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Talk it out.

Update [2007-8-23 21:53:11 by Jonathan Singer]: Just to add...

Head on over to the Blue Majority Act Blue page to send a signal that it's going to cost a Republican like Norm Coleman to bring in the President to raise money for his campaign.

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Talk it out?

How about I "Walk it Out?"

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Trying again ...

...whatever.  Can't post a freaking YouTube clip for some reason.



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Re: Trying again ...

Oh dear God! The horror! The horror! I have to go and gouge my eyes out. LOL.

by RJEvans 2007-08-23 04:45PM | 0 recs
Does anybody know?

what happened to Billmon.

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Gotta write my last grad school paper...

Its due tomorrow. The subject? Denmark's model of flexicurity and whether it can be adapted across Europe to meet the Lisbon strategy's goals.

I actually like it. Why can't we do it in the United States?

1. High income taxes, and I mean HIGH. The implicit tax rate on labor (the ratio of social security contributions and taxes to gross net, cash pay) is around 40 percent in Denmark.

2. Political will is lacking in the US. Let's face it, our leaders lack a little (Charles de) Gaul when it comes to radical policy proposals. See health care, social security, etc. Business interests are too entrenched, too.

3. The Danish model relies on the collective bargaining power of labor unions in Denmark to determine wages, working hours, and other basic employment conditions. The percentage of workers in Denmark that is unionized: 80 percent +/- a few points. The US: 12 percent. P.S., union workers make about 33% more a week than non-union workers.

4. And finally, the collective consciousness of the Danish population knew its old economic system was failing (re: rich-poor gap, high unemployment, high inflation, etc.). We usually need at least a major recession, if not depression, to come together.

by AllenB101 2007-08-23 05:36PM | 0 recs
Go Al Franken!

Al Franken is running an excellant campaign.

We all should support him, because he would be a great thing to behold on the Senate Floor. A Senator who will rise to puncture the balloon of the the inside-the-beltway herd and not be afraid to point out their hypocrisy, corruption, and dishonesty. A Senator who can use humor and to bridge and unite people around common-sense goals.
A Senator who knows the difference between reading an Intelligence Report and not reading it, reading the U.S. Patriot Act and not reading it.

He will be a breath of fresh air.

I just hope that he follows his own reason and diligence, and does not ever give into the Democratic Leadership wishes to never do anything bold, or stand up to fillibuster on principle, or stand up and hold the GOP accountable to the U.S. Constitution.

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