50 State Blog Roundup (8/24/2007)

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There's lots of great stories from the 50 State Blog Network this week. Please take your time this weekend, pour yourself a cup of coffee (tea, or soda) and savor the reading. You'll be glad you did.
50 State Blog Network

This week's Roundup is brought to you by Clem Guttata of West Virginia Blue.

Featured Items

* As Marshall said when he promoted this item, "Excellent work...this is journalism!"Crandall Canyon, The King of the Mountain, The Fox in the Coop. Additional notes: The same item was cross-posted at As Ohio Goes. There's a reason Crandall has been a big contributor to Republican politicians.

*The Albany Project and Daily Gotham were all over the story of (now) resigned GOP operative Roger Stone. If you don't know the story, do yourself a favor and visit the two blogs that helped bring him down this week. (There's too many posts to pick just to link to.)

* I can't stress enough how devastating this is to the Appalachian region: Expansion of Mountain Top Mining. Learn more about Mountain Top Removal.
Social, Economic and Environmental Justice

* The Bush administration's new restrictions on who is eligible for SCHIP could affect a relatively rich state like Maryland

* Matt Singer has more: Bush Administration Declares War on Children's Health Care.

* This week marked the 80th Anniversary of the executions of Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti.

* Here's an interesting question from Maine: The Christian Civic League: Domestic terrorists?

* Remember those local anti-immigrant laws that makes the news from time-to-time. They haven't worked out so well in Riverside, NJ.

*BP decision is applauded by all (except the Governor) for putting off plans to increase dumping in Lake Michigan.

* What's more important? More corporate tax cuts or properly funded schools? "Stealing From Our Schools" tells the Republican answer in Texas.

* Remember Medicare Part D? Here's a heart-wrenching story of its (negative) effects on those who need help the most.

* A good point from Delaware: "Let's have some REAL economic development for a change."

*The Hoover Institution Harbors Bigots. What are they going to do about it?

* Wind power brings out  tensions in the green movement.

* Not everyone has forgotten about Katrina survivors. Bush's FEMA Again Lifting Wrong Finger for Katrina's Families.

* Learn about the The Presidential Politics of Yucca Mountain.

*Crumbling infrastructure at nuclear power plants?!? Say it isn't so. Must see pictures of What's really going on at Vermont Yankee.

State, Local and Blogging News

* Mike Caulfield has a thoughtful piece,  "Retail Politics for the Masses", on the role of blogs, the early NH primary and candidate access. Here's an example of that candidate access, "Policy Straw Poll: Executive Power/Executive Overreach".

* Ralph Bordie reports, "Inspired by the 50SBN, the Texas Progressive Alliance has been putting together a Texas version every week. Vince Leibowitz over at Capitol Annex hosts again this week." :-)

* Catch up on Idaho with the Spud State Blog Rundown.

*"Thank Goodness for Google!" as it catches local Republicans in Virginia trying to rewrite their inconvenient history.

* I confess my geography knowledge is a little weak sometimes... who knew: Rhode Island as a Boston suburb. (Why should I be surprised... by the same measure, commuter rail, West Virginia is also a DC suburb.)

Turning Red to Blue

*LA-GOV: Jindal's Official Response to the Democratic Party's Commercial: Disingenuous or Stupid?

* Buckeye State Blog reports that Election Complaints Are Fun...Especially When We Win. Great work, Jerid!

* In Illinois, IL-19 and IL-13 got Democratic challengers. IL-11 did them one better, not only getting a challenger, but also saw the birth of a grassroots activist organization. Oh yeah, Denny Hastert might resign this November too.

*Mark Schauer to challenge Walberg in MI-07.

*Rick Renzi retires in Arizona.

* From Texas: Why my girlfriend cried, and why I donated $50 to Rick Noriega.

* I'm sure you're dying to know who Inhofe's Man is the White House in 2008.

* Will this be a campaign issue in NC-10? At the least it is a reminder that Big Brother may be watching you, but you can also watch Big Brother.

* You know you're in trouble as attention goes up, your numbers go down... "Special Session Bump: Blunt Approval Ratings Scalped to 42%". Here a Missouri Special Session Roundup, too.

* Pres. Bush is coming to town, so challenger Darcy Burner (WA-08) is holding a fund-raiser.

* Find out what Rep. Reichert says to the conservative faithful in this fun diary retelling a protest, counter-protest and campaign event.

*Fred Watch: Thompson Non-Candidacy Earns FEC Complaint.

* Republicans are spending money trying to discipline Republicans on Iraq War votes. Here's the news from Loaded Orygun, MN Campaign Report, and New Mexico FBIHop.

*Shays' Week From Hell Continues. Enough of these weeks, it'll turn into a horrible year. George Ryan had an even worse week.

* Heard about that Sen. Coburn (R) vs. Sen. Nelson feud? For Your Viewing Pleasure: The Famous "Assface" E-mails.

About our Party

* There's lots of good news this week about South Dakota Sen. Tim Johnson returning.

* In Michigan the big news is, State Senate passes Jan 15th primary bill.

* The DNC Convention is one year away and there was a big kickoff event. Alas, Senator Salazar was afraid of a blogger with questions.

* From Iowa, a word about that Iowa state fair "Cast Your Kernel" exercise.

* Depressing if true... The surge is working...on Congressional Democrats.

* Mooncat kicks off an interesting series, profiling the Alabama delegation. Bud Cramer (AL-05) gets the treatment first.

* Learn about the flank of the Bush Dog campaign in Georgia.

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Thanks for promoting the diary.

There's a lot of great work on display here, I hope folks will take the time to follow at least a few of the links.

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Re: 50 State Blog Roundup (8/24/2007)

There are some fantastic selections here.

I've been trying to find out where I can volunteer to lend a hand with this project-or at least get the code for the diary so I can promote it on Texas Kaos as well.

If you'd be so kind as to email me using my screen name at gmail, I'd appreciate it.

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