What I'm Reading This Morning

Room Eight is a new blog tackling New York politics, tackling conflicts of interest among New York's Congressional delegation.

The IEA has released an interesting report on CO2 emissions and energy efficiency.  Crazy lefties, apparently.

The Washington Note uncovers more neocon front groups , this one called Family Security Matters.  The board is full of all-star wingnuts.

Christopher Hayes has a piece on progressive funding and how it works (and doesn't).

House Armed Services Committee Chairman is a serious War Profiteering Hero, Duncan Hunter.  America owes this hero a debt of gratitude for the debt he's helping us incur.

David Sirota has a good piece pointing out that Chuck Schumer, David Broder, and David Brooks are weirdly out of touch.

Once again, I'm going to point you to this awesome piece in Defensetech on North Korean missile hype. The New York Times editorial board agrees.

And another day, another ridiculous hit piece on Al Gore and global warming. Come on, people.  

What are you reading?

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Re: What I'm Reading This Morning

Paul Bass.

Also, the entire front page of Intelligent Discontent is about the Burns/Tester debate. In addition to the video and a blog round-up there are three fact checks (1, 2, 3).

by Bob Brigham 2006-06-26 09:44AM | 0 recs


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