50-State Blog Roundup, 6/1/2007


So there's this thing called the 50-State Blog Network, and you should check it out -- it's made up of progressive community-based sites like this one, and it's committed to connecting readers to stories not just in our state, but all over the country.  This week the roundup is coming to you from Minnesota, where we have a top-tier Senate race against Norm Coleman, one of Joe Lieberman's best buds, and a third potential Dem candidate considering a run -- read the interview here.

On with the roundup!

The Good

Ohio:  Buckeye State Blog does some great work -- a while back I obtained a cell number for one of the admins in order to call and compliment them on their work, but never got around to it.  This week they have a great piece on Barack Obama's ground team in the always-important state of Ohio.

Michigan: Senate 2008 Guru keeps popping up all over the blogosphere, this time in Michigan and wondering if Senator Carl Levin will face any serious Republican opposition in 2008.  The value of a strong incumbent with a big warchest and no serious opposition cannot be overestimated -- the less time Levin has to spend getting reelected to continue working hard for Michigan, the more time he can spend helping Democratic challengers and endangered incumbents win their races elsewhere across the country.

Iowa: Bleeding Heartland brings up a good point -- the presence of the blogosphere community should not prevent us from engaging other online communities like newspapers and local TV websites.  

Illinois: A national popular vote bill recently passed the state legislature.  The bill (which I assume would take effect when a set of states comprising 270 votes in the Electoral College pass similar laws) would reform the way the United States elect a President.  More on the topic here.

Indiana: Blue Indiana hits the local legislative races coming up in 2008.  Deepen that Democratic bench, and maybe in a few years Indiana won't be so blood red in presidential races.  

West Virginia: Shelley Moore Capito (R-Crazy) will have a strong challenger in 2008.

The Bad

Virginia: This one is sort of good and bad....could former Gov. Mark Warner and George Felix "Macaca" Allen face off for John Warner's Senate seat?  And to think, we could have had a Warner vs. Warner.  However, incumbent Republican John raised about $500 (yes, five hundred dollars) in Q1 2007, so it's a pretty safe bet he's giving up his seat.

Here's to hoping VA bloggers have their Macaca clips ready and waiting.

Texas: Local Republican officials who helped and now emulate Tom DeLay:  Bad.  Coups against them in the Legislature?  Good.  

Missouri: A blog post entitled "First Annual Award for Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" about Rovian tactics used by Republican officials just has to be good.  

Montana: Are you a pharmacist in Montana who has moral issues with filling prescriptions for birth control?  Snyder Drug is probably the place for you.

New Mexico: Wingnut columnist rails against publicly financed elections.  New Mexico FBIHOP provides a rebuttal and rhetorical beatdown.  Need we say more?

The Ugly

Pennsylvania: Jason Altmire, a freshman Democratic Congressman, is taking flak for voting for the Iraq supplemental funding bill.  He's not alone in that, but he, like many of his fellow freshmen, is making a good effort to communicate with his constituents on the matter.  

Wisconsin: Yuck.  There are circumstances under which tax revenues can and should be used for construction projects that benefit the entire public, but Uppity Wisconsin is watching a project that may fit into a long-term pattern of waste and poor planning.

Nebraska: It's difficult to be in a blood-red state with a conservative Democratic Senator, but that's the situation Nebraska finds itself in with Ben Nelson.  His position on immigration is...well...interesting, according to New Nebraska Network.


Watch out for next week's roundup -- it should be a good one.

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Re: 50-State Blog Roundup, 6/1/2007

Nicely done. Thanks for keeping the Roundup going!

For anyone interested in compiling and hosting a future week's roundup, email Clem G. at wvblue [at] gmail.com.

And, as always, feel free to cross-post this week's entry on your state blog.

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Re: 50-State Blog Roundup, 6/1/2007

Thanks for doing this!

by Whoppo 2007-06-01 03:09PM | 0 recs
50-State Blog Roundup - Colorado

At SquareState.net:

Democratic Governor Bill Ritter signs House Bill 1355, making health care more accessible for small business owners and their employees, was signed into law today. Sponsored by Representatives Anne McGihon (D-Denver) and Tom Massey (R-Poncha Springs), the law prevents insurance companies from penalizing small businesses if employees or their families have been sick.

by zappatero 2007-06-01 06:45PM | 0 recs
Re: 50-State Blog Roundup, 6/1/2007

Zap -- is anyone at Squarestate (you, Pacified, anyone) on the mailing list?  I noticed were missing something from Colorado.....

by MN Campaign Report 2007-06-01 07:07PM | 0 recs
Re: 50-State Blog Roundup, 6/1/2007

check your mail.....

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North Cackalacky

Don't forget your Southern neighbors at BlueNC.

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