50-State Blog Netblog Weekly Roundup (June 22, 2007)


Back at the start of May, it was a slow Friday morning and I decided to try out a little experiment... why not visit all the blogs in the 50-State Blog Network, find a highly commented upon story at each and put it all together into a post.

It didn't take too long--except for getting distracted with all of the good material at the sites--and the process left me with an even greater respect for the great work going on at fellow state blogs. Thus was the first 50-State Blog Roundup born.

Thankfully, others also liked what they saw, and as they saying goes, many hands makes light work. The 50-State Blog Roundup has flourished thanks to the efforts of multiple volunteers who have generously contributed their time and talents:

- June 15, 2007 by Jon (a.k.a. flackattack) from Tondee's Tavern
- June 9, 2007 by isaac at Free State Politics (MD)
- June 2, 2007 by Joe Bodell of MN Campaign Report
- May 25, 2007 by LP from New Mexico FBIHOP
- May 18, 2007 by IVR Polls 
- May 11, 2007 by mattw at MyLeftNutmeg (CT)
- May 4, 2007 by Clem Guttata at West Virginia Blue

Can you compile a weekly roundup? Email me (Clem G. at wvblue@gmail.com) if you can help out.

This week's round-up

Before we get to the round-up proper, there's some cool news to share: Blue Jersey Founder Juan Melli Named 17th Most Powerful Politico in NJ. Congratulations on this well-deserved honor, Juan! It just goes to show, state blogging really does make a difference.

Now... on with the show!

Energy and the Evironment  
Delaware Liberal
Tom Carper is upset with his Sens. role in de-greening the Senate Energy Bill.
Hawaii has a new oil industry transparency act. Will this have any effect on the nations highest gasoline prices?
New Jersey
Good news: huge global warming legislation passes NJ legislature.
Daily Kingfish
Mike Stagg explains Why Greenland's Icecap Matters to Louisiana
South Dakota
Guess what percentage of South Dakotans view global warming as a serious problem...
DianeS speaks up In Defense of Carl Levin (The new CAFE standards Vote)
New Hampshire
What did you Senator do? Sununu Chooses Big Oil over New Hampshire
West Virginia
In the arguments for Liquid Coal subsides (which were thankfully voted down in Senate this week) you may have heard some nonsense about a 250-year US coal supply. Murrayevw takes a hard look at our vanishing coal reserves.
Social Justice: One step forward and...    
New York
Phillip has the big news that the New York "state assembly passed a bill extending full marriage equality to all New Yorkers." Kudos to the NY state assembly for passing legislation with full and equal rights--not just civil unions or any other half measures--to all New Yorkers. Here's hoping it clears the remaining hurdles to be enacted as law.
There's speculation in Maryland about how an upcoming court decision on same-sex marriage will turn out.
crimsonscare has the unfortunate news that the Indiana Court of Appeals due to take a hard right turn
pacified keeps us on the alert for Colorado fundamentalists: they're after a constitutional amendment on abortion. If Rep. Doug Lamborn (CO-5) has his way, our government won't have any money available to make sure those unwanted pregnancy are healthy ones, either.
Here's a story that deserves wide attention: Soldier in Iraq Resists the Occupation - Please help and Call his Senator
Elections and Party Politics    
New Mexico
When was the last time your state Democratic Party Chairman visited your county? In New Mexico the Chairman is on his way to visit all 33 counties. He recently hit 5 in 39 hours.
flackattack checks in with the latest on the impressive Draft Wyc Orr for Senate effort.
Turn Maine Blue
Check out the Anti-Lieberman pro-Rep. Tom Allen (D-ME) fund-raiser. Give 'em some love, too.
Here's a blogger running for office:Daniel Biss for State Rep.
Turn Arizona blue... help show Rep. Shadegg (AZ-03) the door in 2008.
Brian reminds Rep. Doolittle "Confession is Good for the Soul".
Ohio (AOG)
It's not every day a politician admits they were wrong... this week Sherrod Brown admitted his Military Commissions Act vote was a mistake
A bit of a barfight broke out in the comments on: Hispanics REALLY Unhappy with Cornyn. Also, find out why you just might care about a Houston City Council At-Large race.
Here's the latest Iowa polling figures for the Dem. Presidential race.
Green Mountain Daily
odom interview Presidential candidate Mike Gravel. Curious? Read on.
Governing and Mis-Governing: Hmmm... lots of Republicans here    
Rhode Island
Matt provides the inside scoop on the last few days of the General Assembly session of the General Assembly--learn about RI's consideration of the barbaric practice of locking up 17 year olds as adults.
Mooncat has photo evidence of protests of Pres. Bush's visit to Alabama. For some reason, media reports just didn't cover that part of his visit.
Raising Kaine
Lowell explains how instead of raising taxes, Republicans are issuing $3550 traffic tickets(!).
New Nebraska Network
More Re-thug-lican leadership in action as Republican Governor Uses Strong Arm Tactics on Student Leaders.
North Dakota
The most talked about story in North Dakota this week is that a Wisconsin-based group has sued the state of North Dakota. Why? Hint: there's some religion involved.
Wasatch Watcher
Here's a Romney-related story that got buried in Guiliana's bad news... Romney's money man in Utah accused of abusing minors.
Romney also has an aide taking a leave of absence for leave of absence for making prank phone calls impersonating a state trooper.
Uppity Wisconsin
xoff looks at a new state park and finds it comes up short
Tom Elko advocates for A culture of constraint: Governor needs to answer for agencies 
North Carolina
How's this for irony: "[http://bluenc.com/le... On the same day Republican State Auditor Les Merritt failed to present any evidence of voter fraud to a state Senate committee, he submitted incomplete documents to the state Board of Elections."
Yes, it is as bad as it sounds: Blunt Administration Moving Public Money to Junket Slush Fund
Everything Else    
Knox Views
R. Neal asks a really good question about why he should take this advice from Harold Ford Jr.
Learn all about Idaho politics in the Spud State Blog Rundown 6/22/07.
Matt Singer surveys the Montana Republican party to find their Big TentPup Tent is shrinking further.
mattw has a fascinating piece on difference between conservatives and liberals reactions to threats
College progressive contributes Mobilizing Young Voters: Ideas to Win Elections

Finally, in closing... on this closest Friday to the longest day of the year, I hope everyone finds time to slow down and relax. Take an evening away from that computer to connect with your neighbors, family and friends. As Carnacki wrote this week, those are the moments when you just might feel like you're in heaven.

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