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This week I'm going to blogging about Yearly Kos, which you should really register for if you're planning to go.  Yearly Kos is the conference for the progressive blogs, and this year it's happening in Las Vegas.

It's a little known part of blogosphere history, but physical meetings have really driven the growth of this medium.  In 2004, I credentialled the bloggers at the Democratic National Convention.  That's where I first met a bunch of bloggers, including John Aravosis and Duncan Black.  We spent four days of at a Democratic National Convention wondering what the point was.  And then a few weeks later we all gathered again in New York at a performing arts space named The Tank in midtown Manhattan to blog the Republican National Convention, which apparently was a giant excuse to catch unsuspecting New Yorkers in orange nets.

Both conventions were really fun.  That physical meeting space helped develop the political blogosphere, because in hanging out we began to trust each other more and that led to denser linking patterns.  That's how these gatherings tend to work - communities are formed through a mixed web of interactions.

So I encourage you to come to Yearly Kos in Las Vegas from June 8-11.  We're part of a movement, a resurgence of progressive energy and pragmatic political activists.  We need to know each other.  We need to develop that sense of trust.  Yearly Kos is where that's going to happen.  

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Re: Come to Yearly Kos

Blogs are great because they create community, but we can take that community to the next step by meeting in person.  As someone who is involved in organizing YearlyKos, I really think it's important for us to take that next step.

Another note, the group hotel rate for YearlyKos, of $98 at The Riviera runs out next Monday, May 15, so book your hotel room before that.

by Nolan 2006-05-07 08:42PM | 0 recs
Re: Come to Yearly Kos

After sitting on the fence for a while, having the debate of 'should I spend it, or not'  I came to the conclusion that much better things could happen because of this convention then despite it.

I'm in.

by NvDem 2006-05-07 08:47PM | 0 recs
I will be there
John Laesch will be there!

I don't know how many candidates will be at yearlykos, but I think that my campaign is one that appeals to bloggers. I have to thank Jared Lash (no relation) and Kristen Hart for first introducing me to the blogosphere. They felt that my grassroots strengths could be powered by netroots. So we started blogging!

Besides, we do lots of stuff and people want an action-oriented campaign to watch!

With Tom DeLay retiring, I think it is time to take down Dennis Hastert. I will let Rahm Emanuel find a way to win back 15 seats in the House of Representatives, but I think that the victory against Hastert - we call it the sweet 16 victory - should be powered by grassroots and netroots.

I need to know more and I have come to respect the netroots significantly - sharp and they don't miss a beat.

You will see this candidate at YearlyKOS!

Keep up the great work!
John Laesch
by John Laesch 2006-05-07 09:36PM | 0 recs
Re: I will be there

whats really neat about this post is that the image is source hosted so you can change it whenever. I would just put a single image up, instead of a guy holding an image of a document standing next to images of signs..

by turnerbroadcasting 2006-05-08 04:12AM | 0 recs
Re: Come to Yearly Kos

I'll be there, too.  My Dad, Jack Carter (NV-Sen), and I will be having a "Meet and Greet"/fundraiser that Friday night (June 9) at the Riviera (no minimum money requirement).  You can see my diary about it over at Daily Kos here.

If you think you'll come, RSVP/email me at sarahrcarter at


by Sarah R Carter 2006-05-07 10:55PM | 0 recs
YearlyKos Agenda ils

We're still working out the details on some of the panels and will have a number of exciting announcements later this week. So be sure to keep checking back!

by gina 2006-05-07 11:42PM | 0 recs
I won't be there

Conflating the 'DailyKos' brand and the larger online progressive movement is a huge mistake. I just can't express how shortsighted I think this is. Markos runs an excellent and groundbreaking blog, and is brilliant at creating an online community, but he does not,  or should not, personify the leftnet. Yet this conference is named after him.

by BingoL 2006-05-08 03:16AM | 0 recs
I learned how to shoot craps this year

it cost me about 160.00 to learn. I want to go back, to visit my money and see how it is doing.

I should also probably head over to those thai massage parlors and give the girls a hard time about their fees.. you know.. " yes, but what exactly IS a FULL BODY MASSAGE?" ..  the accent is great.

Las Vegas can be alot of fun if you don't plan on going there with 3 thousand dollars to drop on a slot machine.

I especially like running out there. The cool desert air. It cleans up at night. Getting polluted during the day. They have a ring around that city, if you get outside of it, its kind of nice.  Its only 3 miles to the airport. Run in the opposite direction and you're free of jet fumes.

Kos Vegas. Bring it on.

by turnerbroadcasting 2006-05-08 04:15AM | 0 recs
Of course, I'm going!

[In case you needed that final push to persuade you ... :-)

by Klio 2006-05-08 06:11AM | 0 recs
I will be there . . .

. . . and hosting a panel Friday morning on Election Reform, the details of which will be released Wednesday, I'm hoping.

by Adam B 2006-05-08 06:19AM | 0 recs
Re: Come to Yearly Kos

I'll be heading the economics panel.

by Bonddad 2006-05-08 06:43AM | 0 recs
would love to.....

....but sadly, our texas democratic state convention is being held on the same weekend!!  but i urge everyone else to try and make it.  i know gina has been busting her ass organising this event, and it's going to be great.

i fear, though, that there won't be many texas bloggers in attendance at ykos.  we'll all be down here trying to take our state back.

and you know, very few people know how to party like a bunch of rowdy liberal texans... so... we will see yall next year.  =)

by annatopia 2006-05-08 07:32AM | 0 recs
I'll be there...

I've read this site for a while but done my posting mostly over at DailyKos. If that made my diary here last week about my campaign this year seem like just another visit to the ATM, I'm sorry.

I'll be part of Bonddad's economic panel at YearlyKos, but I also plan to hang around for a couple of days to listen to other panels and just get to know some of the folks active in the progressive blogosphere.

I think your description of the netroots as an "immature political movement" is pretty apt. I look forward to watching the movement mature. I wouldn't mind being part of it.

by Congressman Brad Miller 2006-05-08 08:08AM | 0 recs


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