TX-Sen: Help Stamp Out Bush For Rick Noriega

Guess who's in Texas today to help raise money for John Cornyn's 2008 re-election campaign? Why, Cornyn's buddy Bush, of course. He has swooped in to headline 2 fundraisers today, one in Houston and one in San Antonio (following on the heels of Cheney's Dallas fundraiser just last week), a nice quid pro quo for one of Bush/Cheney's most reliable rubberstamps.

From a Texas Democratic Party press release:

After five years serving as the White House's errand boy in the U.S. Senate, John Cornyn is being rewarded today with two fundraisers featuring President Bush.  The Bush patronage machine continues to repay blind devotion and partisanship with political and financial favors--and no one is more partisan than Cornyn, as noted by an independent Congressional Quarterly analysis that showed him voting with the Republican Party 98% of the time.

Thanks to a grassroots and netroots-driven draft effort, we have a great candidate to take on Cornyn next year: TX State Representative and Lt. Colonel in the Texas Army National Guard Rick Noriega. And he needs our help.

Noriega has had some incredible support this week, with DFA, Wes Clark and VoteVets all announcing their endorsements and as a result, he's just $2,700 away from his $50,000 online fundraising goal for the week.

Let's help put Noriega over the $50,000 mark by tonight by contributing over at Act Blue.

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