Create a Political Ad...or The Terrorists Win

Good stuff, jerome the top user-generated advertising website on the internet that was founded by former members of the Dean internet team, announced their "Genius Rocket Primary" today, calling on the user-generated political video community to submit positive advertisements for any of the declared presidential candidates and a chance to win up to $17,000 total ($1,000) per add.

Here's how the GeniusRocket Primary works:
  • Round One: Upload your submission(s) by Friday, November 30th and ask your friends and family to vote on your submission. Spreading the word makes a difference -- the number of votes and your overall rating from the community is taken into consideration by our judging panel when determining finalists for Round Two.
  • Round Two: Primary Voting takes place in early December. During Primary Voting, we'll ask members of the community to vote for the best ad for each candidate from among the finalists.
The choice of the GeniusRocket community will determine the final winners. (This is a democracy, after all.)
This is a chance for the netroots and the progressive blogosphere to strut their stuff and show the DC Media Consultants what real creativity looks like (and win some cash in the process). So sign up on and work together with your friends to create some great ads for Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, Bill Richardson, Joe Biden, Chris Dodd, Dennis Kucinich, and Mike Gravel!

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