The Glover Park Group

After a thorough review of early public polling on the new Medicare prescription drug benefit, our analysis suggests that support for the program is solid.  Five months into the program, enrolled seniors are satisfied with the program, found enrollment to be easy and think it's saving them money.

Wow, that sounds like a White House press release, doesn't it?  

It's not.  In fact, it came from Democrats.  And nothing would make these Democrats happier than to see a New York Times story that starts off using the talking points they are putting out.  It's got everything you need.  It's counter convention wisdom (the Drug Plan is NOT a disaster!  Seniors like it!).  It indicates caution among Democrats on an obviously winning issue (`Yet with this anger at the Republicans' tactics comes a cautious note from some leading Democrats...').  It suggests fractiousness within the party (Democrats are split on how to handle the popular program').

Specifically, it came from Democratic lobbyists at the Glover Park Group, a firm that counts among its partners Joe Lockhart, Joel Johnson, and Carter Eskew.

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