Dem leaders that Lieberman could be talked out of running seriously as an indep.

One question the press continues to let Lieberman get away wth - the one issue thing. Lieberman continues to bash his naysayers over being extremist on one issue while he has used that one issue(Iraq) to call other Dems who disagree with him on that as extremist fringe elements of the party. He is basing his support of Reublicans in 2008 Presidential elections on this ONE issue. No one in the media points out this obvious hypocrisy. And people are too busy or stupid to realize that Lieberman is not the victim of a witchhunt.

by Pravin 2007-08-08 11:40AM | 0 recs


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