Apologies and Diary Recognition

Of late, I have immersed myself in a series of activities that have detracted from my already reduced ability to blog on a regular basis. Becoming a local and state committee member requires me to attend more meetings. Going on the road to try and tack down video keeps me offline. Making preparations for Yearly Kos, where I am conducting a workshop, a caucus, two panels is sapping a lot of my time. I am also in the midst of writing a couple of big articles and starting up a new website. All of these projects, while exciting and important, have kept me from my primary political love, which remains blogging on MyDD. My blogging habits, already cut in half to around fifty articles a month since Election Day 2005, have been reduced even further.

I apologize for my absence, and I sincerely hope that following Yearly Kos I will be able to resume my former posting rate. Fortunately, I have advantages not afforded to many other bloggers. For starters, Matt and Jonathan are still around to help out with front-page blogging duties. Just as importantly, MyDD remains a good community site with many diarists producing good work. Before I re-immerse myself in my other projects, I would like to take some time to recognize some of the best diaries from this past weekend that have not been promoted to the front page, were not already. This is an open thread. Tell the world what is on your mind.

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Chris, you've got to be kidding. You mean, you haven't found a cure for the common cold and solved world hunger yet either? Slacker. Quit sluffing off and get your ass back to blogging, as I know that I sure as hell can't function without you around here. Geez.

Lighten up on yourself man.

I wish I could see you in action at dKos. I'm sure your workshop and panels will be great. Just remember, time speeds up so over plan.

God I hate the week before finals...

by michael in chicago 2006-05-31 03:38AM | 0 recs
Open threads rock; SCOTUS (fill in the blank) ____

I watched a documentary on PBS about the history of AIDS and how the government and society responded to the pandemic last night. Another episode is on tonight tonight if anyone wants to watch it.

Something worth mentioning is how the Reagan administration dealt with the crisis and how many lives were lost because of the administration's inaction and apathy. When Reagan finally was forced to confront the problem, now Chief Justice, John Roberts reviewed the presidential briefing materials and recommended deletion of a sentence encapsulating the CDC's conclusion: "As far as our best scientists have been able to determine, AIDS virus is not transmitted through casual or routine contact."

During Roberts's Senate confirmation hearing, Senator Russell Feingold questioned the judge about his AIDS memo. In his defense, Roberts strangely noted that if Reagan's statement had "turned out to be wrong it could have been disastrous." But of course, Reagan's statement was wrong, and the hysteria it caused was disastrous.

(Feingold voted yea to confirm Roberts.)  SCOTUS' latest ruling is to rein in those pesky whistle blowers. Alito cast the deciding  vote. As my ex (at least his politics were in the right place) used to say, "Beware, the Supreme Court is in session."

Well. that's what's on my mind. Chris, have fun in Las Vegas (as if that's difficult to do.)

by misscee 2006-05-31 06:07AM | 0 recs
Re: Matt Stoller

Just want to say how much I enjoy reading Matt.  His content is always interesting, and I like his writing style.  Also would like to thank MyDD and all the other progressive blogs for all of the hard work they've done to take our party back.  You gave us a voice and the tool to come together.  

by oakland 2006-06-01 01:31AM | 0 recs


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