House 2008: NRCC Still Can't Get Its Members to Pony Up

The National Republican Congressional Committee has a bit of a circular problem. The committee currently trails its Democratic counterpart by more than $27.6 million in cash-on-hand when debts and obligations are taken into account, a figure that instills little confidence in Republican members and thus provides little incentive for them to support the committee. But as a result of the lackluster backing of its own members, the NRCC is finding it terribly difficult to even get out of the red, let alone begin to catch up with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. And from the looks of it, the NRCC seems to still be having trouble getting House Republicans to cough up the dough.

House Republican leaders called on rank-and-file members Tuesday to step up their contributions to the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) or face life in the minority for many cycles to come.

During a closed-door meeting, NRCC Chairman Tom Cole (Okla.) told members that donations to the campaign committee should be a major priority, according to sources in the room.


GOP leaders have a right to be concerned. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has collected $13.4 million from members who have transferred funds from their campaign coffers, while House GOP transfers to NRCC have totaled $6.1 million.

Obviously the $7.3 million more that the DCCC has raised from its members compared with the NRCC doesn't account for all of or even a majority of the committee's cash-on-hand advantage. Still, if the Republicans were able to make up their deficit in this area they would presuably at least be in the black rather than the red (the NRCC still has a net debt of more than $2.25 million). Too bad, then, that their leaderhsip doesn't seem to be doing a good of convincing its members of donating to the committee.

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l Can't Get Its Members to Pony Up - Even Redstate

Yes its definitely like this even in the reddest of red states. In fact, here in Georgia , which has long been forsaken territory -

The democrats are outraising the republicans by 30 percent!

I think this is a real sign that the door is opening for a new party to come in and take over.

I just wish I could believe it . I want to see
a more flexible, open and stronger democratic
party that works in some of the real reforms
we need.

Nobody is taking on the lobbyist cash cow
but right now, frankly ...

lets be honest. Its the massive influx of
donors and the real power of the new mediums
thats dominating this shift of power,

and all the lobbyists are doing are moving around their pieces on the board and trying to take credit for it.

lobbyists work against democracy, when it suits them. I believe if the democrats put some support in Georgia they might find an easy pickup of a lot of electoral votes.

my two cents.  after all.  I am in a neighborhood that likes ron paul. :)

by Trey Rentz 2007-11-08 03:15AM | 0 recs
Re: House 2008:

This is the 50-state, 435-district strategy at work.

Because we recruit and run the strongest possible challenger in EVERY Gooper seat, even the safest incumbents know they will have to spend some of their warchests in their own districts.

In unwinnable seats, the point is not to pretend we're going to have an upset victory; the point is to give the voters a choice, and to make the incumbent earn re-election. If the safe Republicans in, say, Alabama have to campaign in their own districts, then they won't be in the open AL-2, and we'll have a fighting chance to take that one.

by admiralnaismith 2007-11-08 06:12AM | 0 recs


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