Apologizing for Ann Coulter

Edwards campaign manager David Bonior responds, via email:

Did you hear about Anne Coulter's speech this afternoon attacking John? A friend just forwarded me the video and it's one of the worst moments in American politics I've seen.

I can't bring myself to even repeat her comments. Her shameless display of bigotry is so outrageous you actually have to see for yourself to believe it.

This is just a taste of the filth that the right-wing machine is gearing up to throw at us. And now that it's begun, we have a choice: Do we sit back, or do we fight back?

I say we fight. Help us raise $100,000 in "Coulter Cash" this week to show every would-be Republican mouthpiece that their bigoted attacks will not intimidate this campaign.

Bigotry seems to me a strange choice. Is this really what's at issue here the disparaging of someone for being homosexual? Coulter probably would have called him a "salamander-head" or "potato-face" if it would have riled up the crowd as well. RedState's Mike Krempasky kindly stops by MyDD to challenge the idea that this strain of conservativism is a monolithic herd -- he says of Coulter, "what a waste of breath," and points to a post he made some ninth months ago where he called her "despicable." Hot Air's Bryan Preston says Coulter was over the line, belittling "faggot" as this year's "raghead." And over at the Corner, Kathryn Jean Lopez says that this is just Ann Coulter being Ann Coulter.

Precisely! The Ann Coulter that showed up CPAC was a known-quantity ordered up to entertain the troops. She's exactly who might appeal to the young CPAC-goer in 2007.

There's an opportunity here to move away from this language of "denouncing" and everyone running around after everyone else to say they're sorry. Back in 1980, Ronald Reagan announced his candidacy with a "states' rights" speech in Philadelphia, Mississippi -- where three civil rights workers had been killed in 1964. Why? One reading is that Reagan was personally so deeply racist that he would celebrate the murders of those working for racial justice. Seems more likely to me his motivation was more likely this -- he just thought it would work. It would propel his campaign and get him votes.

Was it important that Reagan apologize? Or was it a chance to spotlight just what some people are willing to do to win an election?

Update [2007-3-3 11:35:31 by Nancy Scola]: I attributed a Hot Air post to Michelle Malkin when it was in fact the work of her editor Bryan Preston. I regret the error.

Update [2007-3-3 12:55:50 by Jerome Armstrong]: Mitt Romney and Ann Coulter at CPAC

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Re: Apologizing for Ann Coulter

She choose "fagot" as opposed to "nigger" because she knew with the crowd with which she was speaking and a wide part of America in general that the nature of the offense would not be perceived of as offensive in a sense of bigotry, but yes, it's still bigotry.  It's also not an either/or choice. One doesn't have to say that it's either bigotry against gay people, or it's offensive to use such terms. She could have called him snakehead or something else, and that would have been offensive as an assault on him personaly, but think about it. She's clever. She choose language designed to do the following: a) tap into the conservative frame about the "pc" crowd b) tap into the conservative need for masculinity (as they define it) c) show their own 'toughness' (again as they define it) d) tap into the culture wars (gays being one of the main two center points of battle these days) and d) attack the brand Democratic. She's doing a lot here, so the response has to be in kind of what she's doing and what she represents- yes, it's that she represents the true face of conservative, but in all its glory on multiple levels.

by bruh21 2007-03-03 06:22AM | 0 recs
Re: Apologizing for Ann Coulter

     Reagan did not announce his candidacy in Philadelphia, Mississippi. He opened his fall campaign there on Labor Day, 1980.

by Ron Thompson 2007-03-03 06:30AM | 0 recs
Re: Apologizing for Ann Coulter

Reagan spoke at the Neshoba County Fair which is one of the largest political rallies in the Southern half of the United States. Liberal Democrats speak there too and Michael Dukakis carried his presidential campaign there as well.

http://www.neshobacountyfair.org/Politic s/index.htm

by robliberal 2007-03-03 02:29PM | 0 recs
Ridiculing Ann Coulter

Wouldn't it be more effective to issue a statement along the lines of:

We understand why Ann Coulter might suspect Republican politicians are hiding their true sexual orientation but we are confused why she'd think a Democrat such as John Edwards would need to do so.

In the Democratic Party we don't hurl the word "faggot" as an insult because we accept people for what they are and don't feel the need to use homosexuals as scapegoats.

Ann Coulter and her Republican friends constantly feel the need to put on a tough guy image and in schoolyard fashion try to put others down to puff themselves up.

Our official position on this newest incident in a series of tired childish routines from Ann Coulter is that:

"It's just another pathetic insult from Ann Coulter. We'd expect nothing else and wonder why Republican presidential candidates would want to associate themselves with her extreme lameness".

Demands for apologies are weak. Ridicule is strong.

by Curt Matlock 2007-03-03 06:40AM | 0 recs
Re: Apologizing for Ann Coulter

It certainly is bigotry, whether she actually thinks Edwards is gay is irrelevant. And she was probably worse last year. Since this convention is supposed to represent people focused on morality and conservative values, with presidential candidates attending, and purposely invited her, they should be held to some accountability.

Its a bit more than firing up the troops.

by okamichan13 2007-03-03 06:45AM | 0 recs
Re: Apologizing for Ann Coulter

Don't forget there is nothing immoral about disparaging gays to a conservative. They have it coming, remember?

by Intercaust 2007-03-03 07:24AM | 0 recs
Re: Apologizing for Ann Coulter

Coulter's comment actually presents us with an opportunity.  She made the 'faggot' remark at a speaking engagement where Mitt Romney was also on the roster, and he made complimentary comments about her.   So, I say we tar Romney with the stench of Coulter; put him on the defensive, and force him to disavow her words.

by global yokel 2007-03-03 07:14AM | 0 recs
by TarHeel 2007-03-03 07:22AM | 0 recs
Re: Apologizing for Ann Coulter

Saying that it was one of the worst moments in American politics is just so stupid it burns. Has Edwards forgot about Strom "Jungle Fever" Thurman's filibuster of civil rights legislation? Or how about NAFTA? Or the stolen election of '00 & '04? Dems seem to have taken the bait from Cunter. There's just too much hype to saying "one of the worst moments" of anything.

by Intercaust 2007-03-03 07:23AM | 0 recs
Re: Apologizing for Ann Coulter

Bonior said it was one of the worst moments he has ever seen, not that has taken place ever.

Being in his early 50's, Bonior isn't likely to remember seeing Strom filibuster the Civil Rights bill.

But I get your main point.  If people think politics are bad today, think about how many members of Congress were beaten on the floor or killed in duels.  Then we can redefine bad.

by Vox Populi 2007-03-03 07:36AM | 0 recs
Re: Apologizing for Ann Coulter

the email is sent to Edwards supporters. Of course he is going to frame it that way

by okamichan13 2007-03-03 07:38AM | 0 recs
Re: Apologizing for Ann Coulter

"Cunter"?  Come on!  Thats awful!  Thats just as bad as her saying "faggot"!

by jallen 2007-03-03 11:20AM | 0 recs
Re: Apologizing for Ann Coulter

How is calling her Cunter racist or bigoted? Is it hateful? Fuck yes it is. I fucking hate Ann Cunter. So chill out on labeling me racist or bigoted.

by Intercaust 2007-03-03 12:33PM | 0 recs
Re: Cunter?

Are you sure? Because from other Ann Coulter references I've seen, i.e Man Coulter and s/thing about an Adams apple, her sexual organ is in doubt.

by Kingstongirl 2007-03-03 12:45PM | 0 recs
Re: Cunter?

Yeah! I am sure she is a cunt. And I am sure that I do in fact hate her.

by Intercaust 2007-03-03 07:35PM | 0 recs
I think he did the right thing

Bonior's following the tried-and-true method of raising Internet cash at every insult that was perfected by Joe Trippi in 2003.  He's GOT to raise funds this way, because the internet is the only way he can compete with the high-rollers in the race.  This is as good an excuse as any, because the outrage isn't fake, it's real.

by Nonpartisan 2007-03-03 07:25AM | 0 recs
Re: Apologizing for Ann Coulter

It is bigotry to think that calling someone gay is an insult.  It is worse to use an epithet used to denigrate gays to belittle a person.

No matter how you look at it, Coulter is a bigot and calling her that is not at all a mistake.

by nathan 2007-03-03 09:06AM | 0 recs
Classic Coulter Video
great post--thanks...don't know if you've seen this video of Ann Coulter, but it's pretty classic:
http://minor-ripper.blogspot.com/2006/12 /ann-coulter-gets-owned.html
by MinorRipper 2007-03-03 11:22AM | 0 recs
John and Elizabeth Edwards Respond to Coulter

John Edwards' issued a statement this afternoon:

http://blog.johnedwards.com/story/2007/3 /3/172259/3775

Ann Coulter's use of an anti-gay slur yesterday was un-American and indefensible. In America, we strive for equality and embrace diversity. The kind of hateful language she used has no place in political debate or our society at large.

I believe it is our moral responsibility to speak out against that kind of bigotry and prejudice every time we encounter it.

Elizabeth had a blog post about it earlier in the day:

Hate Words and You

When Miss Coulter spoke about John at the conservative convention in Washington yesterday, she used a word that she intended as a nasty and derogatory suggestion. John and I have long ago shrugged off the vile words of this person. When she made a joke about the exact moment of death of Charlie Dean (Howard's brother and a schoolmate of mine), and when she attacked the courageous 9-11 widows, she told you all you need to know about what she is made of: her compassion -- or lack thereof.  Now we need to find out about you.  

Although her words did not hurt us, they may have hurt some in the gay community. We are all sick and tired of anyone supporting or applauding or introducing hate words into the national dialogue, tired of people thinking that words that cause others pain are fair game. And we are sick and tired of people like Miss Coulter thinking that her use of loaded words about the homosexual community in this country is remotely humorous or appropriate.  


by NCDemAmy 2007-03-03 02:27PM | 0 recs
Politically Correct

I think the people that do like this type of language, like it because it is real and not politically correct.  Call her a crazy nut bag or what ever, but it does take balls to say that type of thing.

You can see how political correctness can go awry with the Reagan example.  If states rights become something that only racists want then our country is screwed.  Sorry I am a strong believer in states rights because that is how the people can control the government.  I do understand that racists used states rights in the past, but it doesn't make strong state's rights a racist position.

by Classical Liberal 2007-03-03 04:58PM | 0 recs
Re: Apologizing for Ann Coulter

do not like being called a "faggot" then do not suck dick.

by ronyates 2007-03-06 12:56PM | 0 recs
Re: Apologizing for Ann Coulter

Why call  her "bigot" because she feels it is wrong to be "gay" I  also feel it is  wrong and and just a freak choice to make.  

by ronyates 2007-03-06 01:21PM | 0 recs
Re: Apologizing for Ann Coulter

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