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Let me just add that casting aspersions on my motives as a few of you are doing in the comments is just stupid.  I don't have a personal problem with anyone I write about, I'm just trying to call it like I see it, and sometimes that means describing how Democratic elected leaders are selling us out for pixy dust.  Also, choice is a critical, you know, value, and pushing progressive values is kind of why I'm in politics.  Frankly, I'm continually surprised at how angry commenters get when a blogger criticizes Schumer or other leaders for undermining our values in the pursuit of an unprincipled political strategy.  We are not a monarchy, and you should not expect me to be quiet when I believe we are being sold 'electability' snake oil.  

And to continue this mini-rant, you want to know why Democrats lack vision and principle?  It's because the moment you start talking principles a bunch of whiny insider Democrats and beaten down progressives start screeching 'you can't run on that it's too complicated it stop being mean to Chuck Schumer he's going to win the Senate back for me'.  Well I have news for you - the last person Schumer cares about is you.  Enough is enough.  Stand for something.  And next time you get mad at the Democratic leadership, look in the mirror and try to figure out what you can do better to help push your principles into the political system.  It's not a message issue.  It's not a strategy issue.  It's a guts issue.  Get some courage, and organize, and tell the truth.  That's how immigration is going to be turned, because that community is standing up for themselves.  And in a few months, you'll see that the immigration debate has been shaped, not by message, but by people just like you.

Well I'm standing up for myself on this blog, and hopefully for a few of you out there.  I'm explaining why the Democratic elected leadership doesn't care about us, doesn't want us around, and acts like we are an ATM to be tossed aside.  That means discussing political strategy, and it means criticizing Chuck Schumer, a fearsome and incredibly intelligent man.  But I'm going to keep doing it because he makes really awful decisions that undermine our principles and a long-term viable governing coalition in which we can play a part.  This Casey decision is bad politics on so many levels, but only one of them is electoral.  The reality of our current predicament is that there is no cavalry coming to set things right.  The progressive movement you see right now is it.  And if we can't figure out how to turn this ship around, it's going off into the right-wing yonder.  And if you can't handle this, find another blog.  There are 30 million of them out there.

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