The candidates should blow off the DNC

Michigan and Florida have courageously decided to send more than a message to New Hampshire and Iowa, that they don't own the primary calendar. In response, the DNC is threatening those two states with stripping of their delegates:

"You are going to see big signs on the floor of the Democratic Convention that say `Florida' and `Michigan' and you are going to see rows of empty seats beneath them," one DNC member warned.
What stupidity.  What kind of statement would that send to the swing states of Florida and Michigan for the general contest? I don't care what sort of threats the DNC makes, they are empty. Florida is going to be the big enchilada for the 2008 Democratic nomination. All their delegates will count. The DNC rules committee, and whatever they fancy their power to be, is irrelevant and will not be able to do anything, other than agree that they created this situation with their timidity and lack of providing a substantive solution to the calendar problem.

In other news, Arizona joined the Feb 5th national primary day. Michigan, looking on January 15th as the date of their primary, leaves us with Iowa as the state that still needs to decide where they fit in the calendar. More and more, it looks like they will be left holding the bag.


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Re: The candidates should blow off the DNC

This is the most stupid and empty threat by DNC. They need to back off. I'm so tired of IA and NH.

All states should hold the election on the same day.

by areyouready 2007-08-22 06:05AM | 0 recs
Re: The candidates should blow off the DNC

I bet that  -- after a lot of shouting -- that the DNC backs off the stupid idea to "punish" states like Florida & Michigan and that the seats in Denver will be very crowded.  In the end, the worst they will do is move the seats to the back of the hall & require the delegates from the bad boy states of the primary process to stay at the EconoLodge instead of the Brown Palace.

by howardpark 2007-08-22 06:07AM | 0 recs
Re: The candidates should blow off the DNC

I hope you're right.  I have to say one good thing about Republicans--they are always on message.  Even if the message is stupid they never break ranks.  The DNC should apologize for this.  

by changehorses08 2007-08-22 10:33AM | 0 recs
Re: The candidates should blow off the DNC

We're going to wind up with a 48-state national primary next time.  It just makes too much sense.

What probably makes the most sense is a random selection from among small states, for an early primary/caucus of 2 states in January, followed by a national primary, which in my opinion should happen at least 2 months later(I'd actually prefer May or June).
If a candidate wins, places or shows(or even outperforms expectations) at the 1st two states, then they are positioned to continue to the national primary.  If a candidate under-performs, then they either drop out or try to make a comeback in time for the national primary.

The devil is in the details, of course.

by megaplayboy 2007-08-22 06:09AM | 0 recs
if we have a national primary system

than the only way someone without a ton of money can win is by starting campaigning 2 years before it starts.

by TarHeel 2007-08-22 06:11AM | 0 recs
Re: if we have a national primary system

Which of the current top candidates doesn't have a ton of money?  What qualifies as a "little guy" these days?  These concerns are overblown, in my opinion.

by rfahey22 2007-08-22 06:47AM | 0 recs
The Democratic nomination

can be bought.  We will see if it is.  Corporate power has a candidate.  If she prevails, there will be two big money parties.  

by TomP 2007-08-22 08:30AM | 0 recs
Re: if we have a national primary system

Tar--I totally agree.  The system is awful.  I used to like when the party vetted the candidate and the convention picked the nominee. You didn't have to raise 1/2 Bill to run and the American people didn't have to wait till after the person was elected to find out who this person really is.  Maybe its 6-1/2 years of Bush that has made me cynical.    

by changehorses08 2007-08-22 10:38AM | 0 recs
Your idea of rotating

a couple of small states makes sense.

I do not understand the national primary bit, though.  In 1972 there were a series of states that largely went on their own.

This schedule gives voters enough time to get to know the candidates.  I have no idea why we need one National Primary, which would probably increase the role of money AND make the election turn on minor political mistakes.

The modern trend towards front loading primaries - which is just enourmously increasing the power of NH and Iowa - makes no sense.

by fladem 2007-08-22 08:49AM | 0 recs
national primaries driven by

cable news networks are bad for democracy.

a rotating regional primary system where candidates are judged by direct questions from real people are better than

institutionalizing a system with whoever has the most money wins.

by TarHeel 2007-08-22 06:10AM | 0 recs
Re: The candidates should blow off the DNC

That was a politico piece, which has proven in the past to be utterly wrong about stuff.  This just may be a case of saber rattling and at the end they agree anyway.   I can't see the DNC jeopardizing our chances of winning Florida with grandstanding of the highest order.  The legislature (which is Republican) has spoken, something the Florida Democratic Party did not cause.  

I think they will give a one-time excemption, and then we have to go working on a better situation with the calendar.   An overwhelming majority of Americans don't like Iowa and New Hampshire always going first as it is.   It is outdated, outmoded and in need of change.  A rotation calendar of early states, changing from election to election, could be a worthwhile effort.

by georgep 2007-08-22 06:11AM | 0 recs
Re: The candidates should blow off the DNC

I agree. It wouldn't make sense to punish Florida when we really need it in the general. But having said that, I think this 4 months out sudden rearrangement of things is ridiculous.

by DoIT 2007-08-22 06:57AM | 0 recs
Re: The candidates should blow off the DNC

The Florida legislature moved the date much earlier (I believe it was in February.)  It is just that now the DNC is getting around to dealing with it.  I find it actually ridiculous that South Carolina and New Hampshire and Iowa are allowed to change their dates any which way they choose, but other states can't.  Why?  We are reading that Iowa considers this date or that date, may move to January 8, perhaps December 28?  Why do they have a free pass to move dates any which way they choose "to preseve the first in the nation" distinction, and others can't do the same?   Who actually decided that Iowa MUST be first?  Is there a law about that?  Some sort of covenant?  

by georgep 2007-08-22 07:06AM | 0 recs
Re: The candidates should blow off the DNC

I think it would make plenty sense to punish Florida. What better way to show that your party has a system and protects the political process?

Florida gets more attention than it deserves. Here in Washington State we RARELY see the candidates. Gee why don't we clamor for more attention too!

by apolitik 2007-08-22 11:12AM | 0 recs
Re: The candidates should blow off the DNC

George--I'm sure you're right.  Another variance of the "Democrats are in disarray routine" which is a favorite line of our media.  

by changehorses08 2007-08-22 10:41AM | 0 recs
Re: The candidates should blow off the DNC

Jerome I have to disagree with you here.  Florida and Michigan are not states start-up candidates can compete in.  Having smaller media market retail states is better for our party.  We would have never had Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter if we allow these states to move early.  The election will be about name rec. and who has raised the most money.

by CardBoard 2007-08-22 06:39AM | 0 recs
Re: The candidates should blow off the DNC

I don't disagree about Carter, but Clinton?

Clinton blew off Iowa completely, and ranked second in New Hampshire, which helped Tsongas close ranks briefly before Bill Clinton's national strength carried the day.  

Three to four weeks before the New Hampshire primary on February 18 national polls had shown Bill Clinton move back into national frontrunner status (the Gennifer Flowers saga's impact was dissipating,) moving into double-digit leads over Brown and Tsongas.    After Tsongas won New Hampshire, he briefly edged closer to Clinton, closing within 3 points, but Bill Clinton's national strength and already achieved national frontrunner status carried him through.    

by georgep 2007-08-22 06:58AM | 0 recs
Re: The candidates should blow off the DNC

I don't think having them first is the answer either.

by Jerome Armstrong 2007-08-22 08:28AM | 0 recs
Re: The candidates should blow off the DNC

Jerome to me the real problem is the media.  They make up the stories to fit their already preconceived prejudices.  For instance if Edwards won the first primary.  The story would be this makes Obama stronger and makes Hillary less inevitable. There would be no good news for Edwards because they consider him in invisible. They make me crazy.  I would rather get my news from the Internet.  The only one I will watch is Obermann.  

by changehorses08 2007-08-22 10:46AM | 0 recs
Re: The candidates should blow off the DNC

I believe the the DNC delegates from both Florida and Michigan agreed to the original primary calendar last August. When you say Florida and Michigan should blow off the DNC what you are really saying is they should go blow themselves. What is the DNC? It's COMPOSED of  Democrats from the states.

The time to hash all this stuff out was at the DNC meeting where they made the calendar. Now a bunch of children all want to cut in line. And you're endorsing these states breaking their agreements. There's no higher principle involved than 'ME FIRST!'. How the hell are we supposed to find agreement on how to get out of Iraq if the NH Democratic Party, FL Democratic Party, SC Democratic Party, amd MI Democratic Party, can't even abide by agreements that they ratified? Nice work Florida and Michigan you juvenille assholes. And I'm in Florida. And New Hampshire? You are fucking ridiculous.

by joejoejoe 2007-08-22 06:42AM | 0 recs
Re: The candidates should blow off the DNC

Have to sign on to this view.  FL and MI both know the primary calendar rules set by the DNC.  FL at least has the excuse of not having had a say in the matter; MI should know better and is just engaging in ME FIRST-ism.

Does this whole situation need to be addressed?  Yes, and by next Presidential election.  But it's too late to start into it this time around; a lot of states require legislative approval to change their calendars, and some states won't have a legislative session in time to implement any fixes.

I favor a rotating primary system with regional breakdowns, and I'll work toward that goal - after the '08 election cycle is over.  Right now, no-one will be concentrating on that.

by Phoenix Rising 2007-08-22 09:17AM | 0 recs

Florida had a say; it has members on the DNC.  In fact, it has ten members.  The DNC doesn't seem to have a list of the Rules Committee members on its web site, but are ou aure that there aren't any members from Florida?

by nascardem 2007-08-22 09:58AM | 0 recs
Re: The candidates should blow off the DNC

Is there any evidence that offending a swing-state has general election consequences?  I've seen this argument used both for and against Iowa/New Hampshire, and I'm wondering if it has any validity.  Without evidence, it just seems silly.

by Whoppo 2007-08-22 06:45AM | 0 recs
DNC can't be that dumb

Forget the White House for a minute.  We are looking at some tough Congressional races there, and a possible pick up or two.

I will be seriously disappointed if the DNC makes a mistake with FL.

by dpANDREWS 2007-08-22 06:49AM | 0 recs
Re: DNC can't be that dumb

DP -- This is not the time for the Dems to shoot themselves in the foot.  I believe it was ABC who said they had a poll which showed that the Republicans and Democrats are viewed exactly the same when it comes to Iraq.  You and I both know that is total garbage.  Everything I read says the Dems are gonna sweep.  But once again the media is going to insert themselves into the election on the side of the Republicans.  I wish we had 1/2 hour of real news everyday and not the crap that passes for news 24/7.

by changehorses08 2007-08-22 10:50AM | 0 recs
Re: The candidates should blow off the DNC

Jerome, this post is beneath you, not the least of which is you're relying on The Politico to make your case. This is stupidity.

Last April, there were 10 states plus D.C. that applied for the two "pre-window" primaries: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, D.C., Michigan, Mississippi, Nevada, South Carolina, West Virginia.

Florida for some reason did not take advantage of the opportunity to make their case. Therefore, the Florida Democratic Party has absolutely no basis on which to claim that their voters are being disenfranchised.

The decision of the Rules and Bylaws Committee to add Nevada and South Carolina to the pre-window period was approved by the full Democratic National Committee last August. Furthermore, the entire Democratic National Committee adopted the Delegate Selection Rules for the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

Bottom line: Everybody knew the rules and voted to accept them. If anyone objected, those objections weren't made publicly.  Florida and Michigan should not be rewarded through a compromise for jumping the queue.

by KimPossible 2007-08-22 06:56AM | 0 recs
The current RUSH THE STAGE

approach is INSANE.



by dataguy 2007-08-22 06:59AM | 0 recs
Re: The candidates should blow off the DNC

I don't think you can blame the FDP, the FL legislature voted for moving the date. It's not about not rewarding them, imo, by threatening them, but blowing off two of the biggest states in the entire '08 election.

by Jerome Armstrong 2007-08-22 08:30AM | 0 recs
Re: The candidates should blow off the DNC

the FL legislature voted for moving the date.

You can't expect anyone to seriously believe that nobody understood the consequences of that vote.  The Florida Dems were pretty stupid to go along with this in the first place.  

And in case you forgot, both parties penalize states that hold their primaries before Feb. 5.  It's only the DNC that also penalizes candidates.

A little more digging shows that the Florida Dems have blinked.   Political Wire:

The Florida Democratic party pleaded yesterday with the state legislature to move the Florida's primary back from January 29th to February 5th, Ballot Access News reports. The national party has threatened to cut the number of Florida delegates allowed to cast votes at the 2008 convention from 201 to 93 if the state does not comply with party policy and move its primary.

But the Florida Legislature is dominated by Republicans and probably will not cooperate.  I wonder if they could sue?

blowing off two of the biggest states in the entire '08 election.

What blowing off?  The rules were decided last year and everyone voted for them.  Nobody can claim ignorance here.

by KimPossible 2007-08-22 09:38AM | 0 recs
Re: The candidates should blow off the DNC

The FDL has been there publically ( a few members), but they have a strong consensus. You sound like you have a vested interest? I doubt very much that the RNC will penalize Florida, or have any members out there trashing them, for that matter.

by Jerome Armstrong 2007-08-22 01:50PM | 0 recs

That New Hampshire and Iowa don't feel bound by these windows anymore than Florida does.

by fladem 2007-08-22 08:46AM | 0 recs

THis primary calendar is INSANE.  SIMPLY INSANE. What happens if on March 1, the Dem candidate is killed?  Or someone comes forth with something very very bad?  YOu can bet that the Repukeliscum are doing Oppo research at a furious rate, since they will have 10 MONTHS to expose it.

We need an EMERGENCY STOP on the madness NOW.  We must get back, for this primary season, to selecting delegates in April, May, June and July.  

We can no longer sit back and watch these FUCKING MORONS who run the state parties FUCK AROUND so FUCKING MUCH. They MUST BE STOPPED.


by dataguy 2007-08-22 06:58AM | 0 recs
Its not the state parties

It is the state legislatures who are driving the bus.  Elected officials don't listen to the state party officers, the state party officers have to go along with their elected officials. So you had a plan that was adopted by the DNC - which includes all the state chairs - but the elected officials in the states want more attention paid to them.  So, if morons there be, the morons are elected by the voters in each state.

by nascardem 2007-08-22 08:15AM | 0 recs
Re: The candidates should blow off the DNC

My problem with this is that it seems to emphasize who is ever the frontrunner. My other problem with your post is that you seem to ignore the reality that campaigns are based on knowing the schedule. This chaos only again helps the front runner. If this had been known even a couple of years ago, fine. But months before primaries are set to begin is just bad for the decision making process. If you can explain why this is so important this election cycle where we are only 4 months away- then fine. But otherwise I don't get it. Frankly I've never gotten the argument but it would be nice to see how the restructuring you advocate will produce a better selection process.

by bruh21 2007-08-22 07:03AM | 0 recs
Re: The candidates should blow off the DNC

First a hearty bravo to Florida, Michigan, South Carolina, and others for finally forcing a change on a terrible situation for the Democratic Party.  A world where Iowa doesn't have a stranglehold on the nominating process is a better one indeed.

Second, is there a reason people still believe Iowa and NH should be running the show?  It's not 1976 anymore.  The idea is to find the best Democrat to win the Presidency.  I don't know what the best system is, but I DO know that the one we have now is terrible and does a great disservice to Democrats.  Anything that changes it is for the better.

by Double B 2007-08-22 07:06AM | 0 recs
Re: The candidates should blow off the DNC
I am glad the issue is being discussed, and somewhat dismayed to think of the impact it will have next year. I agree that having Iowa and NH hold such influence over the process is absurd, but now with Michigan jumping into January this is just hurting the Primary process. I think Florida alone sent a strong enough message to party leaders.

Hopefully the DNC will take the concerns of the other states seriously now, and agree to some sort of randomized primary season that selects random states for various stages in the primary season. For everyone complaining about how this is going to shorten the primary season, one of the major problems with IA/NH system is that last time the primary season was essentially over by the time they chose who will be the nominee. That doesn't make for a very long primary season, and Republicans were already throwing dirt on Kerry around by March.
by anevarez 2007-08-22 07:48AM | 0 recs
Re: The candidates should blow off the DNC

Winning matters more than delegates.  Even if the DNC strips FL and MI of delegates, the fact that a candidate won those states will mean more for Super Tuesday than the delegate count.

For example, if Hillary wins IA, NH, MI, and FL she is going to be the nominee even if Obama wins SC and gets strong seconds elsewhere to have a delegate count lead.  

by DaveB 2007-08-22 07:58AM | 0 recs
Re: The candidates should blow off the DNC

I agree that the system is broken, but the way that Fl, MI, and SC are going about this is dangerous...they are all assuming that there will be a nominee when the convention rolls around, but there is a very good chance that the nomination will still be up for grabs....if this is the case, these states will have no delegation seated at the convention and loose the very influence that they are seeking with these moves... I think that the best solution is one offered by former Senator Bob Grahm...he has proposed that the country be split into 5 regions, and that each region has the opportunity to be first on a revolving basis, and there is at least one month between each regions primary, not unlike College Footballs Bowl Championship Series. I think that this would promote fairness, and also decrease some of the medias influence in selecting the nominees. The trick would be to get crybabies Iowa and New Hampshire to go along with it.

by aarond95 2007-08-22 09:28PM | 0 recs

The DNC and RNC have not dealt with this problem, which has been growing and growing over the last 20 years.  Now that it is a crisis, the DNC is going to try to stick its finger in the dyke, even though water is pouring over the top.

by nascardem 2007-08-22 08:17AM | 0 recs
The real crisis is that

the people in power have blown off the needs of Americans. Everyone's rushing to election, hoping to get this administration over with sooner.

Living in ME, I can tell you the only thing special about NH over any other place is the landscape.

While I logically believe the argument that smaller media markets make for more opportunity for unknown candidates, the reality isn't that way particularly because of our rush to election day and the end of the Bush regime.

If anything, this is more of an argument for nationally-funded campaigns instead of putting politicians in the seat of being perpetual fund raisers.

by zic 2007-08-22 08:27AM | 0 recs
Dean, DNC, primary calendar, money

Between this primary mess and lackluster fund raising I am less and less impressed with Dean. He lost control of the primary process early and does not have the authority or enough respect among state party officials to clean it up.

by souvarine 2007-08-22 08:49AM | 0 recs
Re: Dean, DNC, primary calendar, money

The FL Legislature is driving FL; I wouldn't blame the Florida Dems for it.

As to everyone else moving to Feb. 5, it's legal by the rules of the DNC, so I don't see Dean "losing contrl" of anything by that motion.

Michigan is another matter entirely.  They're the only ones right now who are considering stepping out of line who actually have a choice in the matter.  If they want to, they can move to Feb. 5 with everyone else.  Let Florida stand alone in their move to intrude on the agreed-upon calendar, and possibly give them dispensation this time around because it wasn't their fault.

by Phoenix Rising 2007-08-22 09:10AM | 0 recs
Re: Dean, DNC, primary calendar, money

You're overestimating Howard Dean's ability to influence the situation.  He doesn't control the primary process.

The entire DNC membership votes on what to do and it's up to Howard to carry out their decision.

does not have the authority or enough respect among state party officials

You can't back this up.

by KimPossible 2007-08-22 09:20AM | 0 recs
Re: Dean, DNC, primary calendar, money

The chairman can control what he chooses to control. McAuliffe never had an effective message shop, and never came up with a solid message for the party, for which he has been roundly criticized. But neither does Dean, and he uses the same excuse McAuliffe used: "the congressional leadership does message."

But McAuliffe kept the primary process sane. Dean chose to shake up the schedule and lost control. Now we have stupid public arguments about whether Florida's delegates will be honored. If state party officials respected Dean then the primary process would have been quietly settled long ago. They may like him, after all he funnels lots of money to them, but he doesn't have much leverage with them.

by souvarine 2007-08-22 09:44AM | 0 recs

i agree with the first paragraph, and, afaic, the dnc should at least attempt to coordinate "the democratic message."  is asking too much that everyone be on the same page???

but i don't know that mcauliffe was responsible for keeping the primary process sane.  i don't think there was the same pressure for moving up as there is this time.  it started, and states saw there were no consequences, so everyone wants to get in on the act.

i do agree that dean has little leverage with the state parties, but i don't know if this is a function of howard dean or the fact that democrats have no president to threaten state parties with.  i'd like to see greater cooperation, but not top down dictation that seems to be the only model that's worked for democrats in the past.  go figure...

by bored now 2007-08-22 10:42AM | 0 recs
Dean made the call

Dean and his people on the Rules committee came up with a calendar that is a disaster, and the DNC ratified it.  It was not the DNC telling Dean what to do, it was Dean telling the DNC what to do. He's done a great job with the 50 state strategy, but the calendar, not so good.  

by nascardem 2007-08-22 10:05AM | 0 recs
Re: Dean made the call

I disagree -- I don't think there was a good solution that Dean could have brokered.  This is a train wreck that has to happen.

by Kimmitt 2007-08-22 04:02PM | 0 recs
Re: The candidates should blow off the DNC

From NJ:  But FL's "lone member" on the rules cmte "says he's braced for the worse." DNC rules cmte member Allan Katz: "I'll go in and do whatever I need to do and get run over... With the Michigan announcement they (committee members) really don't have much of a choice. They can't just slap us on the wrist." Katz expects that FL Dems will have to "regroup" and "possibly use a later caucus" to choose its delegates (House, Tampa Bay Online's "March on Politics" blog, 8/21).

by CardBoard 2007-08-22 08:57AM | 0 recs
Re: The candidates should blow off the DNC

I question the political judgement of anyone that actually thinks Iowa isn't going to be the first caucus/primary.

Not.  Gonna.  Happen.

by Hawkeye Dem 2007-08-22 09:07AM | 0 recs
I don't think you 'get it'


I don't think that you "get it" on this one, I have to disagree for a number of reasons:

1)    The Florida REPUBLICAN legislature passed moving their primary up and it was signed by the REPUBLICAN governor.  Tell me for one second that they didn't know the target was to muck up the Democratic primaries.  Force candidates to spend money in a high cost state and get the Democrat they think they can most likely defeat.

2)    Florida still has to prove to me that they can hold an honest election, (or at least an honest ballot count).  They failed in 2000 and 2006.

3)    Retail politics is really the only way for an `unknown' candidate to create awareness that can translate to the national stage.  Better to be in a lower cost state (more on that later).

4)    Michigan is just getting greedy.

5)    The current insanity of moving targets for the Primaries just depletes the resources of any and all campaigns, making the one with the most money the winner. (gee, guess who...duh)

6)    The DNC would be justified in not seating the "jump ahead" delegates as a way to maintain order in the party.  Florida and Michigan can hold a "beauty contest" on the legislated date and choose the real delegates on the Party's date.

7)    It's just too damm late in the cycle to start to muck up things like this.   It takes the eye off the ball of the other REPUBLICAN initiatives (i.e. California Electoral Voting changes) designed to throw the Dems off balance. Instead of fighting the new threats while they can still be killed without a massive economic effort.


Iowa and New Hampshire are on their last legs as #1 and #2.  The next rule change has to put the leading primaries in the states that had the closest voting margin in the last cycle.  Enforced by not seating delegates if a legislature jumps ahead (this is why the DNC needs to not seat those delegates if they jump ahead this cycle).   If Iowa and New Hampshire ignore this the next cycle they get the honor of not having their delegates seated either.  (Can you say `tough love'?)

Primaries determined by voting margin also helps reinforce the 50 State Strategy of the DNC, you never know which race will be closest until it happens.

If the margins dictate a high cost state, then so be it.  Just another factor in the run/don't run decision.

This legislative rush to encroach on party activities is just nuts.  There is a way to change the Primary Calendar; this (legislative moves) is not it.  But, it can be used as the opening for the DNC to have rotating first primaries based on voting margin, and enforce the point.

by NvDem 2007-08-22 10:42AM | 0 recs
Re: I don't think you 'get it'

nvdem--are you kidding?  Right now we have a man running for the Presidency who has been in the Senate for only 2 years.  Why is he running-- because he has 30 million. The American people were not clammering for this unknown but some people with big bucks obviously were.  Parties should come up with candidates and they should be voted on by the delagates at a convention.  Who does a candidate owe more too his party or his donors?  That is the larger question.

by changehorses08 2007-08-22 10:56AM | 0 recs
Re: I don't think you 'get it'

Exactly...he has 30 million. Which means that these changes in the primary calendar wont make or break his campaign.

by apolitik 2007-08-22 11:02AM | 0 recs
Re: I don't think you 'get it'

Doesn't it occur to you that the people supporting this 2 year senator want their money's worth?  That of all the qualified people on the stage for that event he has the least experience?  

by changehorses08 2007-08-22 10:30PM | 0 recs
Re: I don't think you 'get it'

Thank you NVDem. I really don't understand why---in the blogosphere especially-there is such a PUSH this late in the game for a situation that would create-- almost defacto-- a nomination for gee, HRC.

This is about protecting people like Richardson, Edwards, Gravel, Dodd, Kucinich. It's about keeping them in the game and allowing them to show us what they got.

That's fine if they want to change it NEXT cycle, just not this way. It's anightmare for campaigns.

by apolitik 2007-08-22 11:08AM | 0 recs
Re: The candidates should blow off the DNC

Gee Jerome,

Have you ever thought that the DNC is just trying to keep some level of democracy intact?

That by preserving IOWA and NH and not letting rogue states upset the primary process RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE THING just for some national attention....the DNC might actually be achieving something good?

You can't change the game this drastically and still expect some of your second-tier candidates to really make a go at it.

by apolitik 2007-08-22 11:00AM | 0 recs


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