Friday ABC Update

Two important items this morning. First, according to Daily Variety, ABC is considering pulling the "docudrama":"The Path to 9/11" is looking a lot like "The Reagans, Part II."

Bill Clinton loyalists are demanding wholesale changes to the upcoming miniseries -- and while ABC is making some snips, the alterations, insiders say, may not please the Dems.

But a bombshell decision may happen anyway: Sources close to the project say the network, which has been in a media maelstrom over the pic, is mulling the idea of yanking the mini altogether.Media Matters also has an important item that shows yet again how hypocritical Disney is being about this film:ABC's current promotion of an admittedly "fictionalized" attack on former President Clinton is not only inconsistent with Disney's statements about Fahrenheit 9/11, it appears at odds with the company's approach to a 2005 book written about it by journalist James Stewart. Disney representatives reportedly threatened to sue the publisher of Stewart's DisneyWar (Simon & Schuster) if it contained inaccuracies, according to a February 7, 2005, Los Angeles Times article Throw this one onto the pile over at Open Letter To ABC. With succeses mounting, today is a big day to keep up the pressure. Here are actions to take:It annoys me that we even have to do this, but in the end I think it could have tremendous benefit if it helps to not only stop the miniseries, but to potentially help force anti-media consolidation and intellectual property reform into the legislative agenda of a Democratic Congress. Democrats of all stripes will remember this disaster, and suddenly the calls for reform among bloggers and the progressive caucus won't seem all that bad anymore.

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one more item for the Dem agenda

If ABC goes ahead with the film and the Dems take over Congress one of the first items on the agenda should be the repeal of the "Mickey Mouse" 20 year extension of the copyright act, for which this movie is likey quid pro quo in the first place.

Hit 'em where it hurts! (And they'd also be repealing a really horrible piece of legislation that totally distorts the purpose of copyrights -- they're not supposed to be virtually perpetual!)

by Jim in Chicago 2006-09-08 07:47AM | 0 recs
Re: one more item for the Dem agenda

Which universe are we talking about here?

We'll get single payer healthcare before they repeal the Sonny Bono Act, even if the Dems have another 1936!

by skeptic06 2006-09-08 08:17AM | 0 recs
Killing the show

I'm surprised they haven't done this already. Politics is fun, but business is business. This is like throwing away a 20-year marriage on a cocktail waitress.

ABC and Disney have already sustained more than $40 million worth of pain, and it's not getting better.

Why do this for Karl Rove? I don't get it.

by stevehigh 2006-09-08 09:01AM | 0 recs
Re: Friday ABC Update

You missed the best part of the article:

"Cliff Kincaid, editor of publications for conservative watchdog group Accuracy in Media, said the Democratic outcry is a bit of a surprise.

"'Usually Democrats can count on the support of big media in Hollywood,'" he said. "'It's like things are upside down now.'"

Even though this guy is a conservative, I think he represents the media outlook.  They expected Democrats to roll over on this one.  ABC certainly didn't expect to get cease and desist letters from Albright and Clinton.

We may, at long last, be at the cusp of what the Netroots has been working for all this time: a combative Democratic Party.  A Party that stands up for itself, that not only is willing to fight, but is spoiling for a fight.

by Jim Treglio 2006-09-08 09:32AM | 0 recs


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