House Committee Vote Results: The Momentum Shifts in Our Favor

Ok, so the vote on the Markey amendment to protect the internet has happened, and it was voted down, 34-22.  That is a big deal.  It's too bad we lost the vote, but we expected that loss.  What we did not expected was the narrow margin.  By way of comparison, the subcommittee vote was 23-8, which means we should have gotten blown out of the water.  We did not.  All four targeted Dems by McJoan on Daily Kos flipped to our side, and many of the Congressmen both for and against this campaign mentioned the blogs and angry constituents.  

There's a white hot firestorm on the issue on Capitol Hill.  No one wants to see the telcos make a radical change to the internet and screw this medium up, except, well, the telcos.  And now members of Congress are listening to us.  The telcos have spent hundreds of millions of dollars and many years lobbying for their position; we launched four days ago, and have closed a lot of ground.  Over the next few months, as the public wakes up, we'll close the rest of it.  

I watched the markup and the voting, and there was noticeable defensiveness among Congressmen on the wrong side of this.  They are wrong, they know it, and they are ashamed.  Now they know people are watching.  So we didn't win this vote, but this close margin was nonetheless a smack to the jaw of the insiders, and a clear victory for the people.  Now the battle moves out of the Energy and Commerce Committee, and onto more favorable terrain.

As Sean-Paul said to me over email, "today was a victory as a few key players on the full committee changed their votes. Important action is required heading into the Senate but we have created significant momentum and the telco cartel is very afraid of us now.

This is not how they wanted it to go down. They wanted this amendment to fail quietly, so the Senate would not take it up. We changed the rules today. Great work."

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Please post who voted for and against

We can still work on them.  Revotes have happened.  Who knows.  But even if it gets to flooe we can work on them.  

by debcoop 2006-04-26 01:01PM | 0 recs
Re: House Committee Vote Fight Back!

Your comments from "on the scene" give me cause for hope.

We are getting ready to facilitate "blogswarming" at our site and this issue will be #1 for us there and at YearlyKos.

We must turn this around and I believe that we can in the Senate where Feingold, Boxer and others should be ready to listen because it is in their interests.

Also, this is an opportunity to build connections with large businesses who will be screwed by this. I am not a fan of Corporate America but I see some movement on their side of the fence.

After all TelCo rip-off of internet neutrality, global warming and health-care issues are all issues which progressives can at the least approach business to open effective communications.

Be cool to split FoMoCo off from the fundie assholes.

by Pericles 2006-04-26 01:02PM | 0 recs
Keep it up

Based on the number of comments I've seen on the posts on this issue, it seems, like with Alito, there hasn't been enough blogosphere energy yet.  It's very important - probably more important than Alito in the long run - so people really need to get worked up over it.

Keep up the good work.

by fwiffo 2006-04-26 01:27PM | 0 recs
Vote Results: The Momentum Shifts

Matt...does it seem that there may be a role in this for the Judiciary committee, whose members (on both sides of the aisle) seemed quite receptive to net neutrality arguments in yesterday's hearing?  Several members seemed to make a point of saying that this issue falls within their jurisdiction, but I couldn't tell if that was just posturing and inter-committee rivalries, or whether they actually have an ability to do something about it.  Anyone have any thoughts on this?

by mitchipd 2006-04-26 01:46PM | 0 recs
Re: Vote Results: The Momentum Shifts

In the House, there may be a juridictional conflict.

by Matt Stoller 2006-04-26 02:03PM | 0 recs
Re: Vote Results: The Momentum Shifts

In the Senate, it's judiciary.  We can hope this becomes a house turf war.  Barton's bottled it up in his committee.

by Matt Stoller 2006-04-26 02:04PM | 0 recs
Re: Vote Results: The Momentum Shifts

Any thoughts on how a House turf war might unfold?  Could it impact netroots strategy/targets (i.e., could/should we do something to stir it up?)  I missed the end of yesterday's Antitrust subcommittee hearing, so didn't hear about any "next-step" they planned to take.  Any thoughts on why so many Republicans on that subcommittee, including chairman Cannon, seemed so receptive to net neutrality arguments?

by mitchipd 2006-04-26 02:34PM | 0 recs
Re: Vote Results: The Momentum Shifts

Any thoughts on why so many Republicans on that subcommittee, including chairman Cannon, seemed so receptive to net neutrality arguments?

Republicans are privately sympathetic to this issue, but Barton whipped hard.

by Matt Stoller 2006-04-26 02:49PM | 0 recs
A pretty good start

My spreadsheet juggling of the list on the Save The Internet site - which is about as user-unfriendly as they come, BTW! - gets the 34-22 split as follows:

Dems all voting for Markey except:

Gonzales (TX)
Green (TX)
Rush (IL)
Towns (NY)
Wynn (MD)

GOP all voting against except Wilson (NM)

GOP Fossella (NY) didn't vote.

The full committee is 31-26.

(The STI site doesn't do users the courtesy of put D or R beside the names of the reps, even. Not good.)

No details on the subcommittee vote.

The prospect of a Sensenbrenner/Barton turf war I like. Is there history between them?

And I'm still, coming to this party late, not clear why the bill was started as it was, and not introduced on the floor in the regular way.

Amongst a thousand other things...

by skeptic06 2006-04-26 02:24PM | 0 recs
Re: A pretty good start

Yup, Rush's vote is a disgrace for the entire state of Illinois -- or at least the City of Chicago.

I guess he must need that 1 mil really bad

by patachon 2006-04-26 04:31PM | 0 recs
Re: House Committee Vote Results: The Momentum Sh

Didn't anybody else notice that half the Dems who cast cosmetic votes for the Markey amendment then turned around and voted "yes" on the final, unamended, net-neutrality-toxic bill? It passed 42 to 12, with just 11 Dems (Dingell, Markey, Waxman, and eight lonely others) voting against. Among the "yes" votes, I am ashamed to note, were Sherrod Brown and Ted Strickland, the top of our Democratic ticket here in Ohio.

by Bill Callahan 2006-04-26 05:36PM | 0 recs
Didn't someone once say...


I voted against it before I voted for it...

by skeptic06 2006-04-26 06:13PM | 0 recs


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