Insiders Have Blog Obsession Syndrome

Bumped for light-heartedness, jerome

I don't know why TNR's Jason Zengerle has to seemingly fabricate evidence to prove that bloggers talk to each other (update: Zengerle probably didn't fabricate evidence, he just reprinted fabricated evidence and refused to burn the source that lied to him).  And I don't know why David Brooks wrote what sounds like the rantings of a paranoid lunatic in his Sunday New York Times Op-Ed, citing Zengerle's work.

I think these insiders and Republicans are just obsessed with us.

Update: I feel bad for annoying you with this silliness. If you want to make up for spending any of your brainpower on this insidery nonsense, read this important article on the climate crisis. And consider this an open thread.

Update [2006-6-25 8:44:56 by Jerome Armstrong]: Let me just state for the record that any payola allegations or some quid pro quo deal involving Markos and myself are complete fabrications. Perhaps they are obsessed because they represent a party that has shown it's complete inability to govern in this country, and they recognize that a people-powered movement is happening in this country that is going to oust them into the bin of history. No one person is the leader of this movement, but as it grows, the fight from the opposition that resists the change that must happen in this nation will arise. Let them fight, we will still win.

Another Update [2006-6-25 14:13:39 by Jerome Armstrong]: Oh yea, on the astrological stuff. I have done the new age type things over the years—life’s never boring that way. Down that line, I dabbled with planets and predictions in the most abstract manner, as one of several different predictive mathematical disciplines, when coming out of finances and into politics during my early blogging days (nobody is surprised that remembers the early 2001 days here), and since then have completely tapered out of it over time. So yea, the cons got me on this one being a little out of the ordinary… It has nothing to do with what I consult with in online political strategy. But hey, like JP Morgan once said, “millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do!” I hope to see those wingnuts that are obsessed with every little thing I do at the next bikram yoga or vipassana meditation session in DC-- but fair warning that I believe we evolved from monkeys!

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Re: Blog Obsession

Maybe some here know that I started covering this area in a diary entry this afternoon. As I pointed out, this is not first attack of this nature. It will be the loudest and sleaziest.

We will need to keep fighting back these idiots, while not losing sight of the our other agendas. The biggest difficulty will be getting through to people who don't go online. We need to work through the "rabid lamb" nonsense, etc.

How does this guy know all this stuff about us? Does he lurk? Is he me? Probably not huh? I am taking bets on this one!

It is so unfortunate that the "liberal" media apparatus will not allow Mr. "B" to start his own blog. That's what he gets for working for the New York "T".

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Re: Insiders Have Blog Obsession Syndrome

Matt, I think you or another of the lead bloggers should pursue writing an appropriate (non-rant) Op-Ed in the NY Times.  

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Re: Insiders Have Blog Obsession Syndrome

I'm not sure how much responding people like Matt should do.....becaue then we'll fall into the trap of not doing our work on the blogosphere and just keep responding to them.

We've seen what happens when Democratics in Congress and in DC fall into the trap of reaction, rather than action.

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...and vice versa

Two questions (at least) here:

First, the fabulous lack of priorities of lefty blogs in devoting so much time and energy to rebutting these attacks: so many other more important matters to discuss.

Second, the sheer intensity of the rebuttal (especially over at Kos) suggests a sort of collective lefty sphere egomania on a scale worthy of the MSM punditry it despises.

So - paradox - it all goes to provide evidence of the punditry's charge that the lefty sphere are a bunch of teenagers!

by skeptic06 2006-06-25 09:16AM | 0 recs
Re: ...and vice versa


The truth matters.  When people with large megaphones smear you with falsehoods, it's important to point this out.  If you do not stand up for yourself when someone important issues falsehoods about you, it shows your contempt for the truth, and emphasizes that you cannot be trusted on any other matter.

So I would encourage you to value truth more highly, and not to be so dismissive of the smears that the Brooks of the world tell.

by Matt Stoller 2006-06-25 10:19AM | 0 recs
Re: ...and vice versa

Let's unpack.

I agree that, when a person's integrity has been challenged, it's only natural that he should defend himself, and that his friends should support him.

I really don't want to get into the specifics of the stuff that's been swirling around in the last few days. But, as one of the lowest forms of life in the lefty sphere, let me say that that Townhouse and the fact that Jerome is subject to an SEC injunction certainly rise to the level of interesting. (There seem to be several - no doubt, far from independent - sources for the existence of the injunction: no doubt Jerome will speak up if there is no such injunction in force.)

Just that: interesting.

The thing (one of the things) that I find amazing is that a savvy guy like Jerome should stick his head above the parapet by joining the Warner campaign and not expect the SEC stuff to be fired at him by his opponents.

Compared to a load of other roorbacks we've seen - John McCain's piccanniny and Kerry's Swifties, for instance - it seems to be almost officiously founded in fact.

The other thing is: OK, Jerome is within the family. He's entitled to special treatment. But Jon Stewart and the youth of today?

It's the whole Johnny One Note why-oh-why tone of outrage entirely not calibrated to the seriousness of the matter, and majorly biased towards matters personally and particularly touching lefty bloggers.

Healthcare and education, which should surely be key concerns of lefties, generate nowhere near the juice on the big blogs that something like the Armstrong thing - or even the Jon Stewart thing - manages to do.

I find that deeply troubling.

I agree that truth is important. But saying that doesn't imply that all truths are of equal importance or that truth itself is not a deeply complex idea, full of that nuance that lefties are supposed to do so well.

Even if - which is impossible - it were possible to determine a priori the truth, and hence the falsity, of all statements, there are not enough bloggers in the world, or hours in the day, to correct the falsehoods.

Nor would there be anyone interested in devoting their waking hours to reading such a dispiriting catalogue.

Thus, when Coulter or O'Reilly spout their usual fantasies, the knee-jerk reaction of (some) lefty bloggers to inveigh against them means the bad guys win.

No doubt, such invective causes an internal high-five within the breasts of the keenest blog readers; but it distracts their attention and wastes their time, time that might have been used for pondering angles as how best to defeat the regime.

Now that's what I call Mission Accomplished!

The fact that Townhouse exists (existed?) to coordinate all this why-oh-why-ing explains something of the similarity of tone in such rebuttals.

But I can't help thinking that it can be (could have been?) put to better use.

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Re: ...and vice versa

But who is choosing to waste resources- the guy who lies about your character, or you defending against someone lying about your character? In the former, it's a choice. In the later, it's absolutely required if you want anyone to listen to your message. in other words, if people think you are pay to play- why will they listen? This sort of thing has to be nipped in the bud, or else you find yourself being swiftboated like Kerry. Your advice is the mistake he made in 2004. And, frankly, both morally and tactically I don't see how any of you making this argument can make it with a straight face given what happened to him.

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Yeah. It's creepy.

It's like Little Ricky inSanatorium and his obsession with bestiality... what is with that creepy, obsessive part of the Republican psyche?

There should be a blog just to catalog the GOP fetishes.

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Re: Insiders Have Blog Obsession Syndrome

I commented on the reason why the elites are obsessed with Markos in a comment to Glenn Smith's excellent post on Elitist Democracy. Here's the relevant portion:


(2) The elites are in a fight against the "rabble" that is nipping at the heels, most prominently represented by the political blogosphere, for just the reasons pointed out by Glenn Smith. They believe that they are the only ones who have a right to dictate the course of our future because they are the only ones who are tapped into what is really going on. They are the only ones who really understand it all. But the fact that they have chosen to take the fight directly to the most prominent bloggers, under the mistaken assumption that taking down a Markos or an Armstrong will weaken the blogs, is just another manifestation of their elitist philosophy. Since they believe that only the elites can be effective in achieving political change and they see blogs starting to bring about effective political change, they can only rightly conclude that the blogs must be led by its own form of elite inner circle. They have manufactured in their minds some cyber equivalent of the smoke-filled back room because that is the only model they have for understanding the world.

The Markos Mafia must exist because they need it to exist.

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Timeselect link


Anyone want to make a copy or whatever?

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Re: Insiders Have Blog Obsession Syndrome

I don't see this as a partisan political divide between red and blue, so much as an MSM obsession with the new media.  Bloggers provide an alternative to regular media, decreasing circulation and therefore their profits.  Hit someone where it hurts, in the pocket, and they will snap back.

And bloggers are the whole world -- according to Technorati over 40 million strong.  When a reporter writes a story, he has to rely at best on a meager research department.  Then from among the 40 million bloggers will come an expert in the topic he covered who can make him look like an idiot.  Because somewhere in the world there will be someone who knows a lot more than the reporter does.  In the old days, that person didn't have access to an outlet to tell the true story, but now they do.

So reporters can no longer slide by pretending that they know what they are talking about.  So I think they are increasingly terrified that they will no longer be able to earn a living.

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Most Ignorance Is Willful

   One of the Republican talking points in the Katrina aftermath was that the New Orleans mayor and the Louisiana governor didn't declare a state of emergency on a timely basis.

  This was a lie. One quick Google search turned up the relevant official documents in 0.003245 seconds, which showed that Nagin and Blanco DID do their jobs in a timely manner when issuing requests for disaster assistance.

  Despite this information being easily available to anyone who took the 0.003245 seconds to confirm it, the media gladly and willingly repeated the White House lie for days.

  Our media is corrupt beyond repair. They know it. We know it, and we're trying to DO something about it by giving Americans a better source of news. The media, of course, hates this. Hence the pathetic attacks...

by Master Jack 2006-06-25 06:44AM | 0 recs
Re: Insiders Have Blog Obsession Syndrome

They're terrified that they're becoming irrelevant -- and they're right to think so.

by Tod Westlake 2006-06-25 01:44AM | 0 recs
Re: Insiders Have Blog Obsession Syndrome

I understand that the attacks are mean spirited and hurtful.  It is probably just the beginning.

I didn't know about the list serve but it should be no surprise to any regular reader.  It is often obvious to me that there is some behind the scene coordination between liberal bloggers. The storylines are too often too similar. Even when its just agree to disagree.

OK. So what.  IF you want to see coordinated storylines go to Fox--the WH spokes channel.

by aiko 2006-06-25 03:27AM | 0 recs
Re: Insiders Have Blog Obsession Syndrome

Implying just the teensiest bit of criticism re: Kos and the commenters, there does seem to be an air of juvenile enthusiasm, dare I say boasting about how important they are?  That attitude alone would be peeving to the elite elders and would of course, lead to retaliation.  "How dare these young upstarts" sort of thing.

MyDD avoids arrogance, and the commenters here seem to stay on topics of substance.

by JFinNe 2006-06-25 03:27AM | 0 recs
Re: Insiders Have Blog Obsession Syndrome

i go to both sites- i see equal ammounts of all sorts of human behaviors here and there

by bruh21 2006-06-25 06:44AM | 0 recs
Re: Insiders Have Blog Obsession Syndrome

How dare these masses stage a coup against our friend Lieberman?

They suddenly realize netroots is not just an ATM machine but can be dangerous to their career.

by jasmine 2006-06-25 04:32AM | 0 recs
Juan Cole

This episode reminds me of Hitchens attack on Juan Cole last May. They then went after Cole when he was under consideration for an appointment to Yale.

This is only round one I am afraid.

by molly bloom 2006-06-25 05:09AM | 0 recs
Re: Insiders Have Blog Obsession Syndrome


They're projecting their own modus operandi onto bloggers. Simple.

by upstate guy 2006-06-25 05:37AM | 0 recs
So, turn the tables

They want to go after us, then go after them. How many trips have they been on? How many lies have they told? How many times have they carried water and not even bothered to fact check? Who pays their bills and gets their books published?

There are more of us than them.

by michael in chicago 2006-06-25 06:50AM | 0 recs
Re: Insiders Have Blog Obsession Syndrome

That column is a real badge of honor.  

I've always found Brooks kind of funny but if this is the bestest bomb they can bestow on the big bad blogosphere then we really are winning.  I really like "rabid lambs" -- I like it so much I just bought the domain name.

By the way I have yet to see anything from the Keyboard Kingpin today -- I'm all mixed up sitting beside my screen waiting for instructions.  Who should I root for: Cardinals or Cubs? Red Sox or Yankees? Germany or  Argentina?  Paper or plastic at the supermarket?  What is worse, lying to get us into war or ignoring the Constitution?  Not even Matt Stoller has told me what to think this morning.  Somebody please help this poor, confused rabid lamb.

Howard Park

P.S. Whatever happened to the notion of "All The News That is Fit To Print?"

by howardpark 2006-06-25 07:11AM | 0 recs
Re: Insiders Have Blog Obsession Syndrome

David Brooks can be a clueless idiot.

by nonwhiteperson 2006-06-25 07:50AM | 0 recs
talents of David Brooks

"David Brooks can be a clueless idiot"

and not just your average clueless moron, this guy has a talent.

By the way, "squadrons of rabid sheep unleashing their venom"  gets nominations for the most screwed-up metaphore of the year.  Sheep in squadrons?  Rabid sheep (do they bite)?  Venomous sheep?  Venom being leashed and unleashed at the orders of mighty Marcos?

by Piotr 2006-06-25 08:03AM | 0 recs
Sounds like a...

Monty Python reunion is in order.

Graham Chapman leading a squadron of rabid sheep flying bi-planes over Germany unleashing venom while wearing tu-tu's.


by Andrew C White 2006-06-25 08:38AM | 0 recs
Re: Sounds like a...


David Brooks is a clueless idiot.

I liked once piece he wrote on gentrification and Bobos in Paradise was okay but the guy annoys the hell out of me.

by nonwhiteperson 2006-06-25 09:19AM | 0 recs
Re: talents of David Brooks

I have never been a fan of mixed metaphors.

by illinois062006 2006-06-25 09:33PM | 0 recs
On Jerome and Attacking Left-Wing Leaders

The front-page bloggers who started MyDD and Daily Kos could turn out to be members of the Russian mafia who run guns to Tamil rebels in Sri Lanka for profit. If so, that would show they were some pretty bad characters. Real "bad guys" in Republicanese.

Regardless, the independent persons who take part in the blogosphere they helped create would continue blogging and would STILL not think Joe Lieberman is a good Democrat and STILL wouldn't think that the Republicans are anything but the most corrupt and inept administrators of our government in their lifetimes.

Unlike charismatic movements, decapitating leading voices is not going to stop the hundreds of thousands of networked individuals who have associated together online to help bring about political change.

Good luck against these attacks Jerome.

by Curt Matlock 2006-06-25 08:22AM | 0 recs
Re: On Jerome and Attacking Left-Wing Leaders

That's just not true. We're affiliating ourselves, by choice, with the people we are. We have a right to know if Armstrong is a crook. We have a duty not to affiliate ourselves with crooks. Jesus, this is ethics 101. And anybody who says different better have not said one word about Abramoff.

I won't post again (I'm the guy whose last two posts you killed, and whose bugmenot account you blocked, this is the other bugmenot account, which I expect you'll kill after I post this) but it makes me fucking furious that you were able to insinuate yourself in to the MSM as the public face of the movement knowing that you have all this shit that would, of course, come out and make us all look like jerks. If this wasn't just another scam, well, congrats on fucking it up anyway.

by redaxe2 2006-06-25 08:35AM | 0 recs
Re: On Jerome and Attacking Left-Wing Leaders

Are you aware, that when Jerome went to work for Howard Dean, he shut down MyDD?

Have you noticed that the majority of blogging on this site is not by Jerome, since he went to work for Warner and that he has, to my knowledge never touted Warner here since he started working for Warner?

Assuming for the sake of argument, Jerome was a stock tout, he "did his time for the crime", there is no evidence that he has behaved in a crooked or unethical manner since the SEC allegation.

Jerome has a first amendment right to support any candidate he chooses, whether or not he is on the payroll of that candidate.

Jerome has a first amendment right to run a website and collect ad revenue.

Jerome does not pretend to be non-partisan. unlike Fox News or Bob Novak or Tucker Carlson. If anything his ethics in this arena have been above board. He has commited no crime in running MyDD or in being a political blogger.

On the other hand, Casino Jack Abramoff does not have a first amendment right to solicit bribes to influence public policy. Jack has not yet done his time for his crime.

Can you spot the differences?

by molly bloom 2006-06-25 08:58AM | 0 recs
Re: On Jerome and Attacking Left-Wing Leaders

won't post again (I'm the guy whose last two posts you killed, and whose bugmenot account you blocked

I'm not sure who you think I am but I have absolutely no links to this site other than being a reader and sometimes diarist and commenter.

I'd be personally disappointed if the attacks on the various front-pagers turn out to be true but my point is that the left blogosphere will persevere precisely because it is composed of free-thinking individuals who are here by choice.

If Jerome and Kos end up personally tarnished the community certainly can continue. It might be weakened it might be strengthened. But it can't be destroyed merely by taking down Kos and Armstrong.

by Curt Matlock 2006-06-25 09:35AM | 0 recs
Re: On Jerome and Attacking Left-Wing Leaders

And this is an evolving ground breaking endeavor, which means mistakes are bound to happen along the way.

by aiko 2006-06-25 10:15AM | 0 recs
Re: On Jerome and Attacking Left-Wing Leaders

Your post is a lot of hyperbole. You don't even know if the story is factually correct. Indeed, you have some evidence that it is not. You have some evidence that Brooks and etc are engaged in a smear campaign. But your response to the smear is to blame those being smeared. If you were to make a general statement such as there must be ethics in blogging by those in leadership positions- you would get me on board 100 percent. BUT, that's not what you said. You seem to take the fact that people can smear you as an excuse to claim that bloggers need to be perfect. You place Democrats/progressive in the same box that has been the real problem over the last few years. We make a mistake, and it's ALL progressives. The conservatives make amistake- and its just that one- or in Bush's case - either the past or future president's fault. Forgoing discussions of fairness, it's simply a bogus argument because you effectively reduce us to know leadershipt at all. And. let's be clear you are also engaging in hyperbole on this destroying blogging. What will destroy blogging is if people accept your way of thinking. I personally will find another site, if this one turns out to be bad. That's how these things work. I won't just accept and I imagine I rep a lot of folks that this approach isn't a good way to increase my connection to the democratic process.

by bruh21 2006-06-25 02:41PM | 0 recs
Re: On Jerome and Attacking Left-Wing Leaders

I read the consent decree. Unless you're saying that Armstrong smeared himself (it is his signiture at the bottom of that document, right?) you're off base. I am not referring to the garbage about Zengrle or Kos. I don't believe for a second any of the garbage about pay for play. There is NO evidence of that.

But between the consent decree and now the astrology crap, that's a bad trend. There are only two reasons people get in to astrology. If it was just a hobby, or whatever, fine. But I'd like to know if Armstrong made any money peddling Astrology. Because, if you stack two predatory money making enterprises in a row, the next money making enterprise looks suspect.

If Armstrong is crooked, that doesn't invalidate what we're doing. But it does make us all look like jerks. Is there any doubt about that? If there is, you've lost the ability to think like people outside the movement. If Kos went to prison, it wouldn't change for a second what I thought about Hunter, or Armando, or DarkCyde. But it would make dKos glow with radiation. We can't afford to have scammers at the head of the boat. If MyDD represents Armstrong's true self, then good, and I retract everything I've said. But if he's a scammer, I hope everybody inside, in lock step, drums him out.

by redaxe2 2006-06-26 07:56PM | 0 recs


Hmmm... I guess it would be work to stretch a few completely unrelated facts and a lot of fantasies coupled with a few private emails (without bothering to ask anyone's permission to use) into a complete fabrication of male bovine fecal matter that on it's face is obviously fertilizer.

Gee... hope he didn't break too much of a sweat on that one.

by Andrew C White 2006-06-25 08:34AM | 0 recs
Re: Insiders Have Blog Obsession Syndrome

You may be missing the point.  From another weblog:

"There is a fracas stirring in the Blogosphere that, on the face of it, looks like some indignant moral media-watchers calling a miscreant to account.
While there are many candidates positioning themselves for the Democratic ticket, this current attack on Kos and Armstrong derives from the gap between Mark Warner and Hillary Clinton, hidden from view by the fact that John Kerry is also in the mix.
An early test of voter sentiment (but a fairly minor one with voter turnout at 3%) came in Virginia's Democratic primary to choose a senatorial candidate for the fall elections. Mark Warner had encouraged his longtime friend Harris Miller to run. Backed by party regulars, centrist Miller expected the party endorsement until the young anti-war faction of the party advanced the candidacy of former Reagan Navy secretary-turned-Democrat James Webb. John Kerry supported Webb, and so did the bloggers.
The Webb victory casts a shadow on Mark Warner that helps both John Kerry and Hillary Clinton. But John Kerry has the tarnish of a failed race about him, whereas Mark Warner is young, handsome, popular, and one of those charismatic Virginians. He was more of a threat to Hillary.

John Kerry is allied with the Democratic bloggers and Hillary Clinton despises them. Now that they have served their purpose in drawing early blood, albeit by proxy, from Mark Warner, it is time for the powerful Bill-and-Hillary-Clinton machine within the party to cut them off at the knees. And we see that process beginning, with the New York Times as the mouthpiece.

More than that, Jerome Armstrong with his influence in the Blogosphere is an advisor to Mark Warner. So it is imperative for the Hillary faction to discredit him personally and render him ineffective in that role. Nothing would serve the Clinton machine better than to sow seeds of doubt among the Democratic bloggers that separate them from their very effective leadership.

by FrankVought 2006-06-25 09:29AM | 0 recs
Re: Insiders Have Blog Obsession Syndrome


by aiko 2006-06-25 10:18AM | 0 recs
I agree with your theory, FrankVought

I believe these Armstrong allegations are meant to be the first firing shot against Warner in 2008.

I think what Warner detractors are going to do to take him down is to link Jerome's dealings with the SEC with allegations that Mark Warner earned his millions by insider trading.

The "insider trading" charges were levied against Warner during his 2001 Gubernatorial campaign and it appears that his opposition (whoever it may be--Clinton/Republicans--doesn't matter at the end of the day who it is) is just going to use them against him again in the 2008 race.

Here's a question from the last debate in the 2001 gubernatorial race that touched on the issue:

MB: Mr. Warner, some of your critics have stated that you went from a zero dollars to a personal fortune of over 200 million based on inside information provided by Maryland Democratic congressmen. This practice in the cellular phone industry has since been banned. How would you respond to those critics?

MW: Well, I say it is not true. I applied and my first business partner in the cellular phone industry was the Washington Post. I was a minority partner with the Washington Post. Are you saying that the Washington Post was somehow doing something untoward? The fact of the matter was, the Federal Communications Commission put out a request for cellular license applications. I joined with the Washington Post and other businesses in applying. I have been attacked for this. Attacked by the most personal, negative attack that I have seen in recent Virginia history - compared me to the mafia, John Dillinger, Al Capone. Mr. Earley placed it on his web site and only brought it down when you and other reporters called him on it. Negative old-style campaigning.

As a matter of fact, that attack was so outrageous that the two FCC chairman, Reagan appointees during that period that I was involved in the cellular process, both stood up and said, we don't support Democrats, but what Mark Warner did was fair by the rules and he helped bring about the new wireless industry. I am proud of my business success. s/debates/01_gub_transcript.htm


I hope that the Warner campaign has a response to this attack, b/c they should know that this is coming given the fact that they've now gone after Armstrong.

I like both the Governor and Jerome so I hope they get this situation straightened out pretty quickly. I would rather they have to deal with this now than later in the primary season....

by ademption 2006-06-25 10:53AM | 0 recs
Clinton and Warner are the same team...

Mark Warner's campaign treasure is Gerald S. McGowan, a friend and Georgetown classmate of Bill Clinton. In 1998 he was appointed, by Bill, to be the U.S. Ambassador to Portugal.

Further, McGowan's wife is Susan Brophy, an ex-Clinton staffer. The two of them met on Air Force One!

Warner is just insurance in case Hillary can't gain traction next spring and summer. This is still all about Hill.

Jerome's small FEC problems won't have anything to do with the coming criticisms of not just how Warner made his money, but also how he spends it, and more importantly who is ante-ing up $5,000 and $10,000 to support him.

by TrueBlueCT 2006-06-25 02:48PM | 0 recs
P.S. it appears Trippi is working

for Warner as well. On Warner's May expenditure report there was a payment of $2280 to "Mad River Communications", which has no website, but shares the same St. Michael's MD mailing address as Trippi and Associates.

Does someone have more and better facts on this?

by TrueBlueCT 2006-06-25 02:50PM | 0 recs
Re: Insiders Have Blog Obsession Syndrome

by molly bloom 2006-06-25 10:18AM | 0 recs
Respect Must Be Paid

To the Editor of the NY Times (sent today),

David Brooks doesn't have a clue about the progressive internet movement (Respect Must Be Paid, June 25, 2006).  He tries to portray the Markos Zuniga of the and Jerome Armstrong of as corrupt.  I have researched his charges and have found no valid substantiation.  Their important contribution is leading the evolution of the Democratic Party's principles and policies which will build the middle class, protect our country, and respect the Constitution. Anyone who reads their blogs regularly know they champion incorruptible and transparent government, as well as a 50 state strategy for the Democratic Party. As a result, they and many of their readers support Mark Warner and abhor Joe Lieberman in a logically consistent manner.

What is especially insulting though, is that Mr. Brooks calls the readers and supporters of their blogs as "rabid lambs" and "Kossack cultists".  This charge goes beyond Mr. Brooks' standard Republican Party propaganda.  Their supporters haven't "drank the Kool-Aid", but are deeply alarmed over the Bush administration's incompetence and Karl Rove's destructive partisanship.  They believe that the newly energized Democratic Party is slowly but surely providing a viable alternative and will eventually be a majority party for a long time.  

by edonyoung 2006-06-25 02:18PM | 0 recs
Re: Respect Must Be Paid

I recommend a response without all the standard talking points.

by illinois062006 2006-06-25 03:43PM | 0 recs

I read one of the astrology blog Zenergele pointed to.  Jerome's politics was showing.  As I understood it,  he was saying 911 would improve Bush standing but eventually the warmongering will take its toll and Democrats would be back.  To me,  it is like talking politics in the language of those who like Astrology.  It is abstracting politics in the level of Astrology--but it really is politics.

I didnt know Astrology could be intelligently discussed and conflated with history and politics.  

by jasmine 2006-06-25 05:15PM | 0 recs


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